Felix and Fingers Rocking in Westmont

Let our award winning company provide your next event in Westmont with great music and a night of fun that you won’t forget! Felix and Fingers loves playing at a number of events, including: weddings, corporate parties, fundraisers, and universities!

Westmont, Illinois is a beautiful city that is known for its amazing parks. In addition to the outdoor activities there is plenty of great food and music in this city which Felix and Fingers loves!

Let Dueling Pianos Entertain Your Events in Illinois

Westmont IllinoisIf you don’t have a private event you need Felix & Fingers for, we love to play public venues as well! Felix & Fingers know that you might not want to hear piano the entire night which is why we also can provide DJ services to keep you rocking all night long.

Felix & Fingers plays hundreds of events each year. We know that you want professional and experienced entertainers that know what they are doing. We know how to be flexible for our clientele and will do everything to ensure you can focus on other aspects of your big event.

In addition, we prepare quotes on a per event basis. Felix & Fingers prides ourselves on honesty, you will never find hidden charges or fees down the road with us! We know that plans can sometimes change suddenly, we will be prepared for any bumps in the road along the way.

Felix and Fingers prides ourselves on the high level of talent we have our on team. Let us play your next Westmont, Illinois event and see why we have won numerous awards and, most importantly, the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers.

Bakersfield In Westmont Piano Entertainment

Bakersfield In Westmont Piano Entertainment

I’ve been dueling with Felix and Fingers for a good 3 years now.  That is also about how long it has been since I’ve had a chance to sit solo and work on the kind of performance that (if I’m to be completely honest) I kind of miss. Within just 3...