Enjoy the Sounds of Dueling Pianos in Lincolnwood Illinois

If you’re out for a night of casual fun in an exciting atmosphere, then the sounds of Felix and Fingers is just what you’re looking for. Our Lincolnwood, Illinois Dueling Pianos duos will have you dancing, laughing and enjoying some of your favorite hits of yesterday and today. Nothing brings out the best in people like the fun of dueling pianos.

Looking to make your fundraiser a profitable event? Want to do something unique for your upcoming wedding? The pianists at Felix and Fingers have countless hours of experience, all matched with rave reviews for any event and age range.

lincolnwood ILEntertaining your guests at your Lincolnwood event isn’t just about providing entertainment. You want your guests to feel comfortable and laid-back. Getting that feeling comes from exciting entertainment. Whether your guests want to reminisce on classic songs or dance to the latest pop music, our musicians are versatile and experienced for any scenario.

The Beauty of Lincolnwood Set to Fun

Whether indoors at one of the many beautiful venues, or outdoors in wide-open park land, Felix and Fingers dueling pianos can always accommodate. Lincolnwood offers one of the finest backdrops for entertainment, so you entertainment should be just as appealing.

Many of the venues in Lincolnwood are considered historical landmarks. This makes them the perfect setting for dueling pianos, as they are often acoustically perfect for our setups. We’ve enjoyed these venues for years with many other clients, and we look forward to enjoying them with you the next time we visit!

Lincolnwood Dueling Pianos Concert!

Lincolnwood Dueling Pianos Concert!

Felix and Fingers just can’t seem to get enough of these summer park concert series! We recently were asked to play for the Village of Lincolnwood, IL Summer Concert Series at Proesel Park. Gotta love good some good old fashion picnic tables, picnic blankets,...