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Felix And Fingers covers the entire nation and further.  Currently with offices in nine major cites, we are prepared to travel anywhere in the United States or abroad!

Felix and Fingers Chicagoland

Midwest states office (headquarters)

6012 Highland Ln.
Village Of Lakewood, IL 60014
(800) 557-4196

Felix and Fingers New Orleans


With offices all across the states, we have performers ready in your area!

Our Reputation

We’ve built our reputation with prompt and courteous support! In fact, we’ve been referred to as “fanatic” for going out of our way to ensure that your event is not just great on the night of, but great from the planning process to the very end. We’re genuinely interested in helping you with your specific event and providing you with peace of mind. So relax! Take it easy! We’ve got this!

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