Felix And Fingers Dueling Pianos

Planning an event? Felix and Fingers is the highest rated dueling pianos company online. We'll bring the fun to any venue!

Dueling Pianos Services


Want a unique wedding that your guests won’t forget? F&F is the highest awarded dueling show nationwide!

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Corporate Events

Our all-request show mixes music, comedy, and audience participation to suit even the most difficult of audiences!

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We guarantee to raise you money! Our players can generate donations by bringing people on stage – this is something you have to see!

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Our campus friendly dueling pianos show is perfect for college events, dances, and parties. This ain’t your Momma’s piano show!

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Public Venues & Events

From concert venues to local bars, experience why people love going out for an all request, sing-along dueling pianos party!

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Solo Shows/DJ

All our pianists can perform solo and are trained DJs – an equally great option for weddings, private events, or public venues!

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Meet The Players

Robert Deason

Robert Deason

Pianist/Shredded Cheese Authority

Robert was born in the northern suburbs of Chicago with big hair and an even bigger love of 90’s music. He started playing the piano at the age of 9, because he was SO over all of the drama of 3rd grade.

Mike Sherman

Mike Sherman

Pianist/Cat Behaviour Consultant

Mike was born and raised in that van parked down the street. His parents always knew he’d grow up and be the Elton John of his time, but unfortunately he is simply the Billy Joel of his time.

Greg Percifield

Greg Percifield

Pianist/Freelance Proctologist

Shackled to a piano bench at a young age, Greg never complained. He had a profound love for piano. You can expect to see him with a permanent smile on his face… and shackle scars on his ankles.

James Gritschke

James Gritschke

Pianist/Extreme Unicyclist

James is just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. He took the midnight train and decided, “hey, I’ll go anywhere.” And as the old saying goes…um..well he’s too young to understand that saying anyway.

Duncan Parker

Duncan Parker


T. Duncan Parker claims to have been called from the free-flowing spirit world of general music into this plain of existence at this junction. He also has been known to lie about his origins.

Chris Heroldt

Chris Heroldt

Pianist/Pork Rind Expert

Chris has been playing the Rock, Jazz, and Blues clubs on the South Side of Chicago since the Dark Ages. He knows the songs you want to hear, AND the song your father-in-law wants to hear, AND the song your grandma wants to hear. He can bind the generation gap like Velcro!

Sam Baker

Sam Baker

Pianist/Lego Sculptor

Sam is a five-time (local) Emmy award-winning journalist, he is the main anchor for the KVWN Channel Four News Team. He has a great fondness for a good glass of scotch whisky, poetry, and plays a mean jazz flute. He refers to his fists as Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary, and is most definitely not afraid to resort to fisticuffs.

Mike Potts

Mike Potts

Pianist/Mall Santa

Mike Potts was born into this world singing Cyndi Lauper after his very first breath. It was later determined that he was just crying, but really, no one could tell the difference. His fate as a dueling pianist had been set.

Now Hiring!

Now Hiring!

Coolest Job In The World

Do you like to perform? Do you have mad piano skills and a voice to match? If you think you have what it takes to be a member of the esteemed Felix And Fingers pianists family, then we’d like to hear from you. This job comes with plenty of perks. Contact us today for more information.

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