Here are some common questions about our dueling piano services.


What is dueling pianos? Is it good for my event?
Dueling pianos is a high energy, all-request based, interactive show designed to entertain even the most difficult of audiences! We play all popular genres and artists, including rock/country/hip hop/oldies/jazz/and anything else you might hear on the radio. This makes the show infinitely flexible to adapt to our audience. Having performed shows for all ages, from summer camps filled with kids to retirement communities, many of our clients book us precisely because We can entertain the notoriously difficult all-ages guest list. If you’re looking for a show that thrives on engagement through music and comedy, this is it!
Do you have a pricing list?
We purposely do not have pricing guides or lists.  The truth is, unlike your other vendors, our services have to be much more flexible than a “pricing list” will allow.  Every quote we prepare is put together specifically for YOUR wedding.  Quotes vary based on travel, time, dates, services, additional options, etc.  Just call us (815 245-3623) anytime and we’ll get a quote sent out in 24 hours!

For more details on pricing, check out this blog post: Getting the Best Entertainment Rate

Can we pick our players?
Absolutely! All our performers are exclusive to F&F, meaning that we can commit players years in advance. Whereas most Dueling Pianos Companies pull from a common pool of local players (most of which are highly skilled), Felix and Fingers does not have a “generic” product, meaning you get a more polished show. Our players are trained to know the difference between the F&F approach and everyone else.

Pick your performers after checking out their videos here. Or leave it to us! We’ll assign you the best possible team from our roster based on your event.

Do you have a playlist we can choose from?
Nope, and for good reason! Dueling Pianos is an all request based show, meaning there is no playlist. We go into every event not knowing what will get requested. This is what makes the show so much more interactive for the guests!

However, you have every opportunity to make requests throughout the planning process, both in regards to tunes you want and tunes you absolutely want us to avoid. Our planning team will work with you on requests, special tunes, and inside jokes ahead of time – we’ll learn anything we don’t already know!

Or if you’re looking for lists of wedding music options, click here for common examples.

Do you travel?
Yes!  We’ve been across the country performing events and weddings.  We’ve sent quotes from New York to Alaska and everywhere in between.  Even out of the country!  No booking is too far and all our quotes account for travel costs.  Check out our map of recent performances here.
Do you have reviews? Testimonials? REAL clients?
Do we?!?  Check us out on The Knot where we have more reviews than any other dueling pianos company in the country.  Check out WeddingWire where we have more reviews than any other dueling pianos company in the country.  Check out GigSalad where we have more reviews than any other dueling pianos company in the country.  Get the picture?  Oh, we have a testimonial page too with videos of real clients!
Can we see you live first?

Felix and Fingers performs publicly on a regular basis, so yes, just check our calendar!  Please keep in mind though that a public bar/club date requires a very different show from a wedding/corporate/fundraising event.  Also notice that we rotate our team through the public bookings.  we’d recommend reaching out via phone or email before stopping by and we’ll let you know who to expect (or arrange for the player of your choice).

However, 90% of our clients book us solely on our reputation and online materials.  There is no obligation to see us live or even meet us before the event, it’s much more standard than you might think!

Where can we see videos online?
Our website is a great place to start – check out all our “Meet the Player” videos.  Or just check out our Youtube page for actual event footage.  We’ll even put videos on our Facebook Profile from time to time
Do you bring real pianos?
You may have been fooled by a concert or performance you’ve seen. Unfortunately real pianos don’t quite fit in our vehicles. Also, they weigh about a thousand pounds each and need to be tuned after every relocation (which is why we use keyboards.) But keep in mind, NO ONE brings real pianos, as per standard. Even Billy Joel often uses what are called “Piano Shells” on stage. Why? Keyboards are always in perfect tune, and create the perfect adjustable balance in sound at any venue. Most people never have any idea when they are fitted into piano shells.

What are Piano Shells? Something we can absolutely offer! Click here to find out more about our piano shells.

What’s the deposit? How do we book you?
The deposit is typically about 1/3rd of the total booking price.  This will be explained on your contract, which can be reviewed and signed online the same day requested.  Preferred payment method is check, but we can also accept credit cards and select electronic payment (though fees may apply).
We booked you… Now what?
Did you know that we have a full time event coordinator on staff? Jessica handles all our clients from contract signing to the event date. She’ll work with you directly to answer additional questions, solidify timelines, and make sure we don’t miss any important details. And don’t take our word for it, just read the reviews citing “stress-free communication” and “immediate responses”. F&F wouldn’t function without Jessica’s organizational skills!
What is a DJ?
Trying to decide between a DJ and dueling pianos?  With Felix and Fingers, you get the best of both worlds.  Check this out if you’re wondering just what is a DJ?  Or learn about our tailored Felix and Fingers show, which provides a great DJ experience with a dueling pianos show.
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A receding hare line

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