Eureka, Illinois

When we at Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos heard that Eureka was in need of entertainment, we knew that we were the right choice to bring in folksy yet modern music for people of all ages.

As the highest rated dueling piano show in the United States, Felix and Fingers know that our performers are the best in the business – we’re here to prove that to you. In the interest of full disclosure, all of Felix and Fingers’ performers are full-time and exclusive to this company. They are available to review and select on the website, meaning that you can fully customize your event down to the exact performers.

eureka illinoisCustomize your Event and Say Eureka

In the eyes of Felix and Fingers, there is no event too big or too small. With thousands of unique events thrown every year, Felix and Fingers recognizes that sometimes celebrating the little things that be just as fun as the big ones. Whether you’re looking for a headliner at your wedding or a private DJ at your cat’s wedding, Felix and Fingers has you covered.

Even college parties can be entertained by Felix and Fingers. Eureka’s own Eureka College, alma mater of Ronald Reagan, is one of our favorite places to perform. Our shows are appropriate for all ages and the tailored nature of our events means you always know what you’re going to get.

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Getting Freaky At Eureka College

Getting Freaky At Eureka College

…Okay.  So we didn’t really get “freaky” at Eureka College, I just love things that kind of rhyme.  But we did have an excellent TIME!  (Anybody want a peanut?  Ok, I’m done, I promise.) A Change of Pace One of my favorite things about...