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Taking Each City, One By One!

Northbrook Is A Great Place For A Duel!

The thriving settlement of Northbrook, IL, is one of the top up-and-coming major cities in the United States. Cities throughout the state have all looked towards Northbrook for guidance on how to be a better-functioning society. Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos is a criminally underrated entertainment company in Illinois, popping up in random event after random event to the unanimous acclaim of many cities. Listed in the paragraph below is a brief list of the select services Felix and Fingers offers:

A Variety Of Services

northbrook IlCorporate Events – In corporate America, it can be easy to get lost in the humdrum monotony of everyday life. Felix and Fingers does an impeccable job of turning stuffy corporate functions into lively miniature festivals with no likely end in sight. There are no limits to the corporate magic this company can perform.

Private Parties – Private parties don’t have to be a small-scale affair. With the correct musical entertainment, any private celebration can have the feel of a sprawling, outdoor concert. Felix and Fingers specializes in turning regular parties into screaming piles of jubilant chaos, using the naturally imbued energy of the party like kindling on a budding inferno. No party is too small or intimate for this company to turn into a jumping scenario.

Mitzvahs – In a benevolent show of diversity, Felix and Fingers has extended its services to Bar Mitzvahs and Baht Mitzvahs. The beginning of adulthood is definitely a cause for celebration, and Felix and Fingers intends to kick the start of adult life off the right way.

Fundraising – There is nothing that encourages donations at a fundraising event than the appropriate, adrenaline-soaked soundtrack. Felix and Fingers boasts a variety of festive tunes that are guaranteed to increase the activity in any function. Clients often find increased donations due to the unique, optimal soundtrack.

Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

Pinstripes Wedding

Pinstripes Wedding

Many of us know Pinstripes in Northbrook as a place with great food and fun games of bocce and bowling. But did you know it can also be transformed into an elegant wedding space? Felix and Fingers got to experience the Pinstripes wedding firsthand as we helped...

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