Dueling Pianos In Village Of Lakewood, Illinois

Village of Lakewood is a quiet, charming place to call home, and it is also a fabulous location to host a special event at. With several lovely special events venues in the area, you have a great selection of options to consider for wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties and other special events. After selecting a lovely venue in Village of Lakewood to host your event at, the important task of hiring entertainment for your party must be taken care of. While some party planners will hire a band or a DJ to perform at a special event, a better option to consider is Village of Lakewood dueling pianos. Felix and Fingers offers exceptional musical entertainment by bring the thrill of dueling pianos throughout the state, including in Village of Lakewood, and our musicians can delight your guests throughout the event.

village of lakewood Amazing, Interactive Fun For Any Event!

If you want your guests to enjoy listing to music, hiring a band or a DJ makes sense. However, if you want your guests to actively participate in the fun that live entertainment provides, dueling pianos is a much better option. At Felix and Fingers, our dueling pianists create a fun, upbeat ambiance that fuels active participation in the excitement. We want your guests to enjoy listening to the songs they love performed by expert pianists, but we also go a step further by incorporating them into the fun of competing pianos.

While you have several different types of live entertainment to consider for your party in Village of Lakewood, you can see that dueling pianos is the option that your guests will truly love. If you are committed to booking live entertainment that will make your party a raving success, contact Felix and Fingers today to inquire about our services and availability as a first step.

Private Party Dueling Piano Sensation

Private Party Dueling Piano Sensation

So you’d like to throw a private party for your friends, but not sure what to do. Maybe you are having colleagues over. Maybe you are having a fundraiser at your home. Whatever the reason, you have decided that rather than go out for a night on the town,...