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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa populating about 130,000 residents that value their city’s culturally rich past. Filled with cultural centers, history museums, and art galleries, Cedar Rapids is a place coveted by the best performing artists, musicians, and entertainers like our Felix and Fingers Dueling Piano group.

Decorated with historical landmarks, Cedar Rapids is noteworthy of its courage and triumph with the Romans, Czechs, Slovaks, and others. Art galleries are filled with paintings by the renown Grant Wood and other acclaimed artists. The artifacts and relics that are housed within the walls of its history museums continue to resonate from generation to generation, speaking of its eternal presence. F&F Dueling Pianos are the best entertainers to bring even more respect to a city that is recognized for its legacy of art, cultural history, and fame.

Felix And Fingers Accentuates The Fun

Accentuating Cedar Rapids strong historical background is also its outstanding nightlife staged at venues such as Red Baron’s Bar & Dance Club and the Penguin’s Comedy Club. The liveliness and historical beauty presented throughout the city and within the venues of Cedar Rapids make dining, dancing, and comedy a wonderful, exciting place for F&F to perform. Whether you are entertaining local guests or hosting a private dinner party, making you laugh and dance is what we do. Dueling Pianos can also convert into master DJ’s, turning your ordinary event into an extraordinary experience. Our skillful music and straightforward comedy will have you wanting more and more from our fun, festive group of entertainers.

Whatever you are planning, Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos has you covered. We turn an applaud into a dance and a smile into laughter. We bring fun, humor, and cheer with us everywhere we go, leaving lasting impressions and pleasant memories!

Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

Olympic South Side Theater Fundraiser

Olympic South Side Theater Fundraiser

Felix and Fingers put their fingers to work for the kids at Xavier’s All Saints Elementary School at the Olympic South Side Theater Fundraiser. Olympic South Side Theater Fundraiser Robert and Michael donned their very best Hawaiian shirts for this Cinco de Mayo...

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Ashton Hill Belated Wedding

Ashton Hill Belated Wedding

This Ashton Hill Belated Wedding brought us back to one of our favorite venues in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. While the actual wedding happened two years ago, the couple had been waiting to celebrate with family and friends due to the pandemic. Finally, the joyous day of...

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