Ottumwa, IA Dueling Pianos

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Ottumwa Iowa Dueling Pianos

Ottumwa, Iowa is a middle-sized city filled with people like you who want to have an exciting and fun time. Thankfully, there are many things to do in the town. From various bars to lakes and rivers, it is a fun place to live. That’s why we at Felix and Fingers like visiting it so much. When we stop in town, we always deliver a fun and exciting musical and comedy adventure.

Finding Fun in Ottumwa

At Felix and Fingers, we offer a dueling piano concert experience that is unique to the area. We have been carefully trained to play high-quality piano music at a level that you can enjoy. Our favorite part of our job is playing great music to people like you and expanding your tastes. That’s why we play everything from classical music to new pop hits.

The best aspect of our performance is the way it amps up as we play. The dueling aspect of our show is designed to be competitive. As a result, you’ll hear us play faster and more complex music in an attempt to beat each other. You’ll also hear hilarious jokes, one-liners, and insults that are designed to distract our opponent and make your laugh.

Our Performances are Diverse

While we usually play a variety of concert venues and bars, we are also available for just about any kind of performance. For example, we could play a family-friendly version of our act at a wedding reception. We are also willing to adjust our bill to be a little more adult-oriented, though never in a way that is inappropriate.

In this way, we can appeal to a variety of Ottumwa residents. And our focus on small towns like yours is designed to increase the fun of living in these areas. We want to provide you and your family with the kind of fun that you deserve in your beloved city.

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