Jefferson, WI Dueling Pianos

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Taking Each City, One By One!

Jefferson Wisconsin Dueling Pianos

Jefferson, Wisconsin is a comfortable and cozy town that is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. Unfortunately, there aren’t always a lot of options for fun. However, that’s the kind of town we love at Felix and Fingers. We are a dueling piano company that travels all across the region to provide a sense of fun and excitement in small towns like yours.

Why We Visit Towns Like Jefferson

jefferson wisconsinWhile many of our competitors focus on big towns where they can make the most money, we have found there is often more fun in small towns like yours. Why? People know each other, and we’re about bringing that comradery together and having a good time.

Our travels have taught us how to love small towns like Jefferson. In fact, we have even learned how to fine-tune our act to appeal to a wider range of people. As an all-request show, you’ll hear some of your favorite musical hits mixed in with stuff you may not know. This benefit will expand your musical knowledge and make you more aware of different types and genres.

Explaining Our Act

So what exactly is a dueling piano service? Two of us sit down behind separate pianos and start playing. Our music is played at a high-level of skill. It also changes regularly to ensure you hear some that you like. As we play, though, we are constantly trying to one-up each other by playing faster and with more skill.

Beyond that, we are also joking around and trying to distract each other with insults and gags. Wherever we go, music and laughter follow. So if you’re interested in checking us out, contact us and get a free quote and more information.

Recent Shows

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Saint Francis Fundraiser

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Church Fundraiser Has Mardi Gras Twist!

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