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Taking Each City, One By One!

Felix and Fingers entertain South Dakota

South Dakota have you got fun coming your way as Felix and Fingers are in town to swing in the Swinged Cat State!!

South Dakota is known for Mount Rushmore, its amazing rodeos, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and The Black Hills Blue Grass Festival. Felix and Fingers play it all. Rock and roll? We do it! Country and western? A must! Bluegrass, Folk, The Blues? Felix and Fingers does it all for you! A state that loves music deserves the happy state that you get listening to Felix and Fingers!

People in South Dakota love to party and when Felix and Fingers come to town the party starts popping!! We’re available for all sorts of celebrations from weddings to anniversaries. Felix and Fingers bring a good time wherever they go.  If you want dueling pianos that will make you leave your seat and stomp your feet, hire Felix And Fingers for your next event!

South Dakota Seranade

Felix and Fingers has done it all: Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Colleges, Universities, and more. We can even DJ your event. And now we are headed to South Dakota and want to meet you. If you’ve never seen dueling pianos before you deserve to treat yourself to Felix and Fingers. Hire Felix and Fingers and with a snap, any party becomes a major event.

If you are in South Dakota and like having fun, consider us for your entertainment. We can even host virtual events if that’s what you need. Felix and Fingers will fix the fun in your fiesta!!

Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

Deadwood Mountain Grand Wedding

Deadwood Mountain Grand Wedding

Felix and Fingers performers Greg and Jami headed to South Dakota for this Deadwood Mountain Grand Wedding. We had a blast with our super fun couple, Kelsey and Steve. Best wishes and thanks for having us! Deadwood Mountain Grand Wedding Venue The Holiday Inn Resort...

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Vantage Point Solutions Christmas Party 2018

Vantage Point Solutions Christmas Party 2018

Felix and Fingers loves holiday parties. Hence, we were happy to travel to South Dakota to perform for the Vantage Point Solutions Christmas party 2018. Vantage Point Solutions Christmas Party 2018 To begin, the evening began with a poker tournament.  The guests could...

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