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Taking Each City, One By One!

New Jersey is a loud, colorful place. The people live with an irrepressible joie de vivre, and they want all their events to feel like a party. That’s why event organizers need to provide fun and boisterous entertainment options for their guests. Enter: Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.

A little background elevator music might cut it in some parts of the country, but certainly not in the Garden State. This is the land of Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore, where bigger is always better and, if you don’t want to go bold, you really are better off staying home.

Your event needs to boldly go where few event organizers have gone before. Your event needs a unique form of entertainment. Your event needs dueling pianos.

At Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos, we offer virtuoso musicians who can inject a room with just the type of energy your New Jersey event needs. The two pianos trade jabs and counterpunches, facing off in a two-way musical joust that will eventually captivate the entire room.

Reasons Why Dueling Pianos Are Perfect In New Jersey

Full of Vigor and Verve

New Jersey is anything but a sleepy place. Life in the Garden State is lived at full speed, so a snoozer of an event is completely unacceptable. Dueling pianos, with their rapid phrases and frenetic melodies, match the frantic pace of life in New Jersey.

Fit the Atmosphere

Whether your event includes a day trip to New York City, an afternoon in the casinos of Atlantic City, or a trip to the beaches of the Jersey Shore, dueling pianos will make for an excellent addition to the program. All these places have decades of musical history, and a performance from Felix and Fingers will nestle neatly within New Jersey’s age-old musical tradition.

Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

Exley’s Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Event

Exley’s Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Event

If a rustic yet modern barn facility is what you're searching for, check out our Exley's Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Event. Our performers for this knock out dueling piano show were Greg Asadoorian and Brenner Campos. As a matter of fact, our high-energy power team...

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Private Surprise Birthday Party

Private Surprise Birthday Party

Felix and Fingers LOVE performing at a private surprise birthday party, especially when it's a milestone! Happy 50th Birthday Caren, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Private Surprise Birthday Party Short Hills New Jersey To begin with, this was a beautiful sunny...

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