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Restaurant Events

Restaurant and bar events are where our dueling pianos show started and will always feel a little bit like home. There’s still something exciting about walking into a bar where no one knows each other and trying to pull an audience together through comedy and music.

Or maybe you’re just looking to host an event at a bar or restaurant. These smaller, intimate settings are perfect for an interactive dueling pianos show. These types of events allow us to actually meet people and learn names, making the show that much more personal. It’s no wonder that dueling pianos originated in bars directly along side the patrons. The piano brings people together, that’s what this show is about!

Big events are certainly exciting, but there’s something about the bar settings and going back to our dueling roots that make these shows especially memorable, both for us and the guests. Check out our blogs about some of our favorites!

Read about our past restaurant events below, or learn more about our restaurant event services.

Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

River Roast Wedding Event

River Roast Wedding Event

The River Roast Wedding Event in Chicago, Illinois was definitely a night to remember. Felix and Fingers performers Shawn and Alex had a blast with the family and friends of Molly and Dan. Best wishes to the happy couple and thanks for having us! River Roast Wedding...

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Memaw’s 72nd Birthday Celebration

Memaw’s 72nd Birthday Celebration

It was Memaw's 72nd birthday celebration and rural Hughes County will never be the same. Felix and Fingers brought an exciting show to Hemingway's Social Club & Neighborhood Bar located in Holdenville, Oklahoma. This spectacular venue is where our client (Memaw's...

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