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Dueling pianos and fundraisers are a perfect fit. When the goal is to raise money, no entertainment option truly understands this like dueling pianos. Felix and Fingers is an interactive show for your supporters, and when you combine that with a 100% tip donation for song requests, magic starts to happen!

Dueling Pianos is extremely popular in part due to how it involves the crowd. But what if you put a price tag on that? I’ll give you an example…

Let’s say your fundraiser is being attended by the mayor of your city. How much money do you think people would pay to see the mayor dance to “Sexy and I know it” or sing “Baby got back”? $100? $300? $500+? Bring Felix and Fingers to a fundraiser and suddenly you have an entirely new income stream. From smaller request donations to bigger ticket donation challenges like the one above, F&F offers a fun way to raise money. Make your fundraiser stand out, get your guests to look forward to next year, that’s what dueling pianos is all about!

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