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Dueling Pianos arguably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the college crowd filling bars. This generation is bringing a new energy into an old concept of the “piano bar”. Coast to coast, dueling piano bars are popping up in college towns and becoming a staple of college experience. But a campus certainly can’t encourage students to frequent bars, so why not bring dueling pianos to the campus!

This is what Felix and Fingers bring to university events! With a fully mobile show, we can play any venue any time. Have a campus sponsored event featuring an interactive dueling show and give the students a reason to NOT hit the bars that night.

Our all request, interactive show is perfect for students looking for a new experience or to create some fun memories with friends. Maybe most importantly, many of our players are in their 20’s, meaning we grew up with many of the same tunes and are keeping up with the top 40 hits. Dueling pianos isn’t just another band, it’s an engaging experience that students love!

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Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

Sandridge Ballroom Wedding

Sandridge Ballroom Wedding

Our Sandridge Ballroom Wedding was one for the record books! Felix and Fingers performers Jake and Tyson had a blast with this group. Choreographed dances and rousing university tunes made this a night to remember. Sandridge Ballroom Wedding Venue You can find the...

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