Georgia Dueling Pianos

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Georgia Dueling Pianos

Want to find some of the best dueling piano entertainment that exists in Georgia and the entire nation!? Felix and Fingers has you covered! Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos can provides you with some of the most engaging entertainment you can find in the area. With a large repertoire of music to choose from that spans a wide variety of different genres, Felix and Fingers ensures that you have high-quality entertainment no matter what the celebration is!

As one of the original 13 colonies that helped begin the American Revolution, Georgia has an incredible history surrounding it that is vibrant and informative. The state of Georgia is full of wonderful culture, food, and activities that make it one of the hottest destinations of the south. However, it’s also a wonderful place to go for those looking for great music scenes—many of the major cities in the area have some of the USA’s most iconic and memorable music venues, parties, and talented artists.

Felix and Fingers is center stage in this culture, with their dueling piano shows being some of the most notorious sets to feature at any given event. All you have to do is arrange them to come and watch the effort be stripped from you as you let Felix and Fingers breeze through their catalogue of popular hits from an incredibly wide selection of eras, genres, and artists!

georgia dueling pianosVariety for the Whole Family!

One of the most impressive things about Felix and Fingers is that—not only can they bring together different types of music for a variety of fun—they can also bring together different audiences to ensure everybody is dancing by the end of the night, whether it be the younger crowd or the grandparents!

Recent Shows

Felix And Fingers is providing top-notch event entertainment across the nation. Here are some of our recent shows in your area!

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