Relish the best Dueling Pianos entertainment in Orlando Florida

If you are searching for the best dueling piano entertainment in Orlando Florida, look no further. With our team of experienced musicians/performers, we can provide you with a rare treat that you cannot find anywhere else. Whether you are getting married or hosting a corporate event, Felix and Fingers dueling pianos will ensure that you and your guests have a great time.

Orlando is popular for many things that include exotic food, fun, and a rich culture. Besides the lively people, this city is also widely known for the music, and you are not likely to find a dance floor empty.

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Our dueling piano services make make any kind of event lively.  We have two piano entertainers who will take any request from the crowd. With our entertainers, you can have fun throughout the night. Our pianists are well versed in every genre of music so that we’re able to suit the diverse tastes and preferences of all of your guests.

Top notch dueling piano services
As the highest-rated dueling pianos company, our performers understand how to entertain people and have a lot of fun. If you want to get the top notch dueling pianos experience, be sure to to request a free quote for more information.

Caribe Royale Orlando Concert Event

Caribe Royale Orlando Concert Event

The Caribe Royale Orlando Concert Event was definitely a night to remember.  This concert was for the Publix 2019 Retail Operations Conference, or the ROC.  Publix must be a great company to work for to put on an event like this. Caribe Royale Orlando Concert Event...
Disney World Dueling Pianos

Disney World Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos can easily be an all ages show and it’s one of the reasons Felix and Fingers has established a national reputation for quality performances.  Forget the raunchy Vegas shows, chances are if you’re hosting an event, you’ll want something...

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