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In a captivating episode of Eventful Endeavors, host Mike Sherman talked with the dynamic Hannah Swanson, Lead Wedding and Event Coordinator at The Standard on State. Proving herself invaluable to the team since joining in April 2021, Hannah made the leap from Assistant to Lead Coordinator in just two months. She’s infused new life into more than 200 weddings at this sought-after Illinois venue, making a special place in countless couples’ memories.

During the conversation, Swanson delves into her unique journey into wedding planning. A long-time aficionado of romantic movies and weddings, her interest was sparked by films like ‘The Wedding Planner’ and shows like ‘Say Yes to The Dress’. Nurturing this initial spark, she chose to major in Communication in college, knowing it could open a myriad of opportunities.

Echoing the beloved phrase ‘find what you love, and you won’t work a day in your life,’ Hannah recalls how she joined The Standard on State as a part-timer with a full-time job elsewhere. But she soon realized that her passion and prowess lay in event planning and decided to turn it into her career. Now about to embark on her fourth wedding season, Hannah affirms that the reality of her job at The Standard has lived up to her expectations – embodying ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ but, above all, the joy of doing what she loves.

Combining her passion for communication and her flair for organization, Hannah indeed seems to have found her calling at The Standard on State. This inspiring journey is a strong testament to the dedicated and passionate team behind Rockford’s premier event venue.

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Podcast Transcript

Mike Sherman (00:25)
All right, hey everybody, we’re here with another amazing episode of eventful endeavors. I am your host, Mike Sherman with Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos. And today joining me is lead wedding and event coordinator from The Standard on State in Rockford, Illinois, Hannah Swanson. She’s been a part of the Standard team for at least since April 2021. It looks like she started out as an assistant, but then you quickly apparently moved up to

Hannah (00:47)

Mike Sherman (00:51)
the lead wedding and event coordinator. She’s done, she’s worked on over 200 weddings there, coordinated over 100. I personally love her. I just saw her a few days ago. We had a fun show out there. They have a really cool thing where every year they do like a date night where they invite any of their past brides or future brides and everyone comes and we like a little dueling pianos night. So I was just over there a few days ago and it’s one of my absolute favorite venues in the entire Chicagoland area. And I’m so excited to be hanging out with you today, Hannah. So welcome. Hopefully, hopefully I covered.

Hannah (01:18)
Thank you so much, it’s so good to see you.

Mike Sherman (01:20)
Yes. So, well, tell me a little bit about first, kind of before we get into the standard and all that, tell me a little bit about your journey, how you got into wedding planning. I kind of was spying on the standard website a little bit. I see you used to, you said you used to watch the wedding planner all the time, obsessed with like, say yes to the dress, which like I see so many people. And so, so tell me a little bit about your, your kind of journey to what brought you to doing what you’re doing today.

Hannah (01:31)

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

It’s actually like exactly that. It’s like really cliche, but I just grew up watching the wedding planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. And I was like, ooh, that job like looks kind of fun. And then as I got older, when I went to college, I didn’t really know what to major in. So I just decided on communications because it’s such a broad major that you can do just so much with it.

And that’s when I decided like, you know, I think like event planning like, could actually be something I could be good at. I really love events. I’m a I’m a people person. I love to talk. So I write when Covid ended in twenty one and like events started to like kind of like get back on track and stuff. I saw that they were.

they were hiring for just like an assistant at the standard for literally like just to help out for like I don’t know one day a week or something like it was nothing I still had a full-time job but I was like oh maybe I should just do that just to get my foot in the door and see how it is and I think I started in April and within June I was already full-time and quit my other job and then literally the rest is history it’s already been I’m about to start my fourth wedding season

Mike Sherman (02:42)
But I was like, oh maybe I should just do that just to get my foot in the door and see how it is. And I think I started in April and within June I was already full time. Quit my other job.

season at the standard, which is crazy. But this is the first job that I’ve ever had that was like, it’s exactly what I thought it was going to be. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But I feel like all my other past jobs, I like go in with all these high expectations. That’s never what you think they are. But with this job, it’s exactly what I was expecting and stuff. And the hours are crazy, but I absolutely love it, especially at this time when I’m young and don’t have a family of my own.

Hannah (03:00)
This is the first job that I’ve ever had that was like, it’s exactly what I thought it was gonna be. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But I feel like all my other past jobs, I like go in with all these high expectations and it’s never what you think they are. But with this job, it’s exactly what I was expecting and stuff and the hours are crazy, but I absolutely love it, especially at this time when I’m like young and don’t have like a family of my own yet, like I can do.

Mike Sherman (03:27)
Like I can do those crazy hours and stuff and those like last minute things, but so far…

Hannah (03:29)
those crazy hours and stuff and those like last minute things. But so far I think I’m doing pretty well for, you know, only been doing it for about four years or so, but I love it.

Mike Sherman (03:39)
Yeah. I love it. That’s amazing. So when did you make the transition from like assistant or whatever you were hired for into like the lead, you know, like was it kind of a slow transition or was it like, okay, we like you, you know, throw you to the dogs. You come out.

Hannah (03:46)

Yeah, yes and no. So the girl that was ahead of me, she…

I just like slowly becoming like I was her assistant, but then like after a few months, I kind of like became her like partner, but she still had the like the role of like the lead. So like if anybody was like trying to like contact us or something, they always talk to her. So like, yes, I was a little below her, but we were kind of doing the same things like when it comes to the wedding day, but she was doing more of like the behind the scenes stuff, the emails, the phone calls, like, you know, all that stuff. And then she moved away.

Mike Sherman (04:24)

Hannah (04:28)
to Texas in June, August of 2022. So it was just like a little over a year after we started. And so it was probably it was August of 2022 when I, you know, took her desk and took her role and then like the rest of history. So it’s basically been for almost two years now is when I like started becoming the lead. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (04:32)

Yeah, awesome. Well, I mean, I mean, obviously, yeah, you really enjoy it over there, which like I’m hearing what you’re saying now. Like, whenever I see you over there, of course, you like seem happy, like you never seem like irritated to be at work. And certainly, you know, we work with a lot of people in your positions who are not nearly as happy to be showing up every day and dealing with it. So right. Right.

Hannah (04:58)

Definitely. I have my days, but I never show it. Like, so, but it’s not all day. It’s every once in a while, but no, like I truly am 99% of the time very happy to be there. So yeah. Exactly. Fake it till you make it. Yes. Exactly. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (05:18)
Right. And that extra 1% you just got to know how to fake it. Yeah, I’m there too. I’m there too. Great. Well, awesome. Well, I mean, I could gush all day about the Standard. I mean, like I said, it’s one of my favorite venues. My personal favorite thing about it is like that third floor, they have this beautiful balcony every time we do a wedding over there, the ceremonies out there. I mean, it’s like to me, that’s like the biggest selling point. What to you? I mean, like if you’re, you know, what’s like the what’s most unique? Like, what’s your favorite thing? Like, what is so great about the Standard?

Hannah (05:30)


Exactly that, but I would say the inside conservatory, because it just like looks out, like the big windows, it looks out to Rockford and.

You know, I was born and raised in Rockford. I personally love it, but not everybody has that opinion. But then they like see all these pictures and they’re like, that’s Rockford, Illinois, like that’s downtown Rockford. It is. I would say in the past 10, especially the past five years, downtown Rockford has transformed in the best way possible. We’re getting, you know, really good businesses, a lot more like nightlife and everything. So just like the just seeing that view and like seeing like what the city has become is the absolute best.

Mike Sherman (06:03)

Hannah (06:24)
and chandeliers obviously are not hard to look at. So that personally is my favorite part whenever like on days like where I’m just like tired I always just go up there and like work because I’m just like if this is my view at work like how can you complain? So yeah, yes.

Mike Sherman (06:25)

Yeah, yeah, it’s so bright and yeah, no, I totally get and yeah that whole area out there is so cute I mean just like walking around out there just look at phase and cute little restaurants I mean, right I would agree ten years ago. I yeah for sure I have another there’s another venue that we work with in Elgin, Illinois And they have a sign up on their wall that says Elgin not as scary as it used to be It’s like that’s very funny. So, you know, but yeah, no, I agree That’s especially right there where you all are on rock in Rockford is really nice area. So yeah

Hannah (06:48)
Yeah, and it hasn’t always been that way, so yeah.

Oh my gosh, that is perfect. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, I love it.

Mike Sherman (07:07)
Well, awesome. Well, yeah, like I said, you know, I love the standard is beautiful, such awesome space, certainly, you know, plug it, you know, just everyone check it out. If you’re getting married in Rockford, even Chicago, I mean, it’s not that far. It’s beautiful. It’s out of the city. It’s great. So Great. Well, let’s talk about kind of weddings in general. I mean, you’ve obviously worked on a lot of weddings, a lot of weddings coming up. I like to hear a little bit about some, you know, what your thoughts are, like trends that are either like hitting already this last year or like where we’re kind of going this next year, like 2024. I’m always just very curious about this and

Hannah (07:18)

Mike Sherman (07:35)
you certainly will know better than me and so yeah what do you think? What’s hot this year? What’s kind of on the way in or on the way out? Any thoughts there? Yeah, what’s hot and what’s not, right?

Hannah (07:41)
What’s not? Yeah. I think what is the, I think, cause I was thinking of this the other day, like what am I gonna see the most in 2024? I have, I feel like the past few years, it’s been a trend to like do neutral colors, which I love, I’m a neutral person. Like, so like, I like just like the neutral, the black, beige, gray, like those. I feel like…

Mike Sherman (08:03)
Me too, my wedding, it was black and hot pink, so I’m all about the neutral. You know, all about the neutral. All about the neutral.

Hannah (08:05)
Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So the neutral plus the hot pink. Yeah. But that’s the thing. That’s what I think is going to be a trend this year is colors. Like I have like I truly think it’s going to be like people are going to be using a lot more colors this year than they used to, because I’ve been used to seeing just like white and greenery. And I’ve already had like three brides show me their vision boards and it’s like hot pink, like blue with orange. Like just I really truly think that colors are going to make a comeback in 2024, which is going to be great.

Mike Sherman (08:32)

Hannah (08:35)
bright you know this what I love about the standard is especially the second floor you can make it as whatever you want you can I’ve seen I’ve we’ve had weddings on like a Friday where it’s black and white and then the next wedding is orange and pink and you know purple and all that stuff but like you can literally make it as you want so

I think colors are gonna make a trend in 2024. And I also kind of think people are not gonna have as, I’m not gonna see as many, I will see a lot of like weddings.

without bridal parties. I think bridal parties, not in a bad way, but it’s getting really hard to pick your bridal party. So I know people are like, if I have this friend, then I have to have this friend. If I have this cousin, I have to have this cousin. What if my fiance has sisters? And it just adds up so much. So if you just don’t have anyone, no one’s offended.

Mike Sherman (09:07)

Right. Yeah.

Hannah (09:28)
Yeah, you can still have people to get ready with and stuff, but like I truly think bridal parties, I’ve been seeing it more often where people just don’t have anyone standing up next to them. It’s just the just the two of them. So I think that might be exactly. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (09:40)
Right, or maybe just like a best man or something, like they’re one person or something. Yeah, I mean, because true, even three years ago, every wedding party introduction, it’s like 10, 20 people. I’m like trying to practice how to pronounce their names. And I mean, truly in the last year, I would say, almost half the weddings, they’re like, no, we’re not introduced. Even if they have a wedding party, they’re like, just introduce the bride and groom. Just get to the party for sure. Yeah. No, that happened like a few years ago. It’s like one year, every wedding that I did had a bouquet toss, and then the next year, everyone was like, no, we hate the bouquet toss. It’s just like…

Hannah (09:50)

They’re like, I don’t even want to deal with it. Yes, which is totally fine. Yeah.

I have not seen a bouquet toss or a garter toss in, I don’t think I ever saw it last year. It’s really not a thing anymore. So, and that’s okay. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (10:14)
Yeah. Right. And that just happened very quickly because I mean, for sure we were doing it a lot just a few years ago. And now I don’t know, maybe it was COVID. People like, no, we don’t want to get everyone together. That’s just right. Right. So very nice. No, I love that. And colors too. I mean, I’m all about colors, as you know, I always get like, I’m just a little, little sad when like we always, because we always ask people’s wedding colors and sometimes they’re like, oh, just like neutral tones. And I’m like, okay, that’s fine. Great. And then they’re like, right.

Hannah (10:21)
Something. Yeah, we don’t want to touch everything. Yeah.

Me too, I think it’ll be good.

And I’ve seen the way you dress, like, I know you like colors and stuff and sparkles and all that. Yeah. Perfect. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (10:39)
When they’re like, it’s gold. And I’m like, great, I just got a new gold suit. I’ll bust it out. You know, like I got my sparkly shoes, you know, so like, yes, I’m always excited when I see a little personality showing off with it. And so, yeah. That’s very. If I was a wedding planner, I’d wear black. Sure, sure, sure.

Hannah (10:49)
Yeah, especially as a wedding planner, I wear black a lot, but like nowadays the trend is black. I think I had like 10 weddings in a row where it was black bridesmaid dresses. So everyone thought I was a bridesmaid. So I like blend in so much with everyone, but like if it’s colors and I’m the only one in black, everyone knows I’m the coordinator. Like I’m not the bridesmaid. You just blend in so much. So I, yeah.

Mike Sherman (11:02)

Right. Oh yeah. No, I’ve absolutely had weddings where they’re like, oh, our colors are blue, so I’ll wear like my blue suit from Express or whatever, and then like that’s the exact same suit that the entire wedding party is wearing. I’m like, I’m just a groom’s friend today. I just happen to have a microphone in my hand. So very nice. Well, I mean, on that, I mean, any like, I mean, any like, I don’t know, I want to say like cringe-worthy stuff or like any, like any stuff that you’re like, maybe people are thinking about doing, but maybe they shouldn’t do. Like that they.

Hannah (11:20)
Yeah. So, you look like you’re just part of it. Yep. Yeah, right?

Sure, yeah.

Mike Sherman (11:38)
You know see cuz like I mean to me like that’s almost the bouquet toss It’s like now when we do it It’s almost like awkward like all your you know hey all the single people like let’s make sure we all remind you that you’re Having found so like I don’t know it’s like it’s such an awkward like okay So I like the garter like nothing like sticking your head up your wife’s dress right in front of her dad You know like cool, so it’s like that. No glad to be missing. I don’t know I mean anything else you see or like any I don’t know I don’t say like horror stories, but like you know yeah

Hannah (11:41)

Yeah, right? Here we go. Yeah.

Yeah, right? Yeah.

I sure I don’t want to offend anyone but it’s just in my personal it’s just what makes me cringe is like choreographed first dances. I hate to say like I said I really hate to offend anyone like if you did it I like you know good for you I just like personally when I watch them they’re just I get a little love.

Mike Sherman (12:15)
Sure, sure, sure.

Hannah (12:26)
It’s a little cringy and obviously and I feel like we all can agree on this when speeches go way too long

Mike Sherman (12:27)


Hannah (12:34)
It’s just like, I know all brides give their best man or their maid of honor a limit, but they never follow the limit. So to that point, it’s always dad. Always is. I’ve told my dad, and my dad’s a man of few words, and I know he wouldn’t talk for 20 minutes, but it’s like, if you’re talking for more than three minutes, I’m just going to pull the microphone. I do not. It’s just, it’s a little cringy, but that’s what happens.

Mike Sherman (12:41)
It’s always dad to me. It’s always the father of the bride.

I was still brides of the word I’m like I’m not gonna just make him stop But if you tell me to make him stop then I will make him I’m just like kind of eyeballing the bride like we still good here, and she’s like whatever it’s fine. Let him Let him talk you know I agreed to I Know I’m always like just tell them it should be three minutes, and then maybe it’ll be five minutes And then like we’re done don’t give them don’t give them free reign oh my

Hannah (13:04)
Right, if you tell me exactly. Yeah, like, oh my god. Yes, just let him do it. Let him have his moment.

Sure, and then we’re good. Yeah. Oh my God, I know it’s cringy, but you know, it’s part of the industry, so.

Mike Sherman (13:27)
And I guess on that note, I mean, is there anything super cool you’ve seen recently at a wedding that’s just like a good, I mean, I think I also read somewhere that you’ve like, you were big on Pinterest. I mean, I think a lot of people plan their weddings these days on Pinterest, literally, you know, it’s like, So anything like super cool you’ve seen recently or just anything that pops out or

Hannah (13:38)

I just really like when people do, like, I don’t, I like when people do favors or, like, maybe scene charts that, like, are personal to the bride and groom. I personally don’t love when people make, like,

Mike Sherman (13:51)

Hannah (13:55)
their wedding like a theme. I always say it’s not a birthday party like we don’t really need like a Star Wars themed wedding but if you like that stuff make like put it in like with like the favors. I had a couple who they met working for Coca-Cola so the wedding like the table numbers had it was little coke bottles with their name and their table number and I thought that was really sweet. I’ve also had like I’d say like a lot of our couples meet like on like Hinge or Bumble

Mike Sherman (13:58)
I’m sorry.




Hannah (14:25)
beehive themed app, I guess. Their table numbers were, it looked like little beehives. Like, you know, so like that’s like cute, it’s personal, but personable without being cheesy. So yeah, just make it a little personal, but like don’t make it like the whole theme. Like if you like hockey, great, but don’t make it a hockey themed wedding. Like that could be.

Mike Sherman (14:26)
Okay, sure.


Right, yeah, just a little.

Thank you.

Right. Have like a little hockey net to the side and like people can hit it in and then you have to kiss or something. You know, like little something.

Hannah (14:51)
Exactly, perfect, yes. Just a little sprinkle of it and that I think it’s really cute and really personable and it makes you like, it’s just like, oh, like that’s how the couple met or that’s what the couple likes to do. But yeah, so I like those, I like those little details. Yeah. Yes, exactly. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (15:03)

Yeah, just a little flavor of personality in there, for sure. And I’m all about that. Nice. Very good. Let’s see, I was just going to ask. Oh, yeah. I’m sure you’re going to be a pro at this one. I mean, If someone’s starting their wedding, like today, what should they do? They are nothing. I mean, they’re probably going on Google. They’re going on Pinterest. They’re.

Hannah (15:25)

Mike Sherman (15:33)
Like, you know, should they get a venue first? Like, you know, tell them, like, first week, what’s the plan for a bride or a groom?

Hannah (15:37)
Yeah. Always do the venue first, because the venue is the thing that you have to lock down. I’ve had people do everything, and then they want the specific venue, and then life were taken. So then, you know.

it that just makes things complicated. So always do the venue first and then once you get the venue then follow with everything else. Like I would say but like my biggest advice is just I know it sounds crazy to book something a year and a half out but things book up really quickly and you’d rather just book it early than like wait and then when you want to book it it’s taken and stuff. So I always say just book early and then it’s going to make the whole wedding process a lot easier when you already had everything booked. Like

booked. I’ve had, you know, I’ve bride’s gay married in 2025 that have everyone booked, but now they just kind of can relax for the next year or so. So yeah, just like book early. And then I would always, and I think the biggest advice is if you’re, which most venues do, they give like a recommended vendors list.

Mike Sherman (16:25)
Yeah, for sure.


Hannah (16:37)
choose people off the recommended vendors list because it’s not only gonna make your life easier, but it’s gonna make the venue’s life easier because you know that like this caterer and this venue have a good relationship and they know how each other work and stuff. And because like, you know, we’ve worked with different caterers or, you know, DJs and stuff that typically don’t work with us, but then they come and they’re confused, like.

Mike Sherman (16:48)

Hannah (16:59)
why are there two stories or like why does your kitchen look and it’s just like if you just work with people that we know do a great job that we have a good relationship with it’s going to make just the whole day super easy so always go off the recommended vendors list in my opinion. When it comes to the big things like DJs and caters like if you have a photographer that you love great like perfect use them but the big things like catering and stuff I would definitely just use people that we recommend.

Mike Sherman (16:59)
Why are there two stories? Why does your kitchen look like that? And it’s just like if you just work with people that we know do a great job and that we have a good relationship with, it’s gonna make just the whole life so easy. So always go off the recommended way. I know. When it comes to the big things like DJs and…


Yeah, that’s great. And when people call us and they’re like, oh, we’re getting married at the standard. I’m like, all right, great. So you’re probably getting married on the third floor and then cocktails inside. And then you head downstairs for dinner. And they’re like, oh my gosh, like you actually, you know, it’s like, we know what we’re talking about because we’ve been there so much and it’s great. So.

Hannah (17:29)
Perfect. Yes.

Yeah, because you’re on our list and you know how we work and you don’t complain about the five steps that we have when you first walk in. I know it’s heavy and stuff, but it’s a good workout. But then we have an elevator that goes up the rest of the floors. It’s just those few steps. Yeah, yeah.

Mike Sherman (17:43)
I know what’s happening.

Yeah, it works. Exactly. No, no, for sure. And I love it. And yeah, it’s like I certainly would rather play at the venues that I love and like every week that, you know, because we go to places all over the place. But there’s always some little bit of confusion, like what door do you go in? And yours, like, don’t bother anybody. But yeah, no, when I show up there, I just like walk in like I own the place. So it’s good. Right.

Hannah (17:56)


Yeah, you really do. Like I’m like, oh wait, he’s been here. Like he’s here. Like yeah, he just came, come out of nowhere, but that’s great. That’s what we love because then it just like, I don’t feel like I have to sit on the first floor waiting for vendors to come when I can actually be upstairs in my office doing stuff. And then it’s like, if you need me, you know where I am. So yeah.

Mike Sherman (18:16)

Yeah, awesome. Well, and I know, let me make sure I get this right. You had an offer for anyone that’s listening to our podcast here today. I’m gonna say this, let me know if I get this right. You said anyone that listens, if you mentioned the podcast that you heard of Eventful Endeavors or with Felix and Fingers or just with Mike Sherman, they’ll know who we are. If you’re looking to get married in March or April, they’re gonna give you a $500 discount on that. Is that accurate?

Hannah (18:31)
Mm-hmm. Sure.

It’s if you book with us in March or April. So you can, yeah. Yeah. So if you reach out to us and then you did a tour, like, you know, because it’s already the middle of March, so I want to extend it to like, obviously the next month. So say you did a tour with us in April, but then you decided to book with us, you know, in June, 2025 or something. But like, if you booked with us in March or April, we’ll give you $500 off the venue. So, yes. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (18:47)
Oh, so you have to, I see, so they have to reach out in March, I got it, nice, nice.

Yeah. Sure.

Nice, so get on that people right away. And like she said, booking a venue is key. Because people reach out to us and like we don’t have the venue or the date yet. I’m always like, okay, I can give you as much information as I can. But like, yes, I can lock anything in until you figure that out because. Yes. And whenever people reach out to me and they’re like, oh, we’re getting married October of next year, I’m like, you are doing it the right way. Like taking your time.

Hannah (19:18)
Do that first, yeah.

Yes, exactly. Yep.

Yes, that’s perfect. And I know it sounds like a long time, but it’s really not. Like, you know, it comes so fast. So, yeah.

Mike Sherman (19:36)
Yeah, just the stress of putting a wedding together in six months. I can’t even imagine. I mean, I’ve been married 14 years. Yeah Yeah, oh, yeah, I’ve seen it too. And it’s like you can do it but like I they don’t I will say they look out of breath when they show up that day cuz it’s like that whole month was just like right

Hannah (19:41)
I had a couple put a wedding in a month. Yeah.

Yes, I don’t need that stress on me. I wanna enjoy the wedding planning process. So you’re only a fiance once hopefully. So like you just like, I just like enjoy it, you know, cause it’s a fun era of your life. So yeah.

Mike Sherman (19:56)

Awesome. Well everyone, we’ll get things wrapped up here. Once again, thank you so much for hanging out with me today, Hannah It’s been really great. Everyone check out the standard on state their website is Standard on state comm correct and actually clear it clarify for me. So do you when you’re just talking about I’m always good Do you call it the standard or do you call it standard like? Stay okay, cuz I was called the standard Right the standard because that’s what that’s what I usually say the standard so I’m

Hannah (20:15)
Mm-hmm. Yep.

I usually call it standard, the standard. I very, very rarely say standard on state. You can say the standard, the standard or standard. Yeah, if someone asks where I work, I say the standard. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (20:32)
Okay cool yeah I thought about that the other day because I heard a few different ones but check them out at you can reach Hannah at Hannah at it’s kind of a tongue twister there so yeah any questions check them out on Facebook, Instagram all that good stuff anything else you wanted to throw out there before we cut it off here today or?

Hannah (20:43)
Mm-hmm. Yes, it is.

No, I just like, I really appreciate you having me and that we can, you know.

maybe get like more of an audience. I would say like 90% of our couples are from like the city. We very rarely have people from Rockford. So like if anybody, even if you’re in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, I know Rockford is a little bit of a smaller town, but the way that we describe our venue is we are like the city venue without being in like a huge city. Like we actually have like parking and like all that stuff. And we have a hotel literally half a mile away.

Mike Sherman (21:03)
Yeah. Totally.


Hannah (21:28)
out the city headache, come to us and we can take care of you.

Mike Sherman (21:30)
Yeah, I remember the first time I was there, I was like, what is this place? And just, I’d never, you know, it was like, I don’t feel like I’m in Rockford right now. And yeah. And I think, speaking from personal experience, I mean, the parking, the hotels, like dealing with that in downtown Chicago, you know, it’s doable, but you know, I’ll take that hour drive out to Rockford any day, for sure, for sure.

Hannah (21:35)

No, it comes out of nowhere. Like, yeah, it’s the best.

Yeah, exactly, exactly. The only thing that we have, we just have a lot of stoplights. That’s why it takes a while to get, when you get off the highway. But like, I’d rather deal with stoplights than, you know, like city traffic and stuff. So yeah. Yeah.

Mike Sherman (22:02)
traffic and yeah, oh my gosh for sure. Well once again Hannah Swanson, wedding and event coordinator at The Standard On State. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. We look forward to seeing you again and hopefully all of our beautiful listeners will be having fun with you all sometime soon. So everyone thanks so much again. Yeah well once again this is Mike Sherman with Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos here with Eventful Endeavors signing off. We’ll see you all next time. Bye.

Hannah (22:18)
Yeah, thank you so much for having me.

This interview was made possible by Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

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