dance trends memeAs Felix and Fingers celebrate over a decade of bringing vibrant, energetic entertainment to events, let’s take a hilarious trip down memory lane. From 2011 to 2023, we’ve witnessed a whirlwind of dance trends and crazes, each more infectious than the last.

In this ever-changing world of viral videos and social media sensations, dance trends have come and gone faster than the seasons. But one thing has remained constant: our commitment to keeping up with these dance trends, ensuring every event we play at is not just a gathering, but a joyous celebration of the moment. From the quirky moves that took the internet by storm to the classic steps that never go out of style, we’ve seen and played them all. So, buckle up and get ready for a nostalgic journey through the dances that defined a decade.

Here’s how we’ve kept the party going, one dance trend at a time!


2011-2012: The Gangnam Style Wave

Remember when everyone was horse-dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”? This global phenomenon, performed by South Korean musician Psy, wasn’t just a hit worldwide; it was also embraced in South Korea.

Was Gangnam Style banned in South Korea?

Contrary to any myths, there was no ban on “Gangnam Style” in its home country of South Korea. On the contrary, the song was widely embraced due to its catchy beat, humorous dance moves, and satirical lyrics that playfully critiqued the lifestyle of the Gangnam District of Seoul, a symbol of affluence in South Korea.

At Felix and Fingers, we not only mastered the moves but also made sure every guest felt like a K-pop star on the dance floor.


2013: Harlem Shake – A Shaky Sensation

2013 brought the Harlem Shake, where one person danced alone before a sudden cut to a wild, group dance.

Can you lose weight by doing the Harlem Shake?

The Harlem Shake might get your heart racing with laughter, but as a workout? It’s more of a fun flash in the pan than a calorie burner. Sure, you might shed a few giggles, but for real weight loss, you’ll need more than just a wild 30-second dance. Think of it as the appetizer to your fitness feast – a fun way to kickstart the party but not quite the main course for weight loss goals.


Our pianists loved playing that catchy beat, watching as guests went from casually nodding to full-on party mode in seconds.


2014-2015: Whip/Nae Nae – The Dual Dance Duel

As dueling pianists, we know a thing or two about dualities, and the Whip/Nae Nae was no exception. Whether it was whipping or nae-naeing, our events turned into epic dance-offs.

What do the song lyrics to ‘Silento Watch Me’ mean?

The lyrics of ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)’ by Silento are all about dance and self-expression. The song’s repetitive and catchy phrases like ‘Watch me whip, watch me nae nae’ are instructions for the dance moves that go along with the song. These lyrics are simple but effective, encouraging listeners to join in the dance, and have fun. The song became a sensation due to its easy-to-follow dance steps and the joy it brought to dancers of all ages.


This explains why it seemed to be a regular feature at our lively performances.


2016: Dabbing into the Scene

Ah, the dab! It popped up everywhere, and we were right there, dabbing along with the best. Our pianos became the unofficial dabbing headquarters at every event.

Why do people hate the dab?

The dab became a bit like that song you can’t get out of your head – everywhere, all the time. Its sheer omnipresence led some to view it as overdone or even as a cliché of modern pop culture.


At Felix and Fingers, we embrace the fun in every trend. Whether loved or loathed, the dab got everyone talking – and occasionally, secretly dabbing when they thought no one was watching!


2017-2018: Fortnite Frenzy

With Fortnite taking the world by storm, we saw an influx of game-inspired moves. From the Floss to the Orange Justice, our pianos played the soundtrack to these viral dances.

Which dance trends were created by the Fortnite game?

While Fortnite didn’t exactly create new dances, it certainly popularized several. The game became a dance trend hotspot, showcasing moves like the Floss, Orange Justice, and the Electro Shuffle. These dances, though not originally from Fortnite, gained global recognition thanks to their inclusion in the game, creating a cultural phenomenon where players and non-players alike were busting out Fortnite moves everywhere!


We saw plenty of these moves at our Felix and Fingers events!


2019: Old Town Road – Yeehaw!

“Old Town Road” had everyone feeling a bit country. At Felix and Fingers, we donned our cowboy hats and rode the wave, turning venues into modern-day saloons.

What is the meaning of lean in Old Town Road?

In “Old Town Road,” the term “lean” refers to a concoction often mentioned in hip-hop culture, typically a mix of soda and prescription cough syrup. While the song lyrically weaves a narrative blending traditional country with modern hip-hop elements, it’s the catchy tune and the unique blend of genres that really had everyone hooked on the song, rather than focusing on the specifics of its lyrics.


You can be sure that this song received plenty of requests at our events.


2020-2021: TikTok Takeover

The pandemic might have kept us indoors, but TikTok kept us dancing. From the “Renegade” to the “Say So” dance, our virtual events kept spirits high and bodies moving.

What is the Savage Challenge trending on TikTok?

The Savage Challenge, trending on TikTok, is a dance craze set to the song “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion. It involves a series of choreographed dance moves that are sassy, confident, and playful. This challenge gained popularity for its catchy rhythm and empowering lyrics, encouraging TikTokers from all walks of life to express themselves through dance.


The trend became so widespread that it was not uncommon to see it featured in our events, as guests loved to show off their own takes on this viral dance.


2022-2023: Back to the Dance Floor

As the world opened up, so did our dance repertoire. With every new trend that popped up on social media, Felix and Fingers was there to bring it to life at your events.



From Gangnam Style to the latest TikTok trend, Felix and Fingers has not just witnessed but actively participated in a decade of dance evolution. We’re more than just musicians; we’re trendsetters, mood lifters, and party starters. So, whatever the next dance craze may be, you can bet we’ll be ready to get you dancing – guaranteed!

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