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Tatiana Czerwiak, the owner of Vine & Branch Wedding Co, was interviewed by Shawn Grindle on the Eventful Endeavors podcast. Tatiana shared how she entered the event planning world after initially considering going to law school. Her passion for creativity and love for events led her to intern for a wedding planner in Huntington Beach. She eventually opened her own planning company, and Vine & Branch is her second venture.

Vine & Branch Wedding Co is based in California but has expanded its services to cater to clients all over the state, country, and even internationally. Tatiana revealed that they have recently organized destination weddings in Cabo, Mexico, and Italy. One of their clients was debating between San Diego and Mexico, and they ultimately chose Mexico for its affordability. Tatiana’s fluency in Spanish made planning the Mexican wedding a breeze. She also mentioned that their second destination wedding in Italy came about serendipitously, with the clients residing in Maryland and looking for a unique venue.

While international weddings have their own challenges, Tatiana expressed how enjoyable it has been to work with vendors in both Mexico and Italy. She highlighted the beauty of Cabo and the lovely experiences they had working with vendors there. As for Italy, Tatiana mentioned Ravello near the Amalfi Coast as a stunning wedding destination. She acknowledged the differences in planning due to the smaller towns and different customs but emphasized the fun and rewarding aspects of creating memorable weddings in these locations.

Tatiana’s experience with destination weddings sets Vine & Branch Wedding Co apart from many local planners. They have the expertise, connections, and language skills to curate stunning events in various locations. Whether clients dream of a beach wedding in Cabo or a luxurious ceremony in Italy, Vine & Branch Wedding Co can deliver exceptional experiences. To learn more about Vine & Branch and their services, visit their website.

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Podcast Transcript

Shawn Grindle (00:24)
Hello, hello and welcome back to another episode of Eventful Endeavors. We are here today. We’re going back to California. We’re talking wedding planning. We have a wedding planner here. We’re with Tatiana Czerwiak from Vine and Branch Wedding Company. Hello Tatiana, how are you today?

Tatiana (00:44)
Good, how are you, Shawn?

Shawn Grindle (00:46)
I’m doing well, doing well, no complaints. So we’re gonna start off the same way I kind of start off with everybody, which is asking kind of how you got into this. How did you get into the event planning world? Just tell us your

Tatiana (01:00)
Yeah, pretty funny actually. I’ve been in the industry for almost 13 years now, so a little bit of a veteran, but I did start off initially wanting to go to law school. So it’s a funny little transition. We did a whole 180. I’ve always just been creative and have loved events and kind of wanted to do my own thing. So it was this really funny transition when I got out of college into events. I was fortunate enough to.

interned for someone out in Huntington Beach and then kind of became her right-hand girl for a while and did that. And then opened up my first planning company with a business partner. We were together for seven years and then Binding Branch is now my second. So loved enough, obviously, to stick around. But yeah, we’ve expanded and are located in California but now kind of work all over. So all over the state, all over the country and in Mexico and Italy now too. So we’re excited.

Shawn Grindle (01:40)

Well, let’s go there, because I’ve talked to a lot of wedding planners, but most of the time they say like, no, I stay local. I don’t do destination stuff as much. So talk to me about the destination thing. Well, yeah, I mean, you don’t have to twist my arm to go to Italy, but talk to me about that. How did that come about? Like, what do you do over there? How many do you do? I mean, talk to me about the international wedding scene.

Tatiana (02:00)
Yeah, I love destination.


Yeah, we just wrapped one up in Cabo in December. So we were there at a really cool resort and our client, so random, we met her on Instagram like a year ago and she was debating between San Diego and Mexico. And it just financially made more sense to go to Mexico and we made it like a whole trip for her guests. And so they loved it. And fun fact, I speak fluent Spanish. So like that was an easy kind of one.

Shawn Grindle (02:19)


Tatiana (02:43)
I know. So that was fun, but so easy. Everyone out there has been nothing but lovely and wonderful to work with. So if anyone’s thinking of getting married in Cabo, like do it. And then Italy was just another random thing. The client actually lives in Maryland and they were looking at something on the West Coast, potentially East Coast. How Italy came up, we don’t know, but that’s our second one out in the same kind of area of Ravello. So like near the Amalfi Coast.

We’ve experienced there now too. I’ve been there just for leisure in the past. So it just was like an easy segue. It has been wonderful planning there too, obviously. It has its own challenges being like very different from the US. But yeah, the vendors essentially work the same. Stuff is a little different because you’re having to deal with not being able to just like drive in and out of places and.

Shawn Grindle (03:17)

Tatiana (03:38)
The timing is very different and the towns are tiny and everything is a lot more laissez faire but it’s been really, really fun.

Shawn Grindle (03:46)
Yeah, I was going to ask, I was curious. I was like, so do you, um, with vendors over there, like do you have, well, now you’ve done it. So you probably have some people you use and you were like, as a wedding planner in California, I imagine you have all, you have a lot of vendors you work with all the time that you can recommend that you use a lot. So if you’re planning a wedding in Italy, is it not that way? Do you kind of have to go from scratch and like find your people or talk to other planners that have maybe done weddings there? How does that work?

Tatiana (04:09)
Yeah, it’s definitely like a 50-50, right? Because you’re not obviously going to bring in everybody from the US. Like that would just be astronomical in travel costs. And another thing is I love sourcing vendors from that country or state or wherever. I mean, like obviously these people are wonderful. They’re professional. They’re incredible at what they do and they live there. Like you might as well source out to folks in the area. So that’s my goal, first and foremost. Like let me find someone who is there, right? Like

can fit the vision and the vibe of what our client wants. Like let’s reach out to them first and foremost. I would say for vendors like hair and makeup, rentals, things like that, it’s pretty much always gonna be local to where we’re planning the wedding. Photography, videography, planning, some of those, those can come from everywhere. But in Italy, I would say like 75% is local. And then there’s like some random things we’re bringing in. For Mexico, almost everything was local.

Like I said, there’s so many incredible vendors out there. So we try, we curate custom preferred vendors lists for every client. So we’ll put together like a list of people who we think they’d love and we go from there. But yeah, definitely try to stay as local as we

Shawn Grindle (05:22)
Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. We can get away from international weddings because I could talk about like travel and vacationing. I’m literally, I’m like, I’m 10 days out from going to Australia for three weeks and I could not be more excited. So yeah, yeah. I’m a big man. Me and my wife are big travelers and she speaks Spanish too. So it always helps with that kind of stuff. So did you, so let me ask that because I am curious, like, did you learn Spanish like yourself? Did, were you taught it from a young age? Do you have like

Tatiana (05:28)
I know, we could talk about the channel all day long. Hahaha.

Get out! That’s so fun, congrats.

Look at that.


Shawn Grindle (05:51)
any kind of like, you know, heritage that it came from or where does that, what was that? Did you study it?

Tatiana (05:57)
Yeah, no, I came, I was born in Argentina and I moved here when I was two. So Spanish was my first language, um, still speaking at home and yeah, grew up learning that, um, I was basically raised in California, I mean, two years old, you know, we’ve gone back every now and then, but didn’t ever moved back. Um, but that’s where that comes from. So yeah, I grew up speaking it and then just like retained it. And it’s been, it’s been fun because a lot of people don’t know that. So it’s just like.

Shawn Grindle (06:02)
Oh, cool.

Tatiana (06:25)
a fun little tidbit, but that’s where the Spanish comes in.

Shawn Grindle (06:28)
What an awesome skill. I’m doing my Duolingo, it just takes forever. My wife speaks it perfectly. Yeah. My wife speaks fluent Spanish. She’s half Mexican and you know, I try to, we try to talk sometimes in Spanish. It’s just hard, it’s so hard to learn it as an adult. So I wish I had that thing, but what a skill. I am, I am, I’m trying. We go to Mexico quite a bit. So I’ll practice next time there. But anyway, so let’s talk just in our wedding. So.

Tatiana (06:32)
Duolingo is great, I’ve been doing it with Italian.


You’re good though. At least you’re trying, at least you’re trying.

Shawn Grindle (06:58)
I always like to ask, you know, what’s your first piece of advice for newlywed couples? Like what is your like, oh, this is what I would recommend you do right away or what you should never do or whatever it might be. Biggest piece of advice right out the gate.

Tatiana (07:07)

Yeah, I think it’s super hard for people to even know where to start, right? Like, obviously, weddings are a whole, I mean, obviously, it’s a whole industry. Like, it’s a whole new thing. For most people, I always joke, like, is this your first time getting married? Like, sometimes that joke is funny, sometimes it’s not, but they’re having to learn this whole new thing. And so it’s like, where do you begin? And so my very first piece of advice, as like cheesy as it sounds, it’s like just like hang out and be engaged for a little bit like.

I understand the pressure to like, got to find a venue, got to book vendors, got to get on TikTok and Pinterest and da da, all of this, but it’s so much noise at once. And it’s like, you will never be engaged and have that moment back, right? It’s like, once you get into planning, like that’s what you’re doing for a year, year plus. And so take a breath, like hang out and kind of just like start to dodge questions and let people know, like we want to just be engaged for a little bit. And then obviously, first and foremost,

You can’t really move forward with anything until you find a place, right? A place and a date. And so I always tell couples, like, sit down with your partner, like, make a list of your top three, like, the top three most important things to you for your wedding day, whether that’s like food, music, like, you know, alcohol, whether that’s flour, whatever it is, like, make a list of your top three, and that’ll kind of help guide your order of things, right? So after you have decided on venue and date,

If you don’t hire a planner and you’re kind of going the DIY route, like know that those top three things are what you want to book first. Obviously, book a planner so they can guide you through this process and tell you what to book, when to book, and who, if you want to get that stress off your shoulders. But yeah, enjoy the engagement season for a little bit. And then look at what’s most important to you, not necessarily what’s online or like what’s on TikTok. Like really…

you know, like make a list of the stuff that you want to remember on that day. And most of the time I would say people’s top three are like food, alcohol, music, um, and some sort of like design that’s really personal to them. So focus

on those guys.

Shawn Grindle (09:16)
Right. Yeah. That’s funny. I’ve heard a lot of other people say that same thing recently, where it’s like, just enjoy it. You know, it is something we undress made. Yeah, you get excited. You’re like, I want to know where I’m going to get married. I want to do it.

Tatiana (09:22)

I know it’s hard.

You get excited and yeah, and everyone starts asking like, well, like when is it? When are you, what’s happening? And it’s like, there is a pressure, right? Especially with venues and things getting booked out so quickly, but you know, just kind of like, just enjoy for a little bit.

Shawn Grindle (09:44)
sure. I want to sidetrack a little bit because this is something I also haven’t talked to too many people about. But you mentioned earlier how the bride Mexico found you on Instagram and you just mentioned like TikTok and Instagram and all that stuff. And obviously, I’m notoriously not very good at social media, I want to be better. But is that something you find you’re using a lot either to like bribe they’re finding you on TikTok or Instagram or they are

Tatiana (09:50)




Shawn Grindle (10:10)
Or they’re getting ideas and coming to you based on stuff they saw on those platforms like Yeah

Tatiana (10:15)
Yeah, yeah, a little bit of both. I’m not on TikTok either. I’m like still that like geriatric millennial that’s like, no. I’m like holding strong. I’m like, I don’t know, I don’t know. I know and I understand. I think it’s great for content inspiration. I think just like with Instagram, so much of it is curated and taken out of context and it’s hard for people to separate the reality of like what something actually costs.

Shawn Grindle (10:22)
Me neither. Yeah. I gotta make a movie? I gotta make a full movie. Yeah. All right.

Tatiana (10:44)
versus like what you’re seeing. And so that’s like the not so fun part of my job where I have to come in and be like, great, that’s beautiful, but this is actually what it is, et cetera. So I do think that a lot of inspo is coming from, I would say at least for my clients, and I’ll only speak to that is, Pinterest is a huge one still, right? A lot of people are seeing visual things that they like. TikTok is huge. I would say for like some of our younger couples, it’s still like a big.

a big source of inspiration. They see a lot of like fun little things they can incorporate into their day. More so than like decor and things like that. So like I think TikTok and anything like video related. Yeah, it’s definitely good for like, oh, I didn’t think of like doing that dance or like I didn’t think of incorporating XYZ into like a toast. Design, I would say a lot of it is Instagram, a lot of it is Pinterest, but we do get.

It’s interesting that you mentioned that too, because now that I think about it, we do get so many clients from our, from our Instagram, um, on top of like just venue referrals and things like that. Um, a lot of it is still like that visual, that visual platform.

Shawn Grindle (11:53)
So speaking of that kind of stuff, like things you’ve seen, like talk to me about like, you’ve been doing this for a while, like talk to me about some trends you’ve seen, like things that used to happen a lot and now don’t happen a lot, or maybe used to never happen and now happen all the time, like anything you can think of that you’re noticing a lot more of or less of.

Tatiana (12:03)

Yeah, I definitely resonate with that. Because when I first started, I would say like, it was a no brainer that bouquet tosses, garter tosses, like, huge grand entrance songs, all of that was like, of course, like we’re doing that. That was that wasn’t even a question. And as the years have gone on, I would definitely say that like a bouquet toss, a garter toss, they’ve all dropped off of our timelines, like people are shying away from that.

Shawn Grindle (12:36)

Tatiana (12:37)
Cake cutting has become a lot more of a small thing, right? I think in eons past, like the cake was such a huge deal. Couples are realizing like, we actually hate cake. Like, and we don’t wanna do this. Let’s do something different. Let’s like have an alternative dessert or not do something at all, or do like shots and donuts. I don’t know. I mean, it’s become a lot more personal. And I think a lot of couples nowadays are realizing like, they don’t have to subscribe to like.

the weddings of old of like, well, we have to do X, Y, Z, or we have to do a dance in this order or do this or do that. They’re realizing like, we wanna be a lot more personal on our big day and either incorporate that or not. But we are seeing a lot of those like, those little events kind of get taken out. Yeah, seeing a lot more of just like personal details be brought into whether that’s, you know, the menu, like maybe it’s the couple’s favorite cuisine that they’re choosing instead of just like chicken and fish.

They’re bringing in like

Thai or they’re bringing in like a Mexican, like a Mexican, you know, handmade tortilla buffet, whatever. It’s like that’s getting a lot more personal music is getting a ton more personal. Playlists are more curated, right? It’s more of like an experiential thing. Like you have pianos or you’ve got like musicians. It’s just a lot more of an experience, I think, for guests. So we’re seeing a lot more, a lot more of that out with the old and with the

Shawn Grindle (13:35)


I love it. I think weddings are getting more fun. I’m like looking forward to going to them. I used to sometimes be like, oh, I got eight weddings this year I gotta go to. Like plans one thing, but when my friends get married, I’m like, man, I got a lot of weddings. Now I’m like, oh, this is gonna be fun. So speaking of things like that, new things people are doing, What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding? First thing that pops to your mind, like something really cool.

Tatiana (14:04)



Hmm, I mean, for the most part, it’s still pretty traditional, but I have definitely had people, I had a wedding in the past where guests thought they were showing up to just a fancy dinner party and it turned out to be a whole wedding. And it was like, everything was backwards. It was like, they started with cake, we started with dancing, ended with drinks. It was just so all over, but in the best way possible. So everyone shows up to this restaurant.

Shawn Grindle (14:43)

Tatiana (14:55)
and all of a sudden we like pull back the curtain it’s a wedding. So that was a really just like fun surprise. We’ve seen couples do like really cool interactive dinner experiences to where it’s not just like servers coming and like dropping food off. It’s like food stations or there’s like a flaming something or there’s, you know, like somebody carving something and walking around. So that’s become like something that guests remember. I would say, yeah, a lot of the unique things have to do with like.

the order of stuff, because everyone’s expecting kind of what you mentioned, right, like you have cocktail hour, then you’ve got like toast, then you have your salad, then you have whatever. So when we switched that around, it’s been really

Shawn Grindle (15:38)
Yeah, that’s interesting. I’ve never seen something like that before, but I’ve never heard of it. But yeah, surprise. Now my favorite question is the opposite of that. What’s the cringiest thing you’ve ever seen? What’s the thing? No names, no names. I just wanna know. I just wanna know, like, cause I’m sure I’ve seen some things.

Tatiana (15:42)
Just throws everybody off. Ha ha ha.

Um, oh god.

One that always comes to mind, yeah, one that always, always comes to mind, there’s two, when there was a grand entrance at a wedding, and this actually personally happened to me too when I was a maid of honor at a wedding. So this, it’s like seared into my memory. The bride had no idea that the DJ at that time was going to do like a roast of the bridal party walking in instead of like a, just announcing the bridal party. It was like, here’s,

John and, you know, Rebecca and XYZ about them, but it wasn’t funny. It was like really out of pocket, just out of pocket. Bride had no clue, bridal party had no clue. None of the guests laughed. And I just remember standing in the corner like, this can’t be happening, like this isn’t happening. Like, and everyone’s just walking out, not knowing what to do. So please like, please like don’t do that. Do like PSA to people. Like nobody wants to be roasted on your wedding day. So cringy, so cringy.

Shawn Grindle (16:54)
See ya.

Did like the groom, did the groom know or anything? I mean, how did that happen?

Tatiana (16:59)
No one knew. It was, it was like they had asked the DJ to like, or the DJ had asked them to like give them some fun facts about each person and they just kind of like went wild with it. So that was that. Then there was like a poor, a best man didn’t prepare correctly and had a couple too many lemon drops and just like bombed the speech and no one clapped and he had a BS boarded out.

Shawn Grindle (17:14)
Wow. That’s a…

Oh, that’s not good. That’s not good.

Tatiana (17:30)
Ooh, yeah, that was a fun one.

So yeah, that kind of stuff. I mean, it’s just, it’s sometimes it’s like things you can’t control. And so you’re just kind of like, well, let’s recover and move on. But I’ve been lucky enough, like knock on wood to where clients have been pretty chill. Like there hasn’t been anything super, super out of whack. I would say like way back in the day, like 2011, when I first started, there were some more of those like, hmm, I don’t know about this. But nowadays people I think are a little bit more

Shawn Grindle (17:37)
Yeah, yeah, I get a lot of weird ones from speeches.


And we’ve also seen enough to kind of try to avoid things and cut

it off at the head before it starts. So like what’s your number one piece of advice of like don’t do this? Like I’m going to avoid the cringey situation. Don’t do

Tatiana (18:11)
Yep, I think I lost you again.

Yeah, I’m so sorry, I lost you. Can you repeat that question?

Shawn Grindle (18:27)
Yes, sorry to say, what’s your number one piece of advice to avoid those things? What’s the do not do this, the no list? Please don’t do this.

Tatiana (18:32)

Yeah, I think if there’s any sort of gut feeling of like, hmm, should I? It’s probably going to be a no, right? If it’s putting somebody on blast or putting somebody on the spot or having somebody have to pull something out of thin air, don’t do it. Just avoid, we would try to avoid any unforeseen, right? The day of. And so by leaving a lot of stuff up to chance, you’re just kind of like, you’re playing with fire there, right?

fine. Like my dad, he like, I don’t have to tell him he’s giving a speech. We’ll just like, well, he can just wing it or like, we’ll wing this, whatever. We’ll just, no, like don’t do that. So yeah, just gently, gently steering away from anything that can be an unknown or has the potential to like backfire, you know, or we’re just going to let everybody sit wherever they want. No, that’s not a

Shawn Grindle (19:11)
Ha ha.

Right. And please plan your speeches. Like, don’t, that’s my biggest thing. As somebody who has to emcee that, like, don’t do it. Don’t wing it and don’t.

Tatiana (19:36)

I was just gonna say, you probably are like, oh god.

Shawn Grindle (19:43)
I had a 25 minute father the bride’s pH one.

So long.

Tatiana (19:53)
I’m so sorry, Sean, you keep cutting out. Yeah.

Shawn Grindle (19:54)
You still there?

Oh, that’s weird. Don’t worry, we’ll cut around that. But yeah, I was saying I had a 25 minute father of the bride speech once.

Tatiana (20:04)

Shawn Grindle (20:06)
No, 25 minutes. I clocked it after a while. I was like, I need to know what time it is because this is insane. I’d never seen anything like it.

Tatiana (20:11)
But it’s like, you can’t cut that off, you know? So it’s like, well, pull the salads back.

Shawn Grindle (20:17)
Yeah, exactly.

Tatiana (20:24)

I’m mutely.

Yeah, I would say the constant feedback that we have received, which is great, because it definitely aligns with our mission and what we want to be remembered for. Apart from just having so many years of experience with so many different types of weddings and locations and things like that, we really, really tried to be as intentional in our design above a lot of other things. And so I always like to say anybody can kind of put on a pretty wedding. Like, that’s not that difficult. But

What is really going to be remembered is what made that wedding so special, not just to the couple, but to your guest experience. And so we really take the time to get to know our clients behind the scenes. So what they love, like the things that they love doing, what’s important to them or what their dog’s name is, what drink they order when they go out, you know, their favorite colors, like little things like that. We have a whole quiz, like questionnaire that we have clients fill out that really like has us.

come take a peek inside their lives and we like to bring those really small details that they might think are just like minute or insignificant into the entire wedding day design. And so from the moment that somebody walks into their ceremony till like the last song and the last drink, like there’s something that’s so uniquely that couple reflected in every little thing. And so again, it’s not just like, oh, well that.

linen is pretty or like these flowers are just pretty. It’s like, oh well, no, that is like her grandma’s favorite flower that we put in or like that’s their favorite, you know, like cocktail that they got on their first date or that wall is like a nod to where they got engaged, you know, something and there’s always some intentionality behind the design. And so I really love running my business that way. And I think it really allows our team to connect with our clients on a deeper level. And it just makes the day not only so much more special for them.

Shawn Grindle (22:18)

Tatiana (22:36)
But it also is fun for, you know, moms and dads and friends. You’re like, oh my gosh, like I also resonate with that because I like know their story or there’s just pieces that everybody can connect to. So yeah, I would say honing in on that as like kind of our different like factor, differentiating factor has been fun and we have been lucky enough to attract people that trust us with that design, which is huge. So that’s how we like to position ourselves too.

Shawn Grindle (23:07)
That’s a it’s a relationship thing with vendors man. I mean, you form a bond with these people, you know, I’m still friends with some of the brides, you know. So it’s, it’s kind of a engrams. I mean, everybody like I still Instagram will message each other like, Oh my god, remember this? That was so fun. You know. So yeah. Yes. Do you do so?

Tatiana (23:10)

Yeah, same.

Yeah. It’s all about relationships and just making people feel like special and heard.

Shawn Grindle (23:31)
Are you mostly just doing like full planning? Do you do like any like smaller options? You do small weddings, big weddings? Like tell me a little bit more about like just logistically your specialty.

Tatiana (23:42)
We do all size weddings. So we’ve been realizing obviously like pre pandemic weddings were huge, right? Post pandemic in the middle, everything got really tiny or like during pandemic, post pandemic, they blew up again. Now we’re seeing them come back down. So there’s always a fluctuation with number. We do it all. So from 10 people, 20 people, 40 people weddings to 200, that will run the gamut. We have no problem kind of managing that. And it runs the same essentially. It’s not like

It’s not necessarily that a higher guest count is more work. It’s just run a little differently. But in terms of planning, yes, we pretty much do full service. And then if the client is like, no, I can handle like budget or things like that, they don’t need us like physically putting in orders for them or mailing out invites or more of that hand holding, then we’ll do just the full logistical planning and then custom design, but not the full service. So those are kind of the two camps that people fall into.

I can do some of it, but need guidance on everything else, or please like take this and let me be the like, yes, no, yes, no kind of decision maker, right, on stuff.

Shawn Grindle (24:49)
How many do you tackle a year? Are you doing weddings pretty much every weekend or is it sporadic? Do you limit yourself because you don’t want to go crazy? Ha ha ha.

Tatiana (24:54)
No, we, yeah. Yeah, we like to keep it boutique. I think I found the sweet spot, right? Where it’s like enough to successfully run a business but not be like so overwhelmed that you aren’t performing well and I also would never want clients to feel like we’re so bogged down with other weddings that we’re not getting them like that attention that they deserve. And so we cap it around 25, 20 to 25, just depending on the year.

and depending on the scope. So obviously years that we’ve had like more full service plannings, we take less just because it’s a lot more involved. Years where there’s less full planning, but more just like that middle kind of ground, we’ll take a little bit more. So I would say like 25 is our sweet spot. And then I just staff girls depending on like size and scope of wedding. And so our team just kind of like rotates through, but yeah, I do definitely for mental health and.

for just like the quality of the product that these people are getting, like bubbles are getting, tap it.

Shawn Grindle (25:56)
Yeah, that makes sense. Um, so let me, uh, before we wrap everything up,

you know, is there anything else you kind of want to mention anything else, any other pieces of advice, anything that like, you just want to, you know, kind of put out there.

Tatiana (26:02)

Yeah, I think end of the day, like trends are fun. And we all, whether it’s wedding or not, right? We all are like subject to following and liking and not liking and being exposed to like, what’s the trend for 2024? What’s the ins? Like, what’s the outs? And while that is fun, and some of it does ring true, I think lately what I have been telling couples and brides and grooms feeling very overwhelmed with the planning process is like, end of day, it’s not about the ins.

It’s not about the outs. Like it is about the two of you. The most important thing is you’re getting married. Like that’s it. Everything else is extra. Right. And so if something is on an outlist that you love, like screw the list. Like this is about the two of you. And it’s not about incorporating things that like an Instagram account says you should do. It’s personal. It’s, you know, what you want reflected. It’s what you want to remember. It’s something classic and timeless. Like do you? And so.

Shawn Grindle (26:46)

Tatiana (27:07)
Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to figure out what’s trendy and what’s not, and is this cool? Do what you wanna do, get a good planner that’ll help guide you through that process and let you know if something’s cringy, right? Or connect you with great vendors like yourself and just help you along with that. But yeah, really just at the end of the day, remember it’s not about necessarily having to please what’s cool and what’s not. Keeping it real.

Shawn Grindle (27:31)
Right. Yeah, the best compliment I got after my wedding was my buddy was just like, that wedding was very you guys. Like, yeah, it was. Yeah. I was like, yeah, it was. No, I was like, yeah, it was us. There was lots of music, there was animals, there was tons of beer, there was, I got iced. The whole thing was pretty crazy. So, yeah.

Tatiana (27:39)
Exactly. And that’s what you want to hear, right? Yeah. You don’t want to feel like a fraud at your wedding.


I love that.

Get out. Did you guys have like one of those beer donkeys?

Shawn Grindle (28:02)
We did, we had the beer burro. I never knew I wanted something so badly until I had that. But yeah, listen, Tatiana, thank you for doing this. Thank you for chatting with me. And we’ll link to all your social stuff, your social media, your stuff, so everybody will know how to find you. Should they be looking for a wedding planner anywhere in the world? I mean, you’ll go. So thank you. I hope you have a great rest of your day. And…

Tatiana (28:04)
No you didn’t.

You said animals and that’s where my brain went.

Thank you. Of course.

Cool, thank you.


Thanks, John.

Shawn Grindle (28:32)
We’ll talk soon, all right?

Tatiana (28:34)
Perfect. Bye. Thank you.

Shawn Grindle (28:35)
All right, bye.

This interview was made possible by Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

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