Dueling pianos is a great option for your private event.  From corporate events to birthday parties, clients seek out great dueling pianos entertainment for the interaction and uniqueness the show provides.  This is something Felix and Fingers delivers on every time…but what if you want more?  What if singing and dancing isn’t enough?

Dueling Pianos Game Show: Name That Tune

No, it’s not as cheesy as you think…

Felix and Fingers has the ability to host a 45-60 minute “Name that Tune” style game show, but with a dueling pianos twist.  Perfect for right after dinner, the show is designed to be an ice breaker for people sharing tables.

Each table will be it’s own “team” and will need to work together to figure out the correct names of the tunes presented.  Sound easy?  Think again!

You ever hear the lyrics “In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep”?  Maybe you know it’s Billy Joel?  But more importantly – can you name the title: “River of Dreams“?

In 3 rounds, our entertainers will challenge your guests with common misconceptions of their favorite tunes.  Watch as tables debate over the correct titles and artists, encouraging new relationships.

Each round has different challenges and trivia, with the final round culminating in a single winner.  This individual will be crowned as the “Name that Tune” champion of the evening, which can be accompanied by a grand prize.

For the duration of the show, people find themselves engaged and involved in the music competition.  And better yet, they will be perfectly prepared for the all request dueling pianos show that would immediately follow.

Right for Your Event?

“Name That Tune” can work for an audience of any size, though it gets difficult above the 250 guest mark (when tables start getting too far away from the show itself).  But no matter your event, there’s a great chance this show is a possibility for you!

We will provide all the pencils and forms required for scoring, you just need to provide the people!  Keep in mind however, this is a show that requires people to stay seated and attentive.  It may not be the best fit if dueling pianos is one-of-many entertainment options at your event.

“Name That Tune” is perfect for corporate parties, birthdays, anniversaries, casual weddings, and fundraisers.  Chances are if you’re serving dinner at your event, this is a great post-dinner game.

How To Book

Simple, just let us know!  We will add this option to your event at absolutely no charge.

The Felix and Fingers philosophy is to always assemble the right entertainment package for each client on a case by case basis.  Your quote and contract cover you for the entirety of the event, it’s our job to help you figure out the best entertainment itinerary and deliver on that promise.  It’s what we do best and the reason Felix and Fingers is the highest reviewed dueling pianos company in the country!