It’s widely known that Felix and Fingers is the highest rated dueling piano company out there, but did you know that you can have them beam their interactive shows into your and your employees’ homes? It’s true! We’ve been doing more and more virtual shows in 2020, including a recent virtual holiday bash we just wrapped up recently. Click here to learn more about our virtual shows specifically.

Virtual Holiday Bash IngridVirtual Holiday Bash

This virtual show was for a large, private company operating primarily in Northern California and Hawaii and we were able to play miles away from the safety of our studio. The future is now! We encouraged audience members to turn on their own cameras so we could interact with them. They had a strong incentive to do so too. The owners sponsored festive background and holiday sweater contests. We won’t name any names, but while they said “holiday” sweater, it was pretty clear most interpreted it as an “ugly” sweater contest. The digital background contest was ingenious too–even though we saw a disturbing amount of people in fireplaces.

All We Want For Christmas Is You!Virtual Holiday Bash Logo

Another benefit of seeing most of the audience was that we could ask them questions and they could respond with a thumb up or thumb down. We quickly learned it was also a good method for some good-natured ribbing of their co-workers, especially as we got into the wonderfully cheesy Christmas song requests. Aside from the cheese, we also played a lot of the modern holiday classics. Like It’s Christmas by the Jonas Brothers, Candy Cane Lane by Sia, and, of course, All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. It wasn’t all holiday music though. There were plenty of dance songs and country songs. We saved the best for the finale. We asked everyone to turn on their computers’ microphones to join us in a sing along of Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Our hearts each grew at least three sizes listening to the digital chorus of so many people.

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All an all, this virtual holiday bash was a huge success! If your company is looking for some safe and interactive entertainment, leave it to Felix and Fingers! Email us at or click here for more information on our shows. We look forward to hearing from you soon!