You heard it here first. This Taylormade Virtual Event was, well, virtual. Felix and Fingers, just like many companies in today’s climate, is having to adapt to current restrictions and necessities. And guess what? This show totally rocked!

Taylormade Virtual Event

Taylormade Virtual EventWe’ve been testing the technology for months and we were ready. But anytime you try something new, there’s that uneasy feeling that it won’t go well. But not to worry! Our first ever virtual event was a huge success. Felix and Fingers top performers Ingrid and Tod kept this group going with all sorts of fun music, banter, and giveaways. This virtual raffle was a ton of fun and really added some interactive suspense to the show. We also enjoyed our own gifts of swag from the company, Taylormade, and felt that this part of the gig was perfectly “tailor made!”

Teleprompter Glitches and Fun Requests

Felix and Fingers performer Nate kept Ingrid and Tod informed with a teleprompter giving them notes, requests, and instructions. These real time requests and feedback kept them on their toes. It also allowed them to have great interaction with Taylormade Virtual Event swagthe guests which truly made this show a huge success. One lesson learned, however, is not to try and read the teleprompter while singing a song. Once we figured that out, the rest of the night went very smoothly indeed.

We were delighted to see that the level of interaction was super high on the chat function and on our polls. So these guests weren’t just passively watching us on the screen. Oh no! We had them totally involved. We loved some of the awesome requests too. Songs like Prince’s Little Red Corvette and Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off were super fun. All in all, our first ever virtual Felix and Fingers Dueling Piano show was a huge success. And definitely one for the record books too!

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As you can see from this Taylormade Virtual Event, Felix and Fingers is ready to do what it takes to bring you entertainment no matter the restraints. We love corporate events of any kind. So if you’re in charge of planning your company’s next celebration, be sure to give us a call. Please click here for more information and we’ll be waiting to hear from you.