The Philadelphia Bar Association Virtual Event is yet another example of how we’ve adjusted to our current times. Many organizations are finding it difficult to provide entertaining and rewarding experiences for their members. Felix and Fingers has been hard at work helping with this and our virtual gigs are the new way to go.

Philadelphia Bar Association Virtual Event

Philadelphia Bar Association Virtual EventThe big question is how will people respond to a virtual celebration and show. It was certainly on our minds as we began to re-invent ourselves in order to provide the entertainment our clients so clearly desire. Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos is happy to report that our virtual shows are a huge success! We’re putting smiles on people’s faces and causing living rooms all over to transform into happening dance floors. It’s a new kind of fun! And certainly one we’re happy about being a part of. Not only are we a part of this new type of entertainment, your F&F crew is on the cutting edge. A huge thank you goes out to the Philadelphia Bar Association for providing this very fun and interactive way to celebrate together.

Zoom is the New Way to Party

Philadelphia Bar Association Virtual EventThe Philadelphia Bar Association Virtual Event participants joined us through Zoom. That made it super fun for our performers, Tod and Ingrid. This group of attorneys was one impressive and well-spoken group. We loved them! The night began with our rocking back-to-back piano man showcase of Billy Joel and Elton John tunes. This certainly kicked things off! And participation was never in question as our audience couldn’t help but sing and dance along in their living rooms. Tod and Ingrid saw it all! The smiling faces brought on our own smiles and we couldn’t help feel the enormous energy. Not only did we see people, but we were treated to a lovely show and tell of everyone’s pets. Oh yes, once we caught a glimpse of a pet rabbit, we encouraged everyone to show us their own pets. What ensued was a super fun dance along with dogs, cats, and of course, the rabbit.

We’re particularly proud of the interaction we are able to establish between our performers and the audience. With chat functions, polls, virtual requests, and more, Felix and Fingers can assure you that our virtual shows provide way more than just sitting back and watching us. This group had great requests! Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom was the main hit of the night. Songs from the Broadway musical Hamilton were also huge and we played three of them. Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off made an appearance as did Earth Wind and Fire’s Shining Star. What a fun night!

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With times as trying as they currently are, having fun is more important than ever. Click here to find out more about us and how we can show your group the best possible time, virtual or in person. Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos is committed to bringing entertainment that will have you and yours dancing and singing the night away.