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In a recent interview with Andrew Dethloff, Brett Welch, a key player at Hidden Creek, unfolded her unexpected journey into the wedding and events industry. Hidden Creek, a picturesque family-owned event venue located east of Dallas, is well-known for hosting a variety of events, masterfully bringing together and supporting communities.

Brett, who holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, initially sought a career in teaching. However, her own wedding day ignited a passion for event planning, and she confessed she admired the difference her wedding coordinator made to her special day. Brett recalled a humorous incident where her coordinator saved her wedding gown from getting soaked after a minor restroom flood just before the ceremony, sparking her interest in becoming a part of the industry.

Leaving her teaching job, she embarked on her new career at Hidden Creek. This was seven years ago when the Hidden Creek was in its infancy. Brett and Isaac, the owner of Hidden Creek, proved to be the perfect match, helping the venue grow and prosper in the industry over the years. Brett fondly refers to Hidden Creek as her ‘first baby’, having nurtured and watched it grow from its early stages.

Brett concludes by emphasizing the family-oriented culture imbued at Hidden Creek. She cherishes the harmony of her professional and personal life, expressing joy in the opportunity to bring her son to the venue, thus allowing her to enjoy the canvas of her hard work and the epicenter of her career growth. Undoubtedly, Hidden Creek holds a special place in her heart, and her journey perfectly encapsulates the venue’s commitment to creating memorable experiences.

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Podcast Transcript

Andrew (00:24)
Hey, hey everybody. We’re just sitting here with Brett Welch of Hidden Creek. Happy to have you, Brett. Yeah, absolutely. So Hidden Creek is a beautiful family -owned event venue in the Dallas area just east of Dallas. Glad you’re here, all about supporting each other, coming together and all that good stuff. So let’s jump right into it. So you really fell in love with weddings and events after watching your own planner at your wedding. So tell us how you got started.

Brett Welch (00:29)
Thank you so much for having me.

Yeah, so it’s really funny. I actually have a master’s in curriculum and instruction. I always wanted to be a teacher. And so I went that whole route, started teaching and I loved it. I just wasn’t in love with it. And then I got married and I had my, I planned my own wedding and everything, but I had a day of wedding.

Andrew (00:51)
I actually have a master’s in curriculum and instruction. I always wanted to be a teacher. And so I went that whole route, started teaching, and I loved it. I just wasn’t in love.

I had my wedding and everything but I had a day of wedding coordinator. And just watching the way that she handled things that happened, I really respected her and after the wedding I just was like, man, she made my day go from here to here and I wanted to feed that for somebody else.

Brett Welch (01:14)
And just watching the way that she handled things that happened, I really respected her. And after the wedding, I just was like, man, she made my day go from here to here. And I wanted to be that for somebody else. Like she was literally the hero of my wedding. So little funny story. We had kids at our wedding, which now I don’t always recommend because of this.

Andrew (01:39)
Ha ha ha.

Brett Welch (01:41)
a little girl actually clogged one of the sinks in the bathroom and overflowed the sink into the hallway. And so where the bridal suite was, I had to walk down this hallway to get to the chapel, to get married. And so my dress was gonna get soaked from walking through this hallway of water. And my coordinator literally was on her hands and knees mopping up water so that way I did not have to get my dress wet. And I just…

Andrew (01:46)


Brett Welch (02:09)
was in all of her. And so after the wedding, I was like, man, you know, I really either want to be a wedding planner or I want to work at a venue, but I know I want to be in weddings. And then Hidden Creek was brand new at the time. And Isaac, the owner, had put out a Facebook ad and I met with him the next day and we just kind of connected and we both were what each other was needing at that time for the business. And ever since then, we’ve just grown together and

Everything worked out perfect.

Andrew (02:41)
Nice. So how long ago was that? How long have you been there?

Brett Welch (02:44)
That was seven years ago. So yeah, Hidden Creek is about seven and a half years old.

Andrew (02:46)
Wow. So you really.

So you really found your, it was serendipity there. You just kind of found a.

Brett Welch (02:54)
It was the venue was just, you know, getting started up and growing. They were looking for somebody to come in and just kind of help it grow. And, you know, it’s kind of become my baby is what I say. It was my first baby. I have an 11 month old baby now, but I always say this was my first baby because I kind of helped it grow, you know, watched it take its first steps. And then me and the owner together have really just watched it grow, which has been amazing.

Andrew (03:07)
Mm -hmm.

Ha ha.

Brett Welch (03:22)
He has kids and a family and now I have a little baby boy. So it’s fun to work for somebody that’s so family oriented and in a business where I can bring my son up here if I need to. And it’s just really fun.

Andrew (03:36)
Yeah, absolutely. That’s a big part of this industry, especially as a, as a, as a planner or somebody working with brides, you it’s about the people connections, you know, you get so close to the people, and that’s what’s really cool about the industry too. And the kind of why we’re doing this whole, campaign is, you know, kind of bringing that community to get communities to community. Sorry, I can’t speak, together and, you know, helping to support each other because it’s, it’s real people that are doing these things. You know, it’s not just kind of a brand name or a.

Brett Welch (03:44)

Be home.


It is, it really is. I had a client meeting last night and the couple had a two -year -old daughter. And so they brought their daughter up to the venue and I had my son at the venue. And so they kind of played together while we had our meeting. And it was just fun because I’ve made this bond with the couple. And so to get to bring our kids together, it was really fun.

Andrew (04:07)


Absolutely. Cool. I love that. That’s a, that’s a heartwarming sort of a journey that got you there. okay. So you listed your, the venue type as enchanted forest, which is just about as mystical as it can get. So tell us about the venue. Tell us all about Hidden Creek.

Brett Welch (04:29)
I’m sorry.


So we kind of look like a barn at first look, you’re going to see the brown, the warm tones. So we do look like a barn, but when you look outside, there are so many trees. So fun fact, we didn’t plant the trees, they were already there when the owners got the property. And there was already this little natural path leading to like an opening. And so we have now the little concrete path, we have turf out there so the girls don’t get their dresses dirty or…

sink their heels into mud, which is nice. And then all the trees around the ceremony site are wrapped in twinkle lights. So it just gives a really warm like glow, enchanted forest, fairytale vibe. Everybody always compares us to Twilight. They say we look like the Twilight wedding scene with all the trees and kind of that forest vibe. So that’s definitely what we are.

Andrew (05:25)
Ha ha.

Nice. So what’s your favorite feature? What’s your favorite spot or area or feature that Hidden Creek has?

Brett Welch (05:38)
there’s so many. Probably the grand staircase. I love that we have a secret back staircase so the couple can sneak up after the ceremony and then do their grand entrance into the ballroom. And it’s really fun to watch everybody be like, whoa, how’d get up there? So, that grand entrance down the staircase is fun. And then obviously the twinkle lights, you can’t beat those.

Andrew (05:56)

Sure. Okay, cool. So you guys are more than just a venue. What other services do you guys offer? You’re kind of a total one -stop shop package.

Brett Welch (06:09)
We really are. So we have so many different packages because we know that every bride is different and not everybody’s going to want the same things out of their venue. So we’re really very customizable in our packages. We have different hour packages. We have different inclusions. So we like to kind of meet with the couple and talk about what they need from us and then kind of build out a package based on them individually. So we’re a little bit different in that way.

And then we do offer all inclusive packages. So if a couple comes to us and is like, Hey, I don’t even know where to start. I don’t want to have to contact 20 million vendors and ask them questions and vet vendors and find out if they’re legit. They can come to us and we will hire everyone for them all the way from DJ, florist, photographer. We’ve got them covered that way. If they don’t want to have to do all of that work by themselves, we are here to take that off of them. And then we offer coordination services as well.

So myself and some of our other girls here, we do offer planning and coordination for them. And we just have fun little bonus things that we offer. So we offer like some rentals and draping and different little add -ons like that that are always really fun.

Andrew (07:18)
Gotcha. So somebody can basically just come to you and say, wedding, please. You’ve kind of got everything covered from, from top to bottom.

Brett Welch (07:23)

Yes, so they can come to us and say, I don’t want you to give me anything. Just give me the blank venue and they can build it from there or they can come to us and say, I need everything. And I’ll be like, here you go.

Andrew (07:37)
Yeah, that’s a powerful thing. That’s part of the community too. I mean, so many people we work with that often will come to us just for entertainment and we like to sort of do the same thing, offer as many vendors and people that we work with as we can because it’s so powerful. People, they don’t even know where to start. It’s such a huge undertaking, you know.

Brett Welch (07:52)
Yes. Yes. And I mean, and I feel for them because I remember planning my own wedding. I didn’t have a full -scale planer. I did it myself. And I remember spending probably a good 10, 15 hours a week just contacting vendors and saying, what’s your pricing? Are you even available on the state? Do you travel to this venue? And like spending all of that time planning the wedding. So if I can save these couples 10 hours a week that they can go do something more fun.

Andrew (07:58)

Mm -hmm.


Brett Welch (08:20)
I’m happy to save them the time and the energy.

Andrew (08:23)
Absolutely. Absolutely. Okay, cool. So let’s talk about the industry a little bit. So what are some current trends that you’re seeing in the wedding event industry, like in your area, maybe up and coming now versus a year ago? How have your events events kind of been going?

Brett Welch (08:34)
Yeah. So it’s funny, I’m actually seeing people moving away from a lot of traditions. We’re having so many people not do bouquets and garter tosses anymore. They’re cutting those out, which I personally am here for that. I was never a huge fan of the garter toss personally. So I love that we’re kind of moving away from that. I think people are starting to realize that it’s their wedding and they can do what they want and they don’t have to follow tradition.

Andrew (08:54)
Mm -hmm.

Brett Welch (09:03)
I feel like we always listen to our moms and we’re like, tradition, tradition, tradition. And now we’re like, okay, but I don’t want to. So moving away from that, I’m seeing a lot of our couples move away from wedding parties. They’re not doing bridesmaids and groomsmen. And if they are having bridesmaids and groomsmen, I’m seeing them actually sit down usually in like the first or second row and not actually standing up at the ceremony site anymore, which I think is really cool so that we get those ceremony pictures.

of just the couple getting married. So I’m kind of loving the direction things are going.

Andrew (09:38)
Yeah, that’s actually a common thing we’ve been hearing a lot is stepping away from sort of traditional structures. We play a lot of non -traditional weddings because dueling pianos as entertainment at your wedding is sort of a non -traditional thing already. So yeah, that’s a trend that we see as well, but that’s what we’ve kind of been hearing, which I think is kind of a marker of maybe the generational turnover in a way as well. I think it’s the people…

Brett Welch (09:44)


Andrew (10:04)
generally the age getting married, you know, it’s a, the new generation’s kind of turning over. So, yeah, I totally agree with you on that one. Okay, so.

Brett Welch (10:09)
Exactly. Yeah, it’d be so fun if you had a bride and a groom that both played piano and they could come like, you know, do a little duel with you or something or do a duel with each other. It’d be so fun.

Andrew (10:19)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it would be fun. We definitely had, not too long ago I had the groom surprise the bride with a song he had learned to sing and we knew about it and we played it. But we were kind of playing and all of a sudden he takes the microphone to bride cycle. What’s happening here? And apparently it wasn’t really musical. He doesn’t really sing or anything like that. He just kind of learned. He did a great job too. It was a beautiful moment for sure.

Brett Welch (10:36)
That’s too.

That’s a good surprise. Good for him. I love him.

Andrew (10:45)
Yeah, for sure. I can never keep that. I wouldn’t be able to keep that surprise like taking lessons for months. Who knows? But okay, so in that same vein, what’s the most unique and fun idea you’ve seen at a recent wedding or event?

Brett Welch (10:49)
No. No.

good question. I would say I love when people do like personalized touches in any way, but we had a bride that her and her dad started the father daughter dance and they danced for maybe like 20 seconds or so. They weren’t big dancers. That wasn’t really something that they wanted to do that was important to them. So they started off in a dance just to let everybody get that little investment moment. And then she was a softball player.

and her dad was her coach. And so they separated on the dance floor and she went and picked up her ball and her glove and she pitched like a softball pitch to him across the venue. So that was like their little special moment. And I just know that they are gonna remember that literally forever. And they got it on video, had a videographer, thank goodness. So they have it on video forever. She can show her kids one day. And just thought that was so sweet because it wasn’t like.

the traditional father daughter dance that you feel like you have to do. They made it so personal and unique. And that was something everybody in the room cried just because it was so magical to watch her throw the ball to her dad on her wedding day, something they’ve done their whole lives together, which was so sweet.

Andrew (12:11)
Yeah. Yeah. That’s a powerful thing. That’s that’s I have two daughters, so it’s the father daughter moments to get me like every time, every time. Now it doesn’t matter how many times every single time. okay, cool. So, tell us about what, what makes your venue, unique, what makes your location ideal for your clients, what makes it kind of special.

Brett Welch (12:15)
it hits home, it does. Yep, it does.

Yeah, so I would say we’re unique because we are family owned. So we’re a little bit different in the way that like I mentioned earlier, I bring my son with me sometimes, people can bring their kids with them. We’re more understanding, I feel like, and we’re more personal, because we are a family owned business. So we understand like when hard times hit, if client needs to push a payment back, or, you know, something comes up and they need to reschedule a meeting, like,

We’re not as structured, I feel like, as more of the corporate venues. We’re a little bit more flexible and easygoing. And we like to make those more one -on -one connections with our clients. I love to kind of become their friend, honestly, so that way on the wedding day, I’m cheering for them and I’m cheering up and I remember them forever. So we’re a little different in that way. And then our location is really unique because we are secluded. We’re the only thing on the street.

Andrew (13:09)
Mm -hmm. Yeah.

Brett Welch (13:22)
We are on five acres. So you have a lot of property with trees and it’s really pretty. So you feel very secluded. But we are only eight minutes away from like five different hotels. We are 10 minutes away from what’s called the harbor here in Rockwall. So it’s basically a boardwalk and it faces the lake and there’s restaurants, there’s a movie theater, there’s hotels, there’s patio bars.

Andrew (13:35)

Brett Welch (13:47)
And that’s just 10 minutes away and Uber comes out here. So it’s super convenient to have all of those locations to be able to go to. I always tell our couples if they have family traveling from out of town to stay at the harbor because it is like a little staycation. It’s so funny. You have so many things to do there and just hang out the day before with your wedding party, go to one of the local bars, hang out on the patio. It’s always really fun.

Andrew (13:50)

Mm -hmm.

Nice, so it’s kind of best of both worlds. You have this occlusion in the country, enchanted forest, and then the city’s not too far away. Beautiful.

Brett Welch (14:17)
Yes. Exactly. So that way if you forget something too and you’re like, my gosh, I don’t have the cake cutting set. Okay, probably 10 minutes up the road. You are good.

Andrew (14:27)
just in the middle of the woods hours away from civilization. Gotcha. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so what about some things that couples should never do? Like some cringe-worthy things that you hate seeing at your events. What are some horror stories that you’ve got?

Brett Welch (14:33)
Yes, and having Uber is a lifesaver for those late nights when people had a little too much to drink.

you know, it’s so funny because I love to see unique details, but then sometimes people can go a little too far with that. we had a groom one time who our venue is actually really tall in the ballroom. Like the ceilings are super, super tall and they have beams going across. And this groom asked if he could tie a rope to the ceiling beam. And he wanted to swing in from the top of the staircase, like Tarzan.

into the ballroom and I had to explain that when you start on a second floor holding a rope and you swing over a first floor that’s going to be a really far drop. So that was a little cringy. I was like, I get that you’re trying to be unique. I think that’s a little too unique.

Andrew (15:28)

So did it happen or did you manage to shut it down?

Brett Welch (15:41)
I talked him down from that one. I was like, let’s, you know, go down the stairs on our feet, not with a robe.

Andrew (15:43)

Yeah, not to mention, you know, if there might may or may not have been a few drinks involved, I could see that just really changing the tone of the entire day.

Brett Welch (15:54)
going very bad.

Yeah, we don’t need a cracked head and enter up to the emergency room before the wedding.

Andrew (16:00)
Exactly. Beautiful. So somebody that didn’t really plan on doing that, you know, being in the event and wedding industry, but switch to it. Is there any advice you could offer for someone that’s just starting on their sort of journey or thinking about or dabbling, you know, thinking about stepping into it?

Brett Welch (16:16)
Yeah, I would say to find somebody that is willing to take you under their wing and kind of show you the ropes. I definitely think that the industry is fun. It’s a lot of work. I know everybody thinks that it’s so glamorous because they’re like, it must be so fun to watch weddings all the time. And I bet your job is so much fun. And it is fun. But people don’t see the back end work of things. They don’t see me ordering.

Andrew (16:35)
Mm -hmm.


Brett Welch (16:42)
like all the toilet paper that I have to order and the paper towels, they don’t see us having to wax the ballroom every single week. Like there’s a lot of work that goes in that the couples don’t see and I’m glad they don’t see, but if you’re trying to work in the industry, you’re gonna have to get like your hands dirty. It’s not as glamorous as people make it out to be. So definitely find somebody to take you under their wing, maybe do an internship or start out part -time to make sure that you really love it.

Andrew (17:01)
Mm -hmm.

Brett Welch (17:11)
before you jump in full force ahead.

Andrew (17:14)
Sure. Yeah, it’s not all just dancing in the twinkly lights of the enchanted forest. There’s, there’s more to it than that. Right. Right. Absolutely. okay. So let’s get into some of the logistical sort of details of Hidden Creek. So anybody that might be interested in checking it out or, or when it kind of know how it works, can have an insight into everything. so how’s your current availability? How far in advance do you guys book? what kind of flexibility do you have with guest count, things like that.

Brett Welch (17:20)
Yes, we want our couples to go do that, but we don’t necessarily do that. Yep.

Yeah, so we can do up to 300 people. We tend to see most of our weddings more in like the 150, 175 range, but we can definitely go up to 300. For availability, I see us booking. Our Saturdays usually book up about a year and a half in advance. We’ll take bookings anywhere up to two years in advance. So the earlier the better is what I always say. If you’re flexible to a weekday or a Friday or Sunday,

Andrew (18:06)

Brett Welch (18:10)
You can always get in a little bit last minute and save some money too. So for example, we do booking specials right now for the rest of 2024. We’re offering 15 % off just to try and fill the rest of the dates. All of our Saturdays are gone, but if you’re flexible to like a Friday or Sunday or even a Thursday, you can definitely get some good savings by waiting a little bit last minute.

Andrew (18:29)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, that’s kind of true across all, even for us as well, you know, pretty much any, any vendors or anybody in the industry, if you’re willing to do a good Sunday wedding, you can save a lot of money.

Brett Welch (18:42)
I did a Sunday wedding and I saved a lot of money.

Andrew (18:45)
Yeah, absolutely. okay. So give us an average sort of, you gave us an event size, but what about an sort of average cost at Hidden Creek? If you had to give a range and is, is, is there mandatory gratuity or how does that work for you guys?

Brett Welch (18:57)
Yeah, so there’s not mutatory gratuity. We do have in -house catering, so we make it a little bit easier for our clients. They get to pick their package with the venue, and then they get to pick their package with our catering. We do catering tasting, so I always tell our couples, come out, try the food, taste it before you select your catering package. We do allow outside catering to be brought in as well for a fee. And then we have bartending companies that we recommend and all of those good things.

I would say our average spend on an entire wedding, so floral, DJ, photographer, I would say our average wedding that we usually see is about 35 to 45 ,000. You can definitely get in on the lower end. If you, again, do a Sunday wedding, it’s definitely gonna save you quite a bit. And we’ve seen weddings go all the way up to 100 ,000 that were super elaborate, beautiful weddings. But I would say the average is more in that 35, 40 range.

Andrew (19:54)
Gotcha. What about deposits, cancellations, how do those work?

Brett Welch (19:57)
Yeah, great question. So our deposit is actually a lot smaller than most venues. Most venues are going to require a 50 % deposit. We only require a 25 % deposit to hold a date. And then we do have flexible payment plans. There’s no interest or anything like that. And they’re always flexible. So I always tell people to if you want to pay a little more, pay a little bit less. We try to really make sure our clients are comfortable with their payments. Again, being that family owned company, I think we can.

be a little bit easier on little rules like that and make more accommodations for people.

Andrew (20:31)
Gotcha. Yeah. So you’re in the business of people as opposed to just, you know, turning over wedding after wedding after wedding, which I love. okay. So I know you’re an enchanted forest, but, do you have a backup plan for, for indoor ceremonies in case the outdoor situation is, is, you know, if it’s a cloudy rainy day or something like that.

Brett Welch (20:37)

Yeah, so it’s so funny you asked that because when people come on a tour and they ask me that question, I love to joke with them and I go, we cancel your wedding. And I just wait for a second and they always look at me like, my gosh, is she serious? And I’m like, No, no, no, I’m kidding. But it’s just always so funny to see people’s faces when I’m like, we cancel your wedding. But no, of course we have a backup plan. So like I said earlier, it’s turf outside. So if it quits raining, because we know Texas, we love to have those little

Andrew (21:11)
Ha ha.

Brett Welch (21:20)
storms and then it’ll blow over and we’re good the rest of the day. So if it blows over we go out there with leaf blowers, turf you know becomes dry, water rolls right off, so you are good to go. We actually don’t have to make a decision until 30 minutes before the ceremony if you want to do it inside or outside. So because you know Texas it’s probably going to blow over. But if we need to flip it and move it inside we have staff that handles that for you.

Andrew (21:21)

Brett Welch (21:44)
We put the chairs into rows. We have a beautiful wooden arch that we’ll do. You can do draping and floral on it. So you definitely have that indoor backup option.

Andrew (21:54)
Got you. Very nice. Okay, so how about some timing and setup questions? So how early can vendors access the venue for setup on a wedding day? Like if we were playing a wedding there for you, how early can we or other vendors show up?

Brett Welch (22:05)
Absolutely. So the venue comes standard with a 12 hour rental. So the clients get to actually pick their 12 hours. We’re a little bit different in that way too. We don’t tell them what their 12 hour timeframe has to be. They can choose if they want to do, let’s just say 10 AM to 10 PM, or do they want to do 12 to 12, or they get to pick what hour window works best for them based on when they want to have that ceremony. And then they get to pick a

how much time they have for setup, how much time they want a lot for ceremony, for reception. And then we just ask for at least an hour for vendors to break down everything, you know, breaking all that equipment down does take a little bit of time. So we just ask that they give at least an hour for those vendors to kind of break down everything. And then we can always add on hours if we needed to as well. So again, like those huge elaborate weddings that have a lot of floral install, like if they’re making an install on the ceiling.

Andrew (22:45)
Sure. yeah.

Brett Welch (23:02)
they might need a little bit more time. So we can always customize that as well. But it does come standard with our 12 hours.

Andrew (23:08)
Gotcha. Cool. So are you, I know you’re family owned and kind of have a close community. So are you involved in every wedding? Are you the event coordinator or manager onsite for every wedding? Are you the main point of contact? How involved are you? Or is there a team that kind of works under or with you?

Brett Welch (23:22)
Yeah, so I’m the venue manager here and then we have Sydney who is usually the one answering the emails and the phone calls during the day and then me or her are both here on the weddings and then we have some other part -time girls that will fill in as closers at the end of the events but either me or Sydney is here to really get the event started and going we go through the ceremony we make sure that everything is running very smoothly and then we have like an event closer that just comes in for like

party part to kind of lock up and everything. But we have somebody here the whole wedding. So if you ever have like, it’s too cold or too hot, or we want the lights dimmed even darker, we include uplining at the venue. So our girls will change the uplining color. You have somebody here, we check the restrooms, make sure that toilet paper is stocked and clean up a little bit. And then we have that in -house catering. So you’ve got a lot of staff here during the wedding to make sure everything runs really smoothly.

Andrew (24:07)


Gotcha. It sounds very personal. You know, the people they talk to are the people that work with, which I love. That’s, that’s how we try to do it as well. okay. Awesome. Well on social media, you can find Brett and all of Hidden Creek info. Instagram is at Hidden Creek Events, Facebook Hidden Creek Events. tick -tock is the girls from Hidden Creek, which sounds like a, a sitcom or a soap opera or something like that. I love that.

Brett Welch (24:28)

Right? We need our own show. I keep telling people.

Andrew (24:44)
Exactly. so if you mentioned you heard, heard about Hidden Creek on the podcast, they’re Brett and Hidden Creek are offering a $500 credit towards your, your services with them. anything you want to add for at the end, Brett, we’re thanks for having us, We’re grateful that you were able to do this with us. and like we said, all your info will be listed with the episode, but any, any sign-offs, any last words you’d like to add.

Brett Welch (25:06)
Just thank you so much for having me. I’m so glad that you’re doing this podcast and giving couples a resource to find reputable vendors. I think it’s really hard for couples nowadays to tell which vendors are legit versus going online and finding someone that’s not gonna show up on your wedding and just take your money. So thank you for giving the couples this resource to really find vendors that are legit and gonna take care of them.

Andrew (25:24)

Yeah, it’s powerful to just see that vendors that are real people, they’re just people and they’re not some mysterious sort of force. So absolutely. Well, we’d love to have you. Thank you so much. Go check out Hidden Creek for sure. And I hope that we can work together someday.

Brett Welch (25:39)

Me too. Thank you so much for having me.

Andrew (25:48)
Yeah, absolutely.

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