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In a recent interview with Alyssa Jones from Felix and Fingers, Sydney Wilton, the visionary behind “My Event Buddee,” shared valuable insights on current trends and services in the event industry. Sydney, known for her impressive eye for detail and profound brand vision, emphasized the importance of personalized events over strictly following trends.

Sydney touched upon the popularity of thematic elements like bows, black and white color schemes, extensive use of candles, and investment in floral arrangements. Interestingly, she also showcased a rising trend, particularly for weddings – hiring a month-of day coordinator.

As per Sydney, a month-of coordinator is vital for effective event management. Contrary to appearing on the event day itself, a coordinator gets in-depth with the event a month prior, understanding all logistics and details integral for a smooth function. With an emphasis on complete execution of the client’s vision, the coordinator ensures every detail is looked after, including décor, ceremony procession, reception details, and eventual tear down. This effectively frees guests and family from any responsibilities besides enjoying the day to its fullest.

Sydney Wilton’s “My Event Buddee” not only embodies these elements but offers to be a reliable buddy through any event planning process. With her astute observations and expert knowledge, Sydney indeed brings a fresh and personalized approach to the world of event management.

This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.

Podcast Transcript

Alyssa (00:24)
Hey everyone, this is Alyssa from Felix and Fingers, and I’m here today with Sydney from My Event Buddee. Welcome, Sydney.

Sydney Wilton (00:32)
Thanks so much for having me.

Alyssa (00:34)
Thank you, I’m super excited that you are here. Sydney’s work is amazing. You should definitely go check out her website, go look at everything. I love looking through all the pictures and you just have such great branding and great vision, I think, for whenever I look through your stuff. I love being able to go through and doing that. Thank you, so we’re gonna take that amazing vision and I’m just gonna ask you some questions.

Sydney Wilton (00:51)
See you.

Thank you so much.

Alyssa (01:00)
pick it apart and try to get some helpful information for everybody listening today. So my first question for you is what current, what current, I can’t talk today. Ha ha, what current trends are you seeing from the wedding and event industry right now?

Sydney Wilton (01:04)
Sounds perfect.

Thanks for watching!

Oh, there’s so many and it’s hard because my focus on weddings is like, I want it to be about you as a couple. It is your day. Yes, there are trends going on, but it’s again, it’s your day. You don’t need to adhere to the trends. Bows are coming back. Bows are very much a trend these days.

Also too, depending on kind of the season, the black and white is very trendy right now, very classic editorial look. A lot of people are wanting that kind of style for photography. And again, it’s phases, it’s trends, and that’s how it works in the industry, and that’s how it works in life, just like with fashion, just like with anything. So I would say those are pretty trendy right now.

lots of candles. That’s I mean, that’s always been a pretty prominent thing at weddings. Spending more on florals is definitely becoming more of a trend. So not necessarily everyone’s on board for that because flowers get expensive. However, they really do make a wedding and it’s just absolutely beautiful. Hiring a month of day of coordinator is definitely trending.

Alyssa (02:24)

Sydney Wilton (02:34)
That is what I do. So I also do full planning, but being able to have someone there, your advocate, the day of is just so essential and making sure everything flows smoothly. So if you don’t know what a month of coordinator is, let me know because I can definitely explain

Alyssa (02:53)
I love that. Well, can you explain it just for anyone who doesn’t know? Yeah.

Sydney Wilton (02:56)
Yeah, yeah. So now, nowadays, we call it month of coordinator back in the day is like day of coordinator. I say month of also just because I can’t show up the day of your wedding and know all the logistics know all the details. I know I only could like read your brain, right? So yes, exactly. So month of coordination is basically where I sit down with you about a month and a half before your wedding date.

Alyssa (03:11)
You’d be pretty awesome if you could do that. Be like, I just knew. Yeah, I just have this really great intuition.

Sydney Wilton (03:26)
We flush out all the details, all the necessary information that I need to know to make sure your day is executed perfectly, all the way down from decor to the ceremony processional, reception details, tear down at the end of the night, every nook and cranny. If there is a hiccup in there somewhere, the bride and groom or groom and groom or bride and bride do not know anything that’s going on because I take care of it behind the scenes.

That’s the crazy person if you’ve been to a wedding, seen running around like a lunatic, that would be me. They’re the ones behind the scenes just making sure everything runs smoothly and that your vision and your dream is executed perfectly and you don’t have to put your family on it or have your guests clean up at the end of the night. And yeah, so long story short, it’s just I’m your buddy through your wedding day.

or your event day, whatever it is, and just making sure everything that’s been planned ahead of time is executed to fruition, exactly how you would want it.

Alyssa (04:30)
I love that. I think that’s so important too of just like keeping the stress low day of and having somebody that you know is going to be in your corner because if we know anything from life, like it’s never going to go exactly the way that you want it to go. And so I think really having somebody, like you said, having somebody in your corner, having a buddy is so important to having being able to focus on the things that really matter that day and give somebody else all the things.

Sydney Wilton (04:39)


Alyssa (04:59)
that shouldn’t have to matter to you in the most.

Sydney Wilton (05:01)
Absolutely. That’s exactly what it is. I mean, having it so you are an actual guest at your own event, you don’t have to be like, Oh crap, did the florist get here? Oh crap. Is my decor set up? Like those things you shouldn’t have to worry about on your wedding day or the day of you know, a big family reunion or stuff like that.

Alyssa (05:20)
Yeah. Okay. So my next question is, might be a hard one, but what is something that you think that couples should never do? Like what’s something that you don’t like that you’ve seen happen before?

Sydney Wilton (05:31)
I was actually, I just talked about this on my social media. To my couples that have done this in the past, I love you, it’s nothing against you. Okay, so I have to just full on say that right away. Little disclaimer, I love you all, but from personal experience and from just what I’ve seen.

Alyssa (05:43)
Give you a full disclaimer.

Sydney Wilton (05:53)
Having candles lying down the center aisle, especially if the aisle is pretty tight, if you’re in kind of a more smaller, intimate venue space, is a big no-no in my opinion, just because your guests, as they’re walking, they’re not looking at the floor. They’re trying to find their seat. They’re gonna be knocking those candles over. We’re scraping candle wax, trying to make sure the bride doesn’t get, or the groom, or…

bride and bride or groom and groom, whoever it is that is getting married doesn’t have to see it because that happens and things get knocked over. There have been situations where dresses have caught on fire and yes, I’m not kidding. Yes, it has happened. So yeah, so yes, so I just am like, no, I don’t think we should do that. That is one thing. Yes, it’s beautiful for photos and stuff.

Alyssa (06:35)
This has happened that you’ve seen? Oh my gosh. That’s like my worst nightmare.

Sydney Wilton (06:50)
if there’s a way that your guests can enter into their seats without going down the center aisle, then I would say that is a possibility, as long as you know your wedding party and you are fully aware that there are fire hazards in your walking distance. So.

Alyssa (07:12)
I would be the person that would like catch on fire from the fire hazard.

Sydney Wilton (07:15)
Right, right. So that is one thing that I just I’ve been kind of steering clear for weddings specifically Also, I would say this isn’t maybe a not do this is like a do-do like you need to do is After you get married take like and after you sign the marriage license all those things Take five to ten minutes. Just the two of you and soak it in but like

Soak in the fact that you just got married and this is your day and everyone here is celebrating you and most cases never like all of your guests have probably never all been in the same place at once and soak that in and a lot of times couples just kind of like okay I got married now it’s time to go party like take a minute with each other and just soak it in yeah

Alyssa (08:06)
I love that. That’s something I was talking about recently with somebody is there’s this new trend that I’ve seen where people are doing like wedding after parties and they’re having, you know, they’re like, everybody’s in town. We might as well have an after party. And they have like a formal after party with, you know, family, really close friends, like the, you know, the people that you’re closest to, because how often for a lot of people, everybody’s not in town, like that’s gonna happen, you know.

Sydney Wilton (08:13)


Alyssa (08:31)
Hardly ever. And so that’s something that I’ve seen recently that I love because I grew up out of state, all my family’s out of state. And so I was like, that’s such a wonderful idea of everybody is already here. We might as well keep going with just those couple people. I think that’s really cool.

Sydney Wilton (08:39)

Absolutely. Oh yeah. Do the day before like a brunch and then do the day after Make it a whole weekend event, you know?

Alyssa (08:56)
Yeah, I love that. And even talked to a couple of venues recently that like really support that. And they have options where you can do a full weekend. And I think that’s super cool. That’s just such a cool concept, I think.

Sydney Wilton (09:07)
Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.

Alyssa (09:09)
Awesome. Okay, so now the opposite side. I’m gonna ask you, what is the most unique or fun idea that you’ve seen recently at a wedding?

Sydney Wilton (09:17)
I would say traditionally most people walk down the aisle with their processional and then the bridal party or the wedding party, I should say. The bride side typically sit or stand right behind the bride, right? Lately I’ve been seeing people flip flop it so that way the bridesmaids and then the groomsmen can watch and see their.

Alyssa (09:35)

Sydney Wilton (09:44)
friend get married versus like standing. Do you get what I’m saying? I’m trying to explain this.

Alyssa (09:48)
Oh yeah. Yeah, so that way the bridesmaids are looking at the bride and the groomsmen are looking at the groom or vice versa.

Sydney Wilton (09:54)
Yes. So they can actually see the emotion and the reaction and just have a better view of what’s really going on. Because oftentimes the wedding party is just standing up there and trying to soak it in, but they can’t really see everything that’s going on. So

Alyssa (10:11)
That’s so cool. I would have never even thought about that, but that is such a good, yeah.

Sydney Wilton (10:14)
Yeah, I, isn’t that fun? Yeah, so that’s kind of a newer thing that, and unique thing that I’ve been seeing happen more. What else? Also having, if the bride decides to, or groom or whomever, they come out first before they have their parents come. So there’s like a aha moment for them to just have a chance to be there and then the.

The parent walks them down the aisle, which I think is really nice, versus just initially both going down. A lot of stuff pertaining to the ceremony I’m talking about right now, but that’s just kind of in my head. Ha ha.

Alyssa (10:54)
I love that. Yeah, that’s super cool. And I totally I’m still like obsessed about the idea that you said about having it where that way the bridesmaids can see the bride and some groups and we can see the groom because that’s such a that’s such a special moment. And yeah, we have the whole night, you know, party and celebrate and stuff like that. But that’s such like a special tender moment that I think that’s so important to capture the emotion of that I would say.

Sydney Wilton (11:01)
with me.


Alyssa (11:15)
Wedding days are like a rollercoaster of emotions. You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna cry, you’re gonna drink, and you’re gonna have a good time all on the same day.

Sydney Wilton (11:20)

Oh, for sure. For sure. And a lot of times couples come to me and they’re like, I really want a chance to be able to talk to everybody on the day of but it’s just so chaotic. And there’s so many guests, how am I supposed to talk to everybody? I have been telling people because I’ve been seeing this more frequently is couples not just like, because traditionally people would just go to each of the tables and say hi, you know, but that again, that takes a long time.

or doing the very traditional recessional line. That’s, I haven’t seen that done in a while. I will say that has kind of, it’s a little more of a dated thing. But what I’ve been seeing are people getting in the middle of the dance floor, the couple getting in the middle of the dance floor, and then each table, the DJ calls up each table to take a picture with the couple. And then they have like a minute to just quickly say hi, and then.

the next table and then the next table. So it’s a really quick. Yes, it’s a really quick process for your guests as well as you as a couple to not only get a picture with everyone at your wedding, but have a minute to just say thank you so much for being here. This means so much to me and then literally it ends up being like if you have 15 tables like 15 minutes, it’s really not that bad. So that’s been Yeah.

Alyssa (12:22)
I love that idea!

Yeah, I love that. That’s such a good idea. I’m even now my mind’s thinking like, oh, that’s so good for the photographer. And if you had a photo booth, you could even do it. Like there’s so many different options of how to do that. That is such a great idea. I love that. Yeah, cause I think that’s such a hard thing. Even I attended a wedding recently of a friend and I, you know, there were people that I knew that were at the wedding that I never got to talk to that night just because, and I wasn’t even the bride or groom. Like I just was there.

Sydney Wilton (12:48)
Mm-hmm. Do it there. Exactly. Yeah.

Alyssa (13:10)
And it just was like, with everything going on, it feels like sometimes you’re like, oh, I was gonna talk to this person, then they already left, because they have to go home and get the kid or whatever. And so I think that’s such a valuable piece of advice.

Sydney Wilton (13:11)

Right. Yep.

Thank you. Yeah, I just, I think that really helps. And that way people, everyone feels like they were included in some way. There’s a picture with them. They, you know, then the couple too was like, I made an effort to actually talk to almost literally everyone at my wedding, which is nice.

Alyssa (13:41)
That’s awesome. Okay, so going off of that, what is, if you have a couple that is at the beginning of their wedding planning journey, or somebody, you know, I know you also do, you know, other events and baby showers and all of things too. So let’s just say anybody who’s at the beginning of planning an event, what is like the number one piece of advice that you would give them?

Sydney Wilton (14:01)
So I would say if you are wanting to hire a planner to help execute your vision, that would be the very first thing I would do.

just because they can give you the tools, the help with budgeting, all the things that you would want and need to make sure that your party or event, whatever it is, has all the elements that you are wanting and also to stay in that budget. Because oftentimes, if you do it yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that, absolutely nothing wrong with that. But sometimes you end up securing vendors or securing a venue that maybe is more cost-

More costly than what maybe a planner could help you with often planners have really good deals with different venues different vendors and We when we work with all these people on a daily basis We really get to know what them and know exactly who they are as a person what their work quality is like All those things that can really help you make an event the best event possible But that would be my first thing Second thing I would say if you are like nope

Girl, I got this, I can plan my own thing. Find a venue, okay? If you don’t have a certain space available to you that you can use, find a venue space. That’s always the first thing. Just because they book up really quickly, you can’t just pick a date and assume that the date is gonna be available from the venue standpoint. So definitely find your venue. And then that’s when you can start to kind of do the nitty gritty details.

the venue is absolutely the first part.

Alyssa (15:39)
Absolutely. I’ve seen a lot of people talking recently about venues. I feel like, especially post COVID, like we’re in a season where there are a lot of weddings going on. And like I’ve seen venues that, you know, are booked out two years right now. And it seems like a lot of the like most popular dates are booked out so far in advance right now. And that’s something that I’m seeing a lot of people struggling with.

Sydney Wilton (15:50)


Alyssa (16:04)
And also a lot of venues struggling with because, you know, nobody wants to turn anybody down, especially, you know, if that’s your dream venue, nobody wants to turn anybody down because we all want, I think, I think that’s one thing that I I’ve learned, even you talking about all the venues and vendors knowing each other as everybody that I’ve talked to once, like their goal is for the day to be the best, most magical day possible. And for you to have the most fun.

Sydney Wilton (16:16)

Alyssa (16:34)
And so nobody wants, you know, things to not work out. And so, and also just going with what you were saying about a wedding planner knowing people. I’ve even learned that as a vendor of, I’ve gotten some of my favorite people that I’ve ever met have been people that a wedding planner knew. And they said, oh, hey, you should also know this person too. And those are some of like the people that I absolutely love talking to on a daily basis. Yeah.

Sydney Wilton (16:38)

I love that. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Alyssa (17:01)
So don’t underestimate how wonderful having somebody in your corner is. And like you said, there’s so many different options. I love now that there’s so many different options with full planning services, doing month of coordination because like I’m somebody who like, I wanna have my hands in everything. I wanna, I have opinions about everything. So I wanna be very involved in the process, but I still want somebody to hold my hands a little bit and help take that stress away.

Sydney Wilton (17:30)
Yes, well, and that’s the piece too. I mean, when you work with a wedding planner, and at least for me, when you work with my event, buddy, we have multiple different packages that will accommodate exactly what you’re looking for, whether it is full planning or partial planning, or just month of coordination, or just design services, all those things. And again, because there are couples that are like, I want to be very hands on. I also have a couple that’s like, Nope, I don’t want to do

anything I want you to plan at all. I mean, I work with such a variety of different people and it’s just such a blessing and such a joy because I think probably my favorite part of my job is I get to not only interact with amazing people on a daily basis, but I get to meet so many new people.

Alyssa (18:01)
Now that would be my partner.

Sydney Wilton (18:24)
when you’re in an industry like this that is very saturated, there’s a lot of options, a lot of very, very talented people, it can be daunting trying to find the right one for you. Yeah.

Alyssa (18:35)
Absolutely. And I think, too, with what you said, everybody has, there are so many different people that specialize in so many different things. And so I think also finding a team, I’m just jumping on it. Now I’m taking over your interview and giving them my advice. But finding a team that has people that fit your specific vision and your specific personality, I think is so important.

Sydney Wilton (18:50)
No, I love it. It’s good.

Alyssa (19:02)
and not talked about enough. Like it really is, I love whenever I can go through event planners galleries like yours, and you can see that each wedding is so authentic and so specific to that couple. That’s actually like one of the things I love the most about dueling pianos is, you know, it’s all request space. We are, you know, we don’t know what we’re playing until we get there either. And so it ends up being whatever is really authentic to that couple and their friends and their family in that moment.

Sydney Wilton (19:20)


Alyssa (19:31)
because I think, you know, we can pull up a Spotify list that has the top 200 wedding songs, but that might not be what your top 200 is. Like, I love, my favorite is always, I love going to all the millennial weddings where we’re playing Mr. Brightside and Blink 182 and everything. But really it is so, like, it is authenticity and it representing you and your friends and your family, I just think is so important.

Sydney Wilton (19:49)

Absolutely and every vendor is you it has a unique offering and has a unique profile and has a Certain way of doing things has a certain way of communicating and just like every person has a way of communicating Every person has a thing that they like a personality That you know, maybe it connects more with someone else. So it’s just being able to find that right fit

is so important and it’s so beneficial in the long run.

Alyssa (20:33)
Absolutely. Okay, I have one last question for you. This one also might be a hard one, but what do you think is, what do you love the most about your job?

Sydney Wilton (20:43)
Oh, that’s a hard one because I love so many things about my job. Um, so, so I will just say, um, I have a, my background is in design. I went to college for graphic arts. And so I have my bachelor’s in fine arts. And, um, so the design side of the wedding industry event industry could do in my sleep. It’s just something that I’ve always been very good at and I love doing. Um,

Alyssa (20:46)
Put you on the spot.

Sydney Wilton (21:13)
I decided because education is so important to me, I wanted to get certified in wedding planning. So I got my certification. I am in the process of finishing my master certification, which is super exciting. Yeah, so that’s it. That’s a big thing that sets my business apart. Just throwing that out there. But what I love about what I do on a daily basis is I get to use that knowledge and that joy and that

Alyssa (21:27)

Sydney Wilton (21:41)
passion of mine, design, planning, communication, learning from other people on a daily basis. And my days are never the same. And I love that, especially with my ADD. So it helps me. Yeah. And I just, I really get to meet some wonderful, wonderful people and

Alyssa (21:58)
I feel you there.

Sydney Wilton (22:07)
I get to be a part of the most magical day of their lives and being able to soak that in and I mean, yes, I will say my work weeks are not 40 hours. They are like 80 hour weeks. They’re long, long work weeks, but I do think it’s worth it just because I get to work with these amazing couples, turn their dream wedding into a reality and then be there to see it

come to fruition. It’s such a joy, such a blessing and I get to do it every day and it’s something that I think not a lot of people get to experience. Some people I’ve talked to, they’re like, I’ve never even been to a wedding. I’m like, I’ve been to hundreds. I mean, I’ve been to a lot. So I would say, again, there’s a lot of reasons.

Let’s just say 2024 is pretty, pretty fully booked. But 2025, I’m still your girl. I’ve got lots of openings still. Granted, still reach out to me if you need something for 2024. We can maybe come up with a plan. But 2025, I’m your girl.

Alyssa (23:14)

I love that. Well, thank you so much, Sydney. You are such a light and it’s so great to talk to you about all of these different trends and everything that my event buddy offers and just I have so many insightful opinions that I really love and I’m so glad that you came on the podcast today.

Sydney Wilton (23:26)

Thank you. Yeah. Same. Thank you so much, Alyssa, for having me. It’s been such a pleasure. And I really hope that people watching, you guys really value what we talked about today. And if you have any questions or want to hear more from me or Alyssa, just reach out and go to our websites.

Alyssa (24:01)
My inbox is open. Come be friends. Awesome. Well, this is Alyssa from Felix and Fingers, and again, Sydney from My Event Buddee. Thanks so much, everybody, for listening, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Sydney Wilton (24:03)

This interview was made possible by Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

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