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In this exciting interview, host Nate Rodriguez speaks with wedding planner extraordinaire, Kristy Silva, founder of ‘Weddings by Kristy’. Kristy shares insights about her innovative, assumption-free wedding business that prioritizes fits couples’ values and priorities. With her experience in non-profit project management, Kristy runs one of the best wedding services in the industry that enhances uniqueness, with an attention to detail that leaves guests feeling, “This is so you”.

This local yet distinguished wedding planning service recently organized a tastefully intimate ‘micro-wedding’ with just 15 attendees including the couple. Drawing from these recent experiences, Kristy advocates a casual and relaxed atmosphere around wedding planning, seamlessly integrating elegance with guest connection.

Highlighting the strength of ‘Weddings by Kristy’, Kristy emphasizes how her team, despite taking their work extremely seriously, ensure a light-hearted and fun planning process. She believes in making the journey towards matrimonial bliss relaxed and joyful. With a stimulating chat like this, couples getting married soon will definitely want to explore ‘Weddings by Kristy’ for a memorable and personal wedding planning experience.

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Podcast Transcript

Nate (00:25)
Hello everybody, this is Nate with Felix and Fingers. I’m here with the amazing Kristy Silva. She is the founder and lead planner extraordinaire with Weddings by Kristy, which she started to sort of be the change in the wedding industry. And she and her team are really committed to running an assumption -free wedding business where couples values and priorities are just absolutely put first. She brings her background in nonprofit and her experience as a project manager.

and it’s really set them apart as being one of the best in the industry. And they like to say that they’re experts at giving their couples a wedding that makes their guests say, this is so you. And so I’m really excited to be here with you. Kristy, how are you doing today?

Kristy Silva (01:10)
I’m doing great. Thanks so much for having me.

Nate (01:12)
Absolutely, I’m so excited. We’re actually gonna be working with you in June and I’m really just thrilled that we get a chance to kinda pow wow and chat a little bit before the wedding. So I wanted to kinda start with just a little bit of a softball. I wanted to ask you about, I guess, tell me about your most recent wedding. Is there anything like especially cool or noteworthy? Did you wanna shout out the couple from your most recent wedding?

Kristy Silva (01:18)
Yes, I’m excited.

Yeah, we actually just had a wedding this past weekend and it was definitely unique and different from a lot of the weddings we do because it was what some would call a micro wedding. So it was a total of 15 people including the couple. Very intimate, very casual and it was really nice and so they pretty much got their closest friends and family together to see them get married. They had

nice short sweet ceremony where they exchanged vows that they wrote themselves and then had a you know cocktail hour moved downstairs for dinner and then dessert and drinks to to finish the night and it was it was great it was very smooth couple was happy and I always like you know sing something different there was no you know there wasn’t dancing in a dance floor and it wasn’t the

kind of big party vibe like a lot of weddings are, which I also mean, I love that also. But you know, I also love an intimate wedding and so it was very sweet.

Nate (02:35)
Yeah. yeah, of course.

Yes, some of my favorite weddings that I’ve gotten to be a part of were actually like 30 people or less. So much so that actually my own wedding is going to be that small. And yeah, sometimes those can be really special and really just that intimacy because when you have a wedding that’s that small, it’s just all your favorite people. There’s no, there’s no, there’s no additional folks. So I wanted to…

Kristy Silva (02:51)
I love that. Okay, cool.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

Yes, and it’s like you and you get time with everybody, which is nice.

Nate (03:10)
yeah, absolutely. It’s certainly the reason I’m doing it myself. So I wanted to learn, so I know I’m really excited to learn a little bit more and I’m certain everyone else that’s watching this will also be excited to learn a little bit about Weddings by Kristy. So tell me a little bit about what makes you all specifically unique.

Kristy Silva (03:13)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, so I’d say, you know, something that and speaking both from kind of my own perspective and also from what the couples who have worked with us have told us about why they chose to work with us or what they like about working with us is just like our approach to wedding planning is very much more like it’s like chill and casual. And I always tell people that like as a part of I lead a team. Yeah. And so we are we.

Nate (03:56)
That was nice.

Kristy Silva (04:01)
We take our job very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s usually how I explain it. And so, you know, we…

Nate (04:07)

I love that.

Kristy Silva (04:11)
Yeah, so we want wedding planning to be fun and, you know, at the very least not a completely overwhelming stressful experience. And so we try to take the burden of the kind of more logistical nitty gritty or just anything that the couple is less excited about off their plate and let them focus on the parts of the wedding that they are most excited about. And so we can kind of be as hands on or hands off as needed based off.

the couple. So like the way that we work with people is very different, you know, for every wedding because we try to meet people where they are to craft, you know, both the wedding planning experience that they’re looking for and then of course like the wedding day itself.

Nate (04:47)
yeah. You know, it’s funny you, you kind of speak to that because you talked about taking, you know, what you do very, very seriously. I’ve heard you self -describe as like your, the type A wedding friend. You know, the, and so that was something that I, so that’s really cool. And actually I was,

Kristy Silva (05:01)

Nate (05:10)
I really wanted to kind of know how that, it’s actually one of the questions I wanted to ask you is kind of how that fits together. Cause I, you know, in our conversations, I noticed you guys, you know, take yourselves too seriously, but, you know, it’s clear that, you know, when the, when some, something needs done, Kristy’s going to do it. So.

Kristy Silva (05:27)
Yes, exactly. And I think for us it’s important that we’re dependable and that people can rely on us and that’s both our clients but also the vendor team who’s looking at us as the coordinator, the orchestrator of the event, but also that people are comfortable coming to us with their questions, their concerns, their worries. We want them to see us, my team and I, as a safe.

place for them to talk about things. And so, you know, sometimes it’s like logistics and sometimes it’s eventing. And we’re very open to either. And so that balance of just knowing that like, you can trust us, we’re here for you. And you know, we want what’s best for you and your wedding.

Nate (06:03)


Yeah, no, that’s awesome. Yeah, I’m stealing that term by the way, eventing. I’m stealing that term. So I wanted to talk not just about you and I, but a little bit about the kind of the industry as a whole. I mean, you seem to have your finger on the pulse. So I’m gonna ask you a couple of pretty difficult questions. But like, What is a current trend or thing that’s happening in the industry that really gets you excited?

Kristy Silva (06:17)

Hmm, that’s a good question.

I think something, yeah. I’m seeing more people being comfortable kind of straying from tradition, which I love to see. And for me, I really believe that weddings are so personal and so like your wedding should be very personal and that not doing any tradition just because like it’s what people do. If it’s not meaningful to you, if it’s not,

Nate (06:44)
I warned you it would be a tough question.

Kristy Silva (07:14)
genuine to like you and your partner and it doesn’t feel like authentic to you, I’m seeing more couples being willing to kind of abandon those parts of weddings that just don’t resonate with them and do something a little different. And now those kind of non -traditional things are honestly becoming a bit more traditional in the sense that like they are the new tradition. And you know, I’m seeing, you know, whether it’s like shorter ceremonies.

Not having a wedding party, getting rid of different dances or the bouquet toss or things like that. And of course, also having those things and having a traditional wedding is also wonderful and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just about doing it because you want to, not because you feel like you’re supposed to.

Nate (07:56)
Right. Right. There’s a big difference between doing something in a wedding because it’s what you want or, you know, especially what you’ve dreamed of and doing it just because it’s the done thing. So yeah, no, I totally get that. That’s awesome. It can be fun to kind of buck traditions. So.

Kristy Silva (08:09)

Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Nate (08:18)
So this next question is gonna be probably just as hard, but I’m gonna ask kind of about the reverse. What are something that you think couples should just never do? Like cringe -worthy things that you like always kind of hate seeing at a wedding or in a wedding. Is there anything that meets kind of that description?

Kristy Silva (08:40)
Nothing that I’d say is maybe not just like cringe -worthy, especially because I’m again going back to like if that’s what you and your fiance want, but other people would think that it’s cringe. Well, it’s not their wedding and it’s not for them. So do it. My, I guess, exception to that and things as far as like, you know, would never see would be anything that is harmful to the guest experience because as much as the wedding day is about

Nate (09:05)
Mm -hmm.

Kristy Silva (09:10)
you and your fiance, you also are bringing kind of all these people who are important to you together and they’re traveling and they’re spending money because they love you and they want to celebrate you and so it’s important to keep them in mind as you structure your day. And so just making sure, you know, I think like having a cocktail hour that’s too long would be something that I’ve seen and not so much with weddings that I plan and coordinate because I advise against this but at other weddings.

Nate (09:35)

Kristy Silva (09:38)
because guests are getting restless and they’re ready for dinner. Like, you know, an hour is perfect. It’s called cocktail hour for a reason. You start hitting 90 minutes, like two hours, like, you know, guests are, they’re going to get tired of standing around and mingling after that long. And so just thinking of things like that as far as timeline. And then of course, just making sure that your guests are fed and you have enough servers and enough food to make sure everyone is fed and…

Nate (10:04)

Kristy Silva (10:04)
good amount of time, same kind of thing. If like the last table to get their plates had to wait two hours to get their food, like that’s going to disrupt their experience. And then that is what they will remember about your wedding. And so, you know, really keeping timeline in mind. And if you have a good planner or a coordinator, they should very much be aware and pointing those things out to you. But like if you don’t, you know, ask your caterer about how long these things take and what.

their experiences and what they see works well and then trust them because assuming that you’ve chosen a professional caterer, they’ve seen this before and so just keeping those kinds of things in mind.

Nate (10:44)
Right. Right. So turning things back around to the positive, I know we talked a little bit about trends, but we’ve also talked a lot about bucking trends. So What is, if you were to think back over the last few years, is there a specific, like unique or like especially fun idea that you saw at one of your weddings? Like, my gosh, I have to tell everyone about this. Is there something that you’re like you wish could become a trend?

Kristy Silva (10:55)

Yeah, definitely the first thing that comes to mind is something that now I’ve encouraged couples to do at a few weddings and it’s been successful every time so I’m going to continue to recommend it to those who are open to it which is doing like a there’s different things you could call it but like a photobomb I guess is what I would call it and a lot of people are familiar with like

the photo rush or like a table rush and DJs do that all the time. I’m sure you all are familiar with it. The couple runs to each table and takes a picture, you know, before the song is up. And the idea is that it’s like quick and you get it over with. But in my opinion, those pictures are always a little sub.

Nate (11:36)


Kristy Silva (11:50)
par because it’s like a group standing around a table, which isn’t great. And it’s a bit more just kind of like pose, but also not necessarily the best because the photographer didn’t get to pick the best spot in the right lighting because you’re just kind of stuck at your table. And so I encourage couples to do a bit of a reverse of that, which is that we put two chairs on the dance floor and have the couple sit down in the chairs. And then the guests have until the end of the song to come up to the couple.

Nate (12:03)


Kristy Silva (12:17)
and get a picture with them. And how long that is is totally up to like, I always say, I tell the DJ or whoever the MC is, you know, the band, whoever, to like, they can loop the song, they can play a second song, like make sure everyone who wants a photo gets a photo. But the idea is to tell guests that like you haven’t told the end of the song, that way they are, you know, there’s a sense of urgency. And the pictures are so much more fun because people, they don’t come up by table.

That’s the other thing. They do not come up by table. They can come up by themselves. They can come with just their partner, their family. You know, tables are usually like a mix of groups. Some people might not know each other. So getting an opportunity to get a picture with the couple with just you or just you and your partner or, you know, their DND group can come up and take a picture or whatever it is. And the pictures are always more spontaneous. There’s movement. It’s fun. I love it. And I wish everyone would do it.

Nate (13:04)
Ha ha ha.

yeah. That’s such a great thing. And yes, you’re right. I have seen it and I’ve actually seen it the way you’re describing this past fall. We actually had a couple that not only did that, but they had a table, like just a folding table full of like props and stuff that as guests were kind of lining up to like do these photos with the photographer, they could grab anything off the table as like a prop and there were some.

Kristy Silva (13:33)
Okay, cool.

Nate (13:36)
hilarious, but amazing photos. They were a very, very like high spirited fun group. But it was almost like their own version of a photo booth. But yeah, we. And because of that, like granted, it wasn’t all the, you know, all the tables within one song, it was maybe maybe three songs, but it was seven minutes and everybody got like a really unique.

Kristy Silva (13:39)
It’s a great idea.

Right, yes, exactly. Yes.

Nate (14:05)
kind of photo that they definitely wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Yeah, really cool idea. So I want to talk a little bit about, you know, kind of speaking from your experience. So If you were to offer a piece of advice to a couple that is just starting their journey, what would that kind of first step advice be?

Kristy Silva (14:31)
I think the first thing, for couples who are just engaged, haven’t booked a venue right at the very beginning of their journey, would be to sit down with each other and identify your top three priorities for your day.

What are the three things that are most important to you? And that might be time with your guests. It might be the food. It might be the music, the photos, whatever it is. But deciding what those three things are. And then kind of on the reverse, what are the three things that if you need to cut down on quantity or quality, you’re going to cut from these three things. And being aware of what those are. And then using that to guide all of the decisions you make.

Nate (14:53)

Kristy Silva (15:16)
going forward and so whether that’s thinking about does the venue align with your priorities? Does, like establishing your budget and how much you’re gonna spend focusing your budget on the things that are most important to you and not so much on the things that you say are not. And then kind of going from there booking your highest priority vendors earlier and your lower priority vendors, you can wait to book them a little longer and just like using that to guide the process I think when couples don’t.

like really take the time to sit down and think through that. They don’t realize it until later and then sometimes it’s too late, especially after booking a venue and then realizing like this venue actually isn’t the best fit for this vision we’re now crafting for our wedding. Like we picked it because it was cheap or we picked it because it was convenient. But now it actually, you know, we can’t have the caterer that we want or, you know, those kinds of things. And so just really.

Nate (15:59)
Mm -hmm.

Kristy Silva (16:11)
making sure that you’re firm and clear on your priorities before making these big decisions.

Nate (16:16)
Absolutely. Okay. And I love what you said there about the priorities not necessarily specifically being a vendor. It could be just like what is most the most important like thing that you want in that day like spending time with guests or you know for me for me and my fiance it was like amazing food because we’re kind of foodies and so like that was a really priority when we were going through our options for venue.

Kristy Silva (16:32)

Nate (16:45)
Yeah, that’s really, really cool. And I definitely never heard somebody mention like, you know, what are the bottom three, because it’s really smart to have kind of some specificity on like, if we need to cut, where do we cut? And that can be really, really helpful. I mean, nobody wants to have to limit their wedding budget. But you know, the reality is that a lot of folks knowing where to look first that I, that’s a great piece of advice. So,

Kristy Silva (16:56)

Ha ha!

Nate (17:13)
I wanted to ship gears and ask you a little bit about, I was kind of looking through your materials and such, all the things that folks can find on your website. And one of the things that kind of touched my heart was the focus on inclusivity as you kind of be that change that you see in the industry. What sort of brought that about? Was that something that was always a big part of Weddings by Kristy from the beginning, or is that something that sort of developed as a focus for your…

for your planning group.

Kristy Silva (17:45)
Yeah, thanks for asking about that. Definitely a focus from the beginning. I would say it’s at the foundation of my business and one of the reasons I chose to start it. And a fairly common story among wedding planners, which is I planned my own wedding. I loved it. And that is what got the gears turning that maybe I wanted to do this professionally. And it wasn’t the first time I had thought about it, but it kind of confirmed this inkling that I had in the back.

Nate (17:57)
Love that.

Mm -hmm.

Kristy Silva (18:14)
of my mind and part of that was you know I as you know as someone who is kind of very like type A and also just curious and enjoys research when I was planning my wedding I really like dived deep down the rabbit hole of weddings and felt like I was kind of ended up learning like all there is to know about the industry at large not just kind of the wedding planning itself and it just very quickly became clear to me.

just like heteronormative the industry is. And by that I mean it’s all about brides and grooms. And it’s assumed that there’s a bride and a groom, and even more specifically that a lot of focus on the bride. And that’s…

It’s expected that the bride is the one who cares the most. It’s the bride who’s planning. The groom just kind of shows up on the day of and doesn’t contribute. Like these are the stereotypes. We’ve all seen them. If we’re on Instagram, if we’ve seen TikToks, whatever the case might be, it’s everywhere. And I’m lucky enough that most of the couples that we work with, and I think part of this is because of the way that we market ourselves, both people are involved. Sometimes we do have someone a bit more stereotypical where the

Nate (19:11)

Kristy Silva (19:25)
there’s a bride and there’s a groom and the bride is carrying a bit more of the wedding planning weight like that does happen. But you know, we love to see couples equally contributing to the day. We find that then it is more of an authentic representation of them as a couple as well as individuals, which is great. And you know, it also just goes back to.

that there’s not always a bride at all. Sometimes it’s two grooms, sometimes it’s two brides. And then also we work with a lot of couples where at least one of them identifies as non -binary and they’re not a bride or a groom. So our whole thing and what was important to me from the get -go is we use gender neutral language. If you read through our website, you will not find the word bride or groom anywhere on our website. It’s not in our contract. Our inquiry form, it doesn’t say bride’s name, groom’s name. It says,

Nate (20:02)


Kristy Silva (20:16)
partners names, just these like small things, but that make it really clear to people who that’s important to, and I mean, I think it should be important to everybody, but people who it’s, you know, personally relevant, you know, when you go to fill out a vendor form and it says bride names groomed name, and you’re like, we don’t have a groom, you immediately feel like this vendor isn’t, doesn’t want to work with me. This vendor does not work with couples who are like us. And, you know, you kind of immediately feel like excluded from the wedding planning space. And that just like really,

Nate (20:38)

Kristy Silva (20:45)
hurt my heart when I was planning my own wedding. And so that’s been very foundational to what we do and all of the resources that we make for couples are gender neutral. And then of course, once we’re working with couples and they tell us their pronouns and the titles that they prefer, then we use them with that couple. But in marketing, in those pre -stages, when we don’t know, it goes back to what you said earlier about that assumption free. We enter with no assumptions and then we learn more about you and use that to guide the wedding planning experience.

Nate (20:59)
Mm -hmm.


Kristy Silva (21:14)
We don’t assume anything about the way that you’re planning your wedding before you tell us the truth. We don’t want to assume.

Nate (21:21)
Right. Well, that’s, I mean, that’s absolutely amazing. And as somebody who is a groom to be, you know, circling back on what you said about sort of the, the work and the focus and the importance of, you know, when, where that usually lies and how there’s sort of that expectation that it’s always the bride that cares the most, that does the most work.

Yeah, I mean, I myself have actually noticed that we really bucked tradition. I was part of the very small crew that went wedding dress shopping with my own fiance. So I helped her pick her dress, which every time I tell somebody that they’re like, I’ve never heard of that. But no, we actually had a blast and we are best friends. And so she wanted my opinion. And so it…

Kristy Silva (21:58)
I love that.


Nate (22:15)
Yeah, it was really, really cool. And I will say that, you know, for us, that’s also something that’s really important. We try to avoid any sort of assumptive language. You know, pronouns are very important to us and, you know, just kind of making sure that it’s, you know, feels very, very inclusive. And as an industry, I feel like we’re catching up slowly, but it’s funny because as entertainment, I’m often talking. Yeah.

Kristy Silva (22:36)
slowly, but it is happening.

Nate (22:42)
And as the entertainment, I’m often talking to the groom because that is, or, you know, I’m often talking to the person that is maybe not as assumed to be as burdened with the work of planning a wedding because they’re usually the first to snatch up the thing that’s fun, which is us. So, but it’s always a lot of fun.

Kristy Silva (22:59)
Yes, that is so true. And there’s always like, there’s the one person who, yeah, is planning all the like, logistics, details, design, and then the other person’s like, I’ll do music. And it’s like, okay, well great. I see that all the time as well.

Nate (23:14)
I love talking to those people, but it’s also a lot of fun when I get to chat with couples who are, again, breaking that tradition and working on things together. And we are, Felix & Fingers is definitely a huge hit with folks that move away from our kind of…

Kristy Silva (23:21)
Both. And yes, absolutely.

Nate (23:34)
interested in moving away from the quote unquote tradition. Cause in tradition you have the wedding DJ and you have the wedding dance band. And what we do is interactive, you know, engaging entertainment. We’re dueling pianos. It’s way outside the North, but, but not really what it sort of is. You know, we’re, we’re, we find a lot ourselves working with a lot of couples who are interested in bucking the trends and trying something new that’s never been seen before.

Kristy Silva (23:40)
Mm -hmm. Yep.

Yeah, I love it.

Mm -hmm.

Nate (24:04)
So, okay, I wanna dive in and talk a little bit more specifically about kind of what it means to work with Kristy. So I guess I’ll start by talking about, I know there’s a few options for, you know.

committing with weddings with Kristy. But how involved are you typically with the planning process once you get started? How is that different from like, say, package to package? What does that process look like for you?

Kristy Silva (24:35)
Yeah, so we offer everything from just coordination all the way up to full planning. And then we have our in -between options. And so kind of how involved we are depends on that package. But on like the lowest end with just coordination, we start working with the couple three months out. And that’s very important to us. And we found a little earlier than some other planners do. But we have found in order to be the most successful, that that is the right amount.

Nate (24:45)

Mm -hmm.

Kristy Silva (25:02)
of time because it gives us enough time to connect with all of the vendors and introduce ourselves and create a timeline and then get feedback from the vendor team on that timeline and workshop it. And then also it’s early enough that if the couple did maybe make some mistakes as they planned on their own or missed some things, it gives us enough time to catch it and course correct, which we would not be able to do if we were starting one month out. You know, like.

Nate (25:06)
Love that.


Kristy Silva (25:31)
catering and like, you know, often like bands and musicians need like the song choices before that, you know, catering needs meals and things like that. And so when you start with them early enough that we can make sure all those boxes are being checked and nothing’s being overlooked. But then kind of from there, any of the other packages, we start immediately. So as soon as they book, whether it’s five months in advance, one year, two years, you’ll start working with us.

Nate (25:40)
Mm -hmm.

Kristy Silva (25:57)
right away and then the level of support will vary. And so our most popular option is our signature package, which is our signature support. And with that, you’re sourcing your own vendors, you’re the one who’s reaching out and getting info from them, but you do have access to our recommended vendor list. And so we’re happy to give our industry favorites. And then you get access to all of our resources. So we have spreadsheets, guides, templates, kind of everything you need to plan your wedding. And then you get unlimited calls with us. So like a…

wedding planner in your back pocket. So anytime you need to talk about anything, you feel stuck, want to workshop something, you can just get on our calendar and we’ll chat. And then the higher kind of full planning packages, those include more in -person things. We’re doing more of the legwork to reach out to vendors, get quotes and availability, things like that, versus those kind of mid or lower tier packages. So really kind of whatever level people are looking for, we usually, we have an option.

Nate (26:29)

That’s it.

That’s awesome. So there’s so many things in there that I wanted to kind of unpack. Yeah, that is super cool that, you know, folks have, you know, full access to all. It gets me so excited thinking about it that I should probably ask, what does this this coming season, like what is sort of the the wave of folks that you’re seeing book for you right now? Do you still have availability in 24? Are we starting to look at 25?

What is that? How are things shaping up for you going forward?

Kristy Silva (27:25)
Yeah, I’d say for 2024 we have like a few spots left. September, October are pretty much booked, done. Maybe there’s a spot in there if someone’s looking for coordination only, but we’re pretty booked for the fall that is the busiest time in the DC area for those who don’t know.

Nate (27:42)
Thank you.

Kristy Silva (27:48)
And then, you know, for November, though, we’re starting to get like some inquiries for people who are just looking for coordination. We already have a few weddings on the calendar, but we have some more space. And then also for like this summer, if people are looking for just coordination, you know, we can start that, start that now. Ideally, at least two months in advance, like I said, because we prefer the three, but it just depends on the couple. And we are already booking for 2025 and we have one wedding for 2026. So we are.

for full speed ahead. Yeah.

Nate (28:19)

Love that. So one of the other things that you mentioned was that you guys have a preferred vendor list that you offer out. That’s awesome. So do we. And just so you know, you’re on it. In fact, we’re actually, for anybody that does… I love that. Love to hear that. But we’ll actually be offering…

Kristy Silva (28:34)
Yes, and you were on ours as well.


Nate (28:46)
We’re offering kind of a cool incentive because we want to work with Kristy. So we’re actually going to be presenting a 5 % discount to any couples that sign on with Weddings by Kristy. So I’m really excited about that. And I do believe I saw a little message from you before we connected that couples actually who work with us are all getting a little something for free from you, one of your add -on services, if I’m not mistaken.

Kristy Silva (29:15)
Yes, and we have a variety of add -on options and so they can pick which one they want based off what’s most relevant to their needs and so whether that’s us sourcing their hotel blocks or building out their wedding website for them, invitations, we have a few different add -on options so they can pick whatever is most helpful for them and we’re happy to throw it in for free if they let us know that they came from you.

Nate (29:31)
Mm -hmm.

As somebody who is in the process of putting together the wedding website for my wedding, that would be the hat on. I consider myself tech savvy, but I’m not that tech savvy. Well, Kristy this has just been a blast. I have had an amazing time talking with you. I only have one question left for you.

Kristy Silva (29:53)

Nate (30:05)
And this is just something, kind of a fun question. You know, you mentioned that you’re married. I’d love to hear, do you have like a favorite moment from your own wedding or even just your love story? Something kind of romantic that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us before we go.

Kristy Silva (30:19)
Yeah, sure. I can give the like too long didn’t read version of my husband nice story because it is a bit long, but we originally met in college. We both went to the same college. We had classes together, but didn’t really like to talk much. We just kind of, you know, knew of each other’s existence. And then it wasn’t until we were both in Washington, D .C. the same summer doing separate internships that we.

Nate (30:24)
Sorry, artist’s question yet.

Kristy Silva (30:47)
connected and it was just like we hit it off instantly and realized that we had a lot in common. We really vibed and then we spent the rest of that summer together. And then, though I was leading to study abroad in Finland and so I was like, nope, not getting into a relationship right now, but thank you so much. And then I left and went to Europe. But then once I got back, went back to our college town to finish my last semester of college and then that’s when we started dating.

And so it’s just, you know, it took us from like having to travel all the way to DC in order to like finally connect. And then also now we’ve moved back and we live in DC where it, you know, kind of it all started. So DC is, you know, means a lot to us for a lot of reasons. Yeah.

Nate (31:32)
It’s awesome. That’s so cool. It’s almost like a Hallmark movie.

Kristy Silva (31:38)

Nate (31:41)
Well, Kristy I so appreciate you taking the time to chat with me. I’m really excited to see you in June. I’m certain that there’s going to be a lot of folks that are super excited to see the things we’ve talked about. And yeah, that’s just amazing.

Kristy Silva (31:59)
Yeah, I’m excited.

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