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In a revealing and insightful interview with Tina Naponelli, Becky Kinney, founder of Events to Celebrate, shared her professional journey in event planning. Well known for her vast experience and exceptional skills, Kinney not only handles weddings which forms 90% of her business, but she also oversees a variety of corporate and social events like client appreciations, showers, grad parties, and birthday parties across Iowa.

One of the most unique aspects of Kinney’s venture, Events to Celebrate, brought out during the conversation is the master certification that she holds from the Certified Wedding Planner Society. She considered it an edge that allows her to stand out amidst other event planners.

Kinney explained that despite her substantial experience, the wedding planning sector was a different playing field. This led her to join the Certified Wedding Planner Society which she described as a network of like-minded planners offering consistent training, support, and collaboration opportunities. It is this sense of community and professional growth that Kinney believes make her services unique and reliable, offering client confidence if required for her colleagues to professionally step in.

Reflecting on her journey, she emphasizes the importance of continual learning and fostering a spirit of mutual support and growth among newcomer planners. Becky Kinney’s journey is a shining testament to the importance of skill, certification, collaboration, and a heart for service in making Events to Celebrate a go-to place for all events and celebrations in Iowa.

Maintaining a remarkable approach towards her work and her contribution to nurturing upcoming talent, Kinney’s interview provides valuable insights into the world of event planning, particularly for those searching for a place to celebrate their special moments. This interview enhances Events to Celebrate’s reputation as a reliable and experienced event planning service in Iowa.

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Podcast Transcript

Tina (00:23)
All right. Well, welcome Becky Kinney. We have Becky Kinney here. Thank you so much for being here. We’re excited to have you on the podcast. So Becky is the founder and owner of Events to Celebrate, a wedding and events planning company in Van Meter, Iowa, just outside of Des Moines, but she services the entire state of Iowa. She has over 30 years of event planning experience and is a master certified wedding and event planner through the Certified Wedding Planner Society.

She just celebrated 10 years in business, congratulations. Since starting and specializing in social events, weddings have become 90 % of her business, but she still does quite a few corporate events, non -wedding events, social events like grad parties, birthday parties, client appreciations, and showers. Welcome, Becky.

Becky Kinney (01:14)
Thank you for having me. I’m really excited to be here.

Tina (01:16)
Absolutely. I’m excited that you’re excited. We’re happy to have you on. So we’ll just dive right in. I’ve got a few questions about your background. So something that really stood out to me was that master certification that you got. I don’t hear that very often. So I wanted to have you go into a little bit more detail about that process and also how that kind of makes you stand out from other planners.

Becky Kinney (01:39)
Sure. So when I first started in the business a little over 10 years ago, I just kind of felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I was kind of floundering. Even though I’ve been an event planner forever, weddings are a whole different animal, right? And I didn’t feel like I knew exactly. I was kind of charging what I wanted to charge. So I was kind of floundering. So I had joined another group, and it just

Tina (01:57)

Becky Kinney (02:08)
didn’t feel right to me. There are some associations out there for wedding planners. And I just kept searching until I finally found the Certified Wedding Planner Society. And they were my people. I’m like, these are my people. It’s a fantastic network of wedding planners. It’s the largest group of wedding planners. It’s worldwide.

Tina (02:24)


Becky Kinney (02:34)
And in my area, there’s like four other wedding planners in the state of Iowa that are all certified and maybe master certified and we work together. We refer business together, we support each other, we lift each other up and I think that’s what it’s all about. But this society has done a lot of training. So there’s training every month. I feel like a sports person for them. There’s training every month for us. We’re always learning. I went through the…

Tina (02:50)
Mm -hmm.

I’m going to go ahead and close the video.

Becky Kinney (03:03)
the program to become certified and then I went through the program to become master certified and it was an extensive training program and I learned so much and I just feel like I have a wonderful support system. So that kind of helps us because if anything should happen to me, I’ve got clients booked, but if anything should happen to me, I can call up one of my gals and they will step right in and take care of me. They will take care of my clients.

that they’re right there for me. And so I feel very lucky to have a group of people that will stand behind me.

Tina (03:33)

That is huge. Yeah. And honestly, one of the biggest reasons we’re also, we’ve started this podcast as well. We’re trying to kind of pay it forward, lift each other up, you know, help out where we can and in the business and in the wedding world. So, that’s awesome. I love that you found that, that network for sure. that kind of then reminds me a little bit of what we’re emailing about. You said that you have enjoyed mentoring people as well. tell me a little bit about that process.

and what advice you would have for her new planners.

Becky Kinney (04:11)
Yeah. So, and I truly in my heart believe there’s enough business for everybody. And we should lift each other up and not tear each other down. I mean, this is what we should do. I’ve got a great network of people that I work with, from DJs to caters, you know, all along. And we should all…

support each other and lift each other up. The venue should do the same. And so I have had over the years, people come to me and say, hey, I kind of want to be a wedding planner. Maybe I want to be a wedding planner. I’m like, well, maybe you should just shadow first. Because it is not, it is not the wedding planner that you see in the movies. I mean, it is not. It’s a lot of hard work. So I always welcome them to come and

Tina (04:42)

Right? Yes.

Becky Kinney (05:06)
and kind of see how I do things, not that everybody does it a little bit different, but how I do things. And I welcome them to come and we meet over coffee. I’ll take them to coffee, we’ll chat, they’ll come to a wedding and see what I’m doing. And I love it. I love being able to pass on information or start, help somebody start their own business.

Tina (05:12)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, yes, yeah, absolutely. That’s great. And it kind of reminds me, I saw on your website, you have a whole team that works with you as well, right? With ad Events to Celebrate. Yeah.

Becky Kinney (05:45)
I do. I’m a single woman show, one woman show here, right? It’s my business, it’s just me, but I have a lot of gals that do come in and help me because I always have an assistant on day of. My two daughters reluctantly get to work with me. They do.

Tina (05:50)



Becky Kinney (06:07)
And then I have a couple other ones and you can see from my website, they all kind of specialize in different areas, depending on what we need. Now, small town Iowa, I’m from small town Iowa. I mean, it’s tiny. And so as I started my business, I just thought I was gonna be a wedding planner. That’s it. Wedding planner, that. But come to find out, you know, well, who’s going to serve the alcohol?

Tina (06:12)
Mm -hmm.



Mm -hmm.

Becky Kinney (06:36)
Who’s going to serve the food? Who’s going to do this? Who’s going to do that? So I started adding on these little areas. So we do offer some bartending. I don’t have a bartending service, but if somebody is able to bring in their own alcohol and they want to have somebody serve it, we certainly can do that. We serve food. We do a little bit of everything in that.

Tina (06:41)
Mm -hmm.


Becky Kinney (07:06)
things, you know, help set up buffets. I work with several caters that they don’t have servers and so we’ll go in and bus tables and do things like that. It just kind of grew into just these different areas that might be needed.

Tina (07:13)

Yeah, sounds like it like full service pretty much. Well, and I feel like that’s big, big for couples to like there’s so much that goes into this day. If you can kind of take, you know, a bunch of stuff off their plate, then that’s definitely more appealing, right?

Becky Kinney (07:37)
Yeah, there’s over 5 ,000 details for every wedding. And that doesn’t, it doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding for 50 or a wedding for 500. There’s still all those details that need to be, that need to be checked off.

Tina (07:40)
my gosh.

Thank you.

That’s wild when you put it that way, but it makes sense. It really does. Well, great. So we’ve talked a little bit then how you got into weddings. I know you mentioned on an email as well to me that you came from corporate events and trade shows though. So I wanted you to talk a little bit about that transition into weddings and more social events as well.

Becky Kinney (08:13)
Yeah, over 30 years ago I had no idea that my life was going to go where it went. So I took a job in a small trade association. It was a private trade association. And then I ended up being the event planner and the trade show manager and all these other aspects. I had no idea that’s where it was going to go. And I found out that I was really good at it. I really enjoyed it.

Tina (08:42)

Becky Kinney (08:42)
loved doing it. But along the way, over those 30 years, you know, you have friends call you up, hey, do you think you could help me with my daughter’s getting married? Or, you know, we’re having a big birthday party. Do you have, you know? And so I started kind of just tipping my toes in this social event world. And then…

Tina (08:54)

Becky Kinney (09:10)
One of my best friends, her daughter was getting married, I said, let me just do the wedding. Let me just try it and see how I do. And then that just spurred my whole business. I love weddings. I love the social aspect of it. I love everything about it. I do.

Tina (09:17)


Yeah, I feel like, yeah, there’s fulfillment in both areas, but you get to really see the fulfillment on wedding days, right?

Becky Kinney (09:38)
Yeah, corporate is a little boring. You know, weddings are never boring. You know, there’s always something that goes wrong. Every wedding I do. But my job is to make sure that the couple doesn’t know it. And so, you know, but I couldn’t tell you a wedding that something didn’t go wrong at it. I mean, I’ve never had one.

Tina (09:45)
There’s a time and a place, you know.

I bet.


Yes, very true.

Yeah, you’re right, of course.

Becky Kinney (10:08)
The wedding we did just last two weekends ago, I had the room fully draped. We had hired somebody to come in and drape the room. An hour before the wedding, half of the draping fell.

Tina (10:21)
no. Did like a company come in and do it?

Becky Kinney (10:25)
Yeah, I had a company come into it and it fell. So we’re zip tying and duct taping and we got it back up for the wedding.

Tina (10:28)
of course. I bet you did. my gosh. See, and that’s why, that’s why exactly, exactly. It’s one of the many reasons. Well, that kind of launches actually into my next little segment then. Love to talk about kind of, you know, specific wedding stories and trends and whatnot. So you had mentioned that.

Becky Kinney (10:37)
But you know, something on… Yeah, that’s what you were holding.

Tina (10:57)
Weddings are not all fun and games. It looks like it in the movies, right? But what usually is the biggest source of drama when planning a wedding?

Becky Kinney (11:07)
I’m very…

careful on my clients. So I don’t just take any clients. I have to really kind of vet them and make sure if there’s, if I’m going to meet with them and an initial consult and there’s some dissension among the people I’m meeting with, I probably, they’re probably not a great fit for me. So I am, I am very, you know, selective on my clients. But the biggest source is probably,

Tina (11:28)


Becky Kinney (11:41)
and I hate to say this, the wedding party is a lot of times my biggest obstacle is that wedding. Yeah, because they’re very close. I mean, it’s such an emotional day and they’re so close, especially the ones with the bride or half of the couple.

Tina (11:49)

Becky Kinney (12:07)
they’re very close to that person and they want it to go perfect and they don’t always put their most trust into the planner. And so, you know, yeah, so lots of times, though, the wedding party is one of the biggest obstacles. You know, there’s always family members that, you know, can create a little bit of a problem, too. Yeah.

Tina (12:07)
Mm -hmm.

yes, they think they can do better.

Yeah, yeah, I hear the parents a lot. Yeah, so how do you typically deal with situations like that with, you know, maybe an over -opinionated bridesmaid or something like that?

Becky Kinney (12:43)
You know, I get hired by the couple and perhaps the couple’s parents, you know, so that’s who I work for, plain and simple. And I do it the way they want it. And I make it very clear. I take on that role of bad guy a lot of times so they don’t have to. I’ll hear my couple say, hey, can you handle that so we don’t look like the bad guy? I’m like, sure. And I, you know, that’s who I work for.

Tina (12:55)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, totally.

on it.

Becky Kinney (13:12)
That’s who’s hired me and I’m going to do it their way. So, you know, I do appreciate their input, but that’s just not how it’s going to go today. You know? You know?

Tina (13:15)
Mm -hmm.

Right? Reason number a thousand that you need a planner, right?

Becky Kinney (13:27)
Yeah, it’s hard. I try to keep a smile plastered on my face. And if I don’t, my assistant always tells me, you’re not smiling enough. And I’m like, OK. So I try to tell them I’m fine with this. And we get through it. But yeah, there’s always somebody, always somebody that is a challenge.

Tina (13:32)
All right.

I’m going to go ahead and close the video.

too funny.

Mm -hmm, 100%. Yeah, I get it. I do, I’ll go ahead. Right? Yes, I agree that I do wedding hair as well, along with this position as well. And yeah, there’s always somebody that answer or something always has an opinion, right?

Becky Kinney (14:04)
Right. Yeah.

Tina (14:06)
Well, great. So let’s talk about some trends that are happening in weddings right now. I feel like a lot of couples are trying to like stand out or get, you know, get the video or the photo for the Instagram, things like that. So what are the current trends that you’re seeing right now in the wedding industry?

Becky Kinney (14:26)
You know, we’re Midwest. We’re probably a year behind the coast when things come in. I mean, we are Midwest. We’re still doing barns, you know, that kind of thing. But the biggest, some of the biggest trends are the social media content creators that people are hiring for their weddings, which could…

Tina (14:33)

Becky Kinney (14:51)
for them I guess if you want to create all this social media content for your wedding I think that’s great. But what I really like is when my couple does something very personal. Like I’ve done weddings at a park that meant a lot to them. You know where we hauled in all the generators and the water and you know tents and all that kind of stuff because they loved that park. They spent a lot of time there and that kind of stuff.

Tina (15:06)

Mm -hmm.

Becky Kinney (15:20)
bringing in special foods, having somebody paint. And so I’ve got a gal that does watercolor paint and she’ll paint the live scenes. And special music and, you know, guitarists and quartets, you know, all those kind of special, special things that do mean a lot to the couple. I think that’s really important. As far as trends, a lot of…

Tina (15:25)

Mm -hmm.

Becky Kinney (15:48)
Greenery still, a lot of bringing the outside in. Simple, I love simple. Greenery and just simplicity is really great. There’s a lot of beautiful venues and we don’t have to do a lot. We can really use what’s there. Outdoor weddings are never gonna go away, unfortunately. I do love outdoor weddings. I hate the weather stress of an outdoor wedding.

Tina (15:51)
Mm -hmm.




Right, we live in the Midwest. So hard. No.

Becky Kinney (16:19)
We don’t get that many good months for outdoor weddings. And if you’re going to get married in the spring, it’s probably going to rain. So we have to have backup plans. But outdoor weddings are very, are super strong still. But smaller weddings since COVID, every time so much smaller. So my typical wedding, it seems like this year’s between a hundred and a hundred and fifty.

Tina (16:27)
All right, 100%.

Mm -hmm.


Becky Kinney (16:49)
So much smaller than I ever had had before.

Tina (16:49)
That’s great.

Yeah, I feel like whenever I ask a bride or like whenever it comes up, like what was your biggest regret or which something you would change? It’s always the amount of people, right? I feel like that’s a big thing.

Becky Kinney (17:04)
Yeah, yeah, we can have a much nicer event for a smaller amount of people. And, you know, before COVID, you know, we had typically was 350 people, 350 guests. And we’re not going anywhere near that anymore. It is a lot. It’s a lot of money. We’re spending $50000 for a wedding. That’s a lot of money. You know?

Tina (17:11)
Mm -hmm.

right? That’s a lot. Right. We can’t talk to everyone. Mm -hmm. Also that.

Absolutely, at least. Right. For one day. Yeah.

Becky Kinney (17:33)
I know, I know. It’s crazy. And the costs here are so much more affordable than the costs in Chicago or even further east.

Tina (17:41)

Right, absolutely, 100%. So what are some trends then that you’re loving right now and what are trends that you wish would go away?

Becky Kinney (17:53)
I love the simplicity. I love simple. I love candles. I love all that, you know, very bring that outdoors in. I wish, I kind of wish mason jars and burlap would go away. You know, I, yeah, I just, yeah.

Tina (18:09)

That’s like 2009 -ish, right?

Becky Kinney (18:19)
I know, I know, let’s kind of get rid of that. I’m glad we don’t really do receiving lines anymore. That is something that COVID really got rid of and I love the fact that we don’t do that. Receiving lines were just weird. I mean, I had a receiving line for my wedding. I was hugging people I didn’t even know. I was, you know, it was weird.

Tina (18:28)

Very true.


Kind of like funeral -esque too, and you don’t want that at a wedding. Right.

Becky Kinney (18:47)
I know. So we don’t really do that anymore and I really try to not have all of that. But just changing the ceremonies up or the receptions up to fit my clients. Maybe we don’t want to have a party. Maybe we want to do a big trivia night. So what do you want to do? I always go to them and it’s like, what’s important to you? Is a party important to you? Or what is important? And let’s.

Tina (19:01)
Mm -hmm.


Becky Kinney (19:17)
figured out from there.

Tina (19:18)
Love that. Now that’s very, very important to not plan your wedding, but plan your couple’s wedding, right? I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that have a lot of ideas that wouldn’t be right for the couple. So I guess going off of that kind of then, what would be like the main advice that you would offer couples just starting out planning their weddings?

Becky Kinney (19:26)


Well, hire a wedding planner. For sure. And you don’t have to hire a full service wedding planner. You can hire, I specialize in month of coordination. So I have kind of turned that page. I offer full service. I offer all of those, but I find that my clients, especially here in the Midwest, or the clients that I get anyway, want to do a lot of that work themselves.

Tina (19:43)


Mm -hmm.

Becky Kinney (20:08)
which is great, and I just guide them along from the very beginning. From the time they sign the contract, I am guiding them along. So I would suggest you hire somebody that is maybe certified, right, that has actually taken training, that knows what they’re doing. You get what you pay for, right? You do. For all vendors, right.

Tina (20:09)
Mm -hmm.

Definitely for all vendors. Yeah.

Becky Kinney (20:37)
Don’t hire a club DJ. They’re not going to be able to run your wedding. And I know that. Don’t.

Tina (20:39)
Right. Right.

Becky Kinney (20:45)
Make sure that you read all your contracts. Make sure you have somebody else read all those contracts. Make sure that you have somebody proofreading all of your invitation suites. I had a couple years ago, I had a client and mom didn’t tell me she was going to do programs. I had no idea programs were going to be done. She didn’t change the date from her other daughter.

Tina (20:52)
Mm -hmm.



Becky Kinney (21:16)
So I read all my clients’ contracts. I read their invitation suites. I vet all their clients, or all their vendors, sorry, all their vendors, because we want the best vendors for them. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. We just want the best vendors. A club DJ is not going to be able to do your wedding. No, you just can’t. They’re fantastic, but they’re just not going to be able to do what a wedding DJ can do.

Tina (21:23)
Mm -hmm. Sure.


MC, yeah, right.

Mm -hmm.

Becky Kinney (21:45)
You know, so we really need, you really need to kind of look at that even though, and try to hire somebody professional, licensed, you know, that sort of thing. Yeah, because you just don’t want to get a crappy photographer just because, their pictures are pretty. Make sure that you do really bet those people. So yeah. That’d be my.

Tina (22:09)

Absolutely. That’s great advice. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. And have, you know, those people there that double, triple check for you, that back you up. That’s great.

Becky Kinney (22:13)
Yeah, that’d be my biggest. Just be careful on who you’re hiring.

Right, yeah, it was so important. Days are always over.

Tina (22:30)
Right, right. I feel like, go ahead. yes, I bet. I bet. I feel like there’s, I’ve just noticed that a lot of venues are requiring planners now. Are you seeing that in Iowa? Yeah.

Becky Kinney (22:45)
Yes, yeah, more and more venues because it makes their job easier, right? A venue coordinator is not a wedding planner. They should not be your wedding planner. There’s some venues that say, well, you don’t need a wedding planner because we can do that. No, they can’t. They’re not going to do the timeline. They’re not going to do the timeline.

Tina (22:50)



Nope. Stay in your lane.

Becky Kinney (23:12)
Yeah, they’re not going to come and do your rehearsal. They’re not going to call all your vendors. They need to, then their job’s super important. Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t do it without them. Their job’s super important. My job is to make their job easier. So, yeah, I think.

Tina (23:23)
Mm -hmm.

Yep. Everyone needs to focus on what they should be focusing on and be able to do that, right?

Becky Kinney (23:36)
Yeah, do your job and do it great. There’s a lot of great venues and they run it very well.

Tina (23:44)
Yeah, that’s awesome. Well, good. And that’s obviously great for the planning industry as well, right? Great. Well, let’s dive a little bit more into your business specifically. So I wanna know, I know you said you have a few different types of packages and whatnot. So tell me a little bit about those packages and your planning process as well.

Becky Kinney (23:50)
Yeah, it is.

So like I said earlier, I have kind of switched lanes into month of coordination. People think that that means that, well, she’s not even going to talk to me until a month out, which is not true. As soon as they sign the contract, then I am giving them monthly. I’m contacting them monthly to see, yeah, are we checking everything off? Are we getting everything done? So that’s pretty much my basic package now is that month of coordination.

Tina (24:14)
Mm -hmm.

Becky Kinney (24:35)
coordination, of course it all includes day of. Day of does not exist. So you can’t hire somebody to just come in for the day.

Tina (24:42)
What do you mean by that?

Right? They have no idea. I get it. Right.

Becky Kinney (24:50)
We are not clairvoyant. We cannot just automatically know what’s going on. So you really do need somebody from the beginning. And if that is somebody full service, that’s great. My basic package, which is month -end coordination, it includes everything from meetings and meetings with vendors and all these little things. But the clients are doing the bulk of the work. Right?

Tina (25:00)
Mm -hmm.

Sure, they’ve got pretty much everything booked by then.

Becky Kinney (25:19)
I’m giving them a list of DJs. Hey, go check these guys out, you know, and see which ones you might like. You want to have a DJ that I don’t have on my list? You can’t hire them until I vet them because I want to make sure that they’re a good DJ. I’m reading your contracts. I’m reading all of your invitation suite. I am making sure that everything’s checked off, all the boxes. Now, from there, we can go into…

Tina (25:24)


Becky Kinney (25:49)
We can add on. We can add on design because I am design certified. So I can design, I can do floor plans. I can do all those sort of things. So, you know, we can add design on. If you need somebody to tear down at the end of the night, we can certainly tear down at the end of the night.

Tina (25:55)

That’s when your daughters come in to play.

Becky Kinney (26:10)
Yeah, they don’t want to tear down. Yes, so we do tear down at the end of the night and all those kind of things. If we need extensive setup, we can do that also. So setup does include, you know, there is setup in my packages. But so from the time they sign the contract, we’re doing meetings and Zoom meetings or coffee meetings and we’re starting that timeline.

So I do a detailed timeline for every one of my clients. And I do contact every vendor and make sure that the timeline works for them. Yeah, it’s a lot of work behind the scenes. Yeah. And then I just build my packages around my client’s needs. So if I need to travel or work. Yeah.

Tina (26:53)
Absolutely. Yeah, that’s why it’s a full -time job. Right?

Okay, kind of like a la carte options as well.

Becky Kinney (27:09)
Yeah, there are. You know, a lot of people are tired at the end of the day and they don’t want to have to worry about cleaning up. And so if that’s something that they want to add on, they certainly can. Or I have had clients that said, I don’t know how to do room blocks. How do I do that? Where do I even start? Well, we can do those. We can help with that. So I can guide them on just about anything that they need.

Tina (27:24)

That’s nice. Yeah, that’s really good to kind of be able to pick and choose on a scale of exactly, you know, what what couples need because it’s always going to be different. Now, what kind of what what do you think makes you stand out and your company stand out, you know, compared to others?

Becky Kinney (27:53)
Well, I am small, small business, right? It’s me with and always an assistant on the day of. I’m not a big company. I do one wedding a weekend. I do more than one. I will not do more than one. I devote that weekend to my clients, right? So I don’t have a team of planners, you know, that I, that go around and, you know, I’m not big.

Tina (28:04)

Becky Kinney (28:22)
with what I’m trying to say. So I do one wedding a weekend and I try not to do more than two weddings a month. I still would like to have some sort of social life myself. And I feel like I just, I just really, especially at my age, I’m starting to slow down just a little bit. But I just really want to make sure that I’m giving my clients the very best experience that they can have. And that is just limiting.

Tina (28:26)


Right? Very true.

Becky Kinney (28:52)
how many clients I take. And I am constantly seeking more education and doing all that too. So I love to learn. I’m constantly learning and signing up. If there’s some sort of class I can take, I’m taking it because I just love to do that. Yeah.

Tina (28:54)
Yep, I think that’s really important.


I will.

Yeah. It’s so necessary because it is such an evolving, ever evolving industry, every aspect of it, right? Yeah.

Becky Kinney (29:23)
It is. It is. It makes me more knowledgeable. I have a girlfriend that owns a flower shop. I worked for her for a year just so I had more knowledge about flowers because, you know, everything helps. But yeah. Yeah. So. Well, that’s a lot of work. Yeah.

Tina (29:26)
Mm -hmm.

very cool.


That’s awesome. Sounds fun too. Yeah, I bet. I bet. well, great. So where can everybody find you? If they want more information, social media website, what’s the best way to get ahold of you?

Becky Kinney (29:54)
So you can go to my website, which is events to celebrate, and that’s the number two, celebrate, eventstoselebrate .net. It’s easy. My email is My social media handles is eventstoselebrate with the number two, always the number two. I just thought that would make it easier than to spell it out.

Tina (30:19)
with it.

Becky Kinney (30:24)
So yeah, social media, email, right to my website. There’s a sign up right there on my website. I don’t really, I do Instagram and Facebook. I have a hard time just keeping up with those two. I probably, my, my. I think so many times I probably need my own.

Tina (30:26)
Mm -hmm.

Yes, I agree. TikTok is too much.

Becky Kinney (30:50)
social media content creator. It is a lot trying to run a business and then also trying to keep up with the social media. So I’m not great at it.

Tina (30:52)
100 percent.

Mm -hmm. Yep. Sometimes, yeah, after you’ve worked a full wedding, that’s like the last thing you want to do, right? But, all right. Well, great. Anything you’d like to add? Anything else you feel we missed?

Becky Kinney (31:08)

You know, no, just enjoy. It’s so important to enjoy the day. I tell my clients, just take it all in and don’t let it pass by too quickly. If you can, for anybody out there that’s gonna get married, that is planning a wedding, on the day of, if you can spend 10 minutes alone between the ceremony and the reception,

and just hang out with each other, go to a wet bridal suite, just steal a moment somewhere, and just think about the day and enjoy it. I mean, it goes so fast. And before you know it, it’s over and you didn’t enjoy it. So try to really take it in and spend that special time together.

Tina (32:04)
Mm -hmm.

Love that. I got the chills from that. That’s great advice. Well, thank you so much, Becky. Thanks for hopping on.

Becky Kinney (32:13)

Thanks for having me, this was fun. I was a little nervous, but this was fun.

Tina (32:21)
It was fun. That’s all good. You did great. I’m going to stop it now.

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