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Rob Anderson, the certified wedding planner behind OSO In Love Wedding & Event Curators, was interviewed by Jake Ashey from Eventful Endeavors Wisconsin. Rob, who has won multiple awards for his wedding planning services, shared some insights into his business.

Despite living outside of Madison, Rob spends his summers in the Wisconsin area, executing wedding plans and preparations. However, during the winter months, he heads south to Puerto Vallarta, where he focuses on preparing for the upcoming wedding season. Rob is currently joining the interview from Puerto Vallarta, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful views from a local coffee shop.

When asked about the name of his business, Rob explained that OSO is derived from the Spanish word for bear, which has become his nickname among friends, family, and even some of the couples he works with. The name “OSO In Love” was inspired by a play on words, with “oh-so” representing the bear and also conveying a feeling of being deeply in love.

As a wedding and event curator, Rob aims to create unique and meaningful experiences for his clients. His logo, consisting of two gender-neutral bears, reflects the essence of his business and can be seen on his website.

Rob’s passion for his work and his attention to detail shine through in this interview. Whether he’s executing plans in Wisconsin or preparing for the wedding season in Puerto Vallarta, Rob’s dedication to creating seamless and unforgettable events is evident.

To learn more about OSO In Love Wedding & Event Curators and their services, visit their website. This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.

Podcast Transcript

Jake Ashey (00:26)
Hey everybody, how’s it going? This is Jake Asche with Eventful Endeavors Wisconsin. And I am pleased to introduce my guest over here to my right. This is a certified wedding planner, not only in the Madison area, but Milwaukee, Chicago, Iowa, all over the place. This gentleman right here is a master’s in education from UW, bachelor’s of music from Viterbo, and three years consecutively has won

The Knot’s Best of Weddings and Wedding Wires Couple Choice Awards, it’s Rob Anderson with Oh So in Love, everybody. Hey, Rob, how you doing?

Rob Anderson (01:03)
Hey, Jade, I’m great. It’s good to be here. Thanks for having me.

Jake Ashey (01:09)
Absolutely, and in post -production we’ll add it in some thunderous applause, people chaining Rob, hopefully. That’ll be great. So you’re joining us, now you live outside Madison, but you’re joining us from somewhere else I take it.

Rob Anderson (01:15)

That is correct. Yeah. Since starting my business, I have had the opportunity to be able to spend my summers in the Wisconsin area. That’s when I am doing the boots on the ground and execution work within the wedding industry. And then generally about October, November, I pack up and head south to sunny Puerto Vallarta, where I spend the winter working on preparations for the upcoming wedding season.

meeting with couples and putting all the preparations in for a smooth and seamless season.

Jake Ashey (02:02)
That is fantastic. So you’re in Puerto Vallarta right now.

Rob Anderson (02:05)
I am, it’s a beautiful 81 degrees, the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky. And we’re actually not meeting in my office, because my office when I’m working here in Puerto Vallarta is generally this little coffee shop called Dee’s Coffee and Bakery down by the pier. So I have a beautiful view of the Puerto Vallarta Los Muertos Pier, lots of fun people watching when I feel like I need a little bit of a break from,

Jake Ashey (02:10)

Oh, sorry.

Let’s go.

Rob Anderson (02:34)

you know, work on the computer and it’s wonderful. I absolutely love it.

Jake Ashey (02:42)
fantastic wall ladies and rob has it all figured out especially making the job work living in these northern states all about migration i’ll be your very inspiring me looking at as well that’s awesome

Rob Anderson (02:51)
That’s true. I say that I’m practicing for retirement. So.

Jake Ashey (02:56)
Hey, that’s good. That’s good. Everything needs a little bit of practice. I think that’s a good good policy Wonderful. I would love to hear about this company that you are running here called oh so in love So to start out can you describe for those of you? Who aren’t seen at oh so in love is spelled very specifically. It’s oh so in love I’d love to hear how you came by that name

Rob Anderson (03:01)


Yeah, so.

The name of my business is Oso and Love Wedding and Event Curators. It’s a long business name, but generally it’s shortened to Oso and Love. And the word Oso comes from Spanish and it means bear. So I am affectionately known by friends and family members and even some of my couples that I build a strong and deep connection with as Papa Bear. So when I was starting this business,

Jake Ashey (03:29)
Sure. Okay.

I love it.

Rob Anderson (03:52)
I was looking for a catchy title. I wanted something that was meaningful and you know had a connection to me personally so that it would stand out in the crowd against all of these other wedding planner and design businesses and I was driving in the car one day and it just sort of popped into my head. I was like, I’m oh so in love and

Jake Ashey (04:21)

Rob Anderson (04:22)
I thought about the fact that oh -so, the word for bear is spelled oh -so. So why don’t we do a play on words and that’s…

the name of the business and it ties directly with my branding and my logo. So if you go to my website, you’ll see our logo, which is comprised of two bears. They are not gendered. There is no gender identity and they both look very much the same. That’s because I strongly believe that love is love and I am excited and willing to work with any

Jake Ashey (04:58)

Rob Anderson (05:01)
couple, whether it be bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom, whether it be couples that are a part of the, you know, people of color community, non -binary, trans, and all other types of folks that bring a sense of diversity and individuality to…

you know to the the workspace. So that is how Oh So In Love came about. We are a we are a one stop shop sort of wedding services business where I personally offer wedding design wedding planning wedding coordination officiant services and then also as a side auxiliary.

Jake Ashey (05:29)

Let’s go!

Rob Anderson (05:55)
business, music, DJ and entertainment services with a side business that I have as well called Papa Bear Productions. And that is music, DJ and entertainment. And then in addition, I am set up to provide linen services to my clients, as well as some of the venues around the Madison area. I have established connections and relationships with venues like the Eloise and Mount Horob.

Jake Ashey (06:05)

Yes, love that one.

Rob Anderson (06:25)
where I provide them with linens and make it a little bit easier for them and their couples, as well as I have developed sort of an arsenal or itinerary of decor rental items. So my couples that work with me, instead of having to go out and buy, you know, 150 charger plates that they’ll never use again, I have assembled some options and continue to grow that inventory.

Jake Ashey (06:40)

Rob Anderson (06:55)
to make it a very smooth and easy process for the couples that I work with.

Jake Ashey (07:03)
That is fantastic. That is many hats. You truly are the one stop shop. So planning, coordination, some DJ entertainment if you want it, some rentals. Now do, What proportion of your clients do you say opt for the whole shebang for a reason, all the services, or do you also do a lot of just the coordination planning?

Rob Anderson (07:07)

Yeah. So I would say the bulk of my work.

comes from couples who are looking for like wedding planning and coordination services. So when I say planning, that would mean either partial planning or full service planning where I am seeking out and vetting the vendors and partners that will work with me to execute the day and bring it to life.

In addition to, you know, some clients will work with me on a design and branding for their wedding so that everything is cohesive. I will ask my clients for a…

Jake Ashey (08:04)
Hmm. Yeah.

Rob Anderson (08:08)
you know, a link to their Pinterest board and their Pinterest board has all of these different ideas that they’ve just seen like, oh, I really like that or, oh, that looks good. But they don’t know how to take all of those images and put them together and edit them into a cohesive.

concept that works together harmoniously from the moment that their guests get the invitation or save the date in the mail all the way through the process to the end of the night when the last song is played and the guests make their way back home. So I have a background in…

Jake Ashey (08:46)

Rob Anderson (08:49)

theater and music. I’ve been a creative person all my life. And so it’s those types of services that are really in my wheelhouse. I love doing the full -scale Papa Bear package, which is full -scale design, planning, coordination.

because it keeps me busy, gives me the opportunity to take a break from some of the more administrative doldrum things that you have to do in any job. And I look at that as being my reward for plowing through and getting through the administrative stuff. And it’s worked really well so far.

Jake Ashey (09:35)
love that. Very cool, very fascinating journey. Love that. And I got to know from one theater kid to another. So first, I’d love to hear you. Was it by your boat that you were originally studied music and it was a vocal performance?

Rob Anderson (09:45)

Jake Ashey (09:49)

Rob Anderson (09:50)
Yeah, actually, the name of the university is pronounced Viterbo. It originates from a small city in Italy. There is a city named Viterbo. And the institution is located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration back in the late 1800s, I believe.

and they started it as a normal school for the nuns and the novice sisters that were coming into the convent to try to teach them skills and go out in the community to basically, you know, sort of

Hopefully we can edit this. Go back into the community and share the values and the mission of St. Francis of Assisi. And St. Francis as well as the sister’s patron saint, St. Rose, sort of lived their lives around that area of Viterbo. So when they gave a name to the institution, they chose Viterbo. And the school has been known for years.

Jake Ashey (10:46)

all of it.

Rob Anderson (11:13)
as a very strong institution for education. So they train a lot of teachers. They also train a lot of nurses. But these sisters were also really innovative and had a love of the arts and the performing arts. So back in the 70s, they…

Jake Ashey (11:35)

Rob Anderson (11:37)
like took a leap of faith and built this beautiful fine arts center and started the School of Fine Arts with training in music theater, opera and classical voice, theater arts as performers, and then also technical work as well.

So I loved my time there, absolutely loved it. I studied voice for the four years that I was there, but I’ve been singing since I was about 18 months old. And…

Jake Ashey (12:01)

Wow, okay.

Rob Anderson (12:14)
Music has always been a huge part of my life and it’s, you know, my love of music that oftentimes I think gets me through my work day because listening to music helps inspire me. It also helps motivate me. So if I can, you know, if I’m feeling a little down or feel like my I’m dragging and not getting as much done as I would like to just put on the right playlist and it’s like I’m smooth sailing.

Jake Ashey (12:30)
Mm. Mm.

Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. Well, that’s an incredible, some incredible promo for Viterbo University. Sounds like a magical place. I was going to ask one theater kid, musical theater kid to another, and now I am a dueling pianist. We got to know what your go -to musical requests are for either a piano show or karaoke. What’s the go -to, Rob?

Rob Anderson (12:54)


Yeah, so if I am a…

If it’s me that’s performing, my songs tend to gravitate towards the higher register, like into the stratosphere. So I am a first tenor, have a pretty high singing voice. And so I am doing things like Journey, Sticks. And I also do a lot of like female R &B. So like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and

Jake Ashey (13:15)

Let’s go, okay?



Rob Anderson (13:41)
And to see the looks on people’s faces when I go into a random bar, you know, this really sort of, I don’t know, this…

fluffy bearish guy with a beard and a bald head get up and sing, you know, a rousing hit like Proud Mary in the same key as Tina Turner and bring the house down. It’s very easy to make friends in situations like that. So it’s very helpful.

Jake Ashey (13:52)


I love it.

I love it. What a great repertoire. Sounds like you got your go -to’s all figured out. Do you have, and I love, I haven’t commented on the wardrobe yet, but that’s incredible branding as well for Papa Bear mode. The wonderful bear shirt. Do you have a full, how extensive is the wardrobe of bear

themed things?

Rob Anderson (14:28)
Um, not, not very extensive. This is really one of the only bare shirts that I have and I wore it today because of why not branding, right? Um, and the brand is like really strong. Um, the visuals and everything. I do a lot of wedding expos and wedding shows. Um, and I will oftentimes get.

Jake Ashey (14:36)
I love it. Yes, I love it.

That’s wonderful.

Rob Anderson (14:52)
you know, lots of positive feedback from couples that are walking by my booth. They see the logo and they see, you know, the visual materials and they’re immediately drawn to it. And I think that I chose those images, those two bears, hand in hand, because…

Jake Ashey (15:01)
Mm -hmm.


Mm -hmm.

Rob Anderson (15:14)
I think that with my training and background I bring a very unique sort of experience to the to the industry. I spent close to 25 years working in higher education and the very first school that I worked at in higher education was actually my alma mater of Viterbo. So I had a training in student affairs.

Jake Ashey (15:38)
Oh, wonderful.

Rob Anderson (15:44)
and Student Development Administration. I graduated from the institution and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life because most people that get a voice degree, it’s basically like a bachelor’s and waiting tables, right? It’s a very small percentage that make it onto the stage no matter.

Jake Ashey (16:02)
Yeah, it’s dark.

Rob Anderson (16:08)
how good you are sometimes. And I took a step back at the end of, like towards the end of my program and did some assessment and thought to myself, you know, is this really how I want to make my money? Do I want to take something that is so endearing to me and so important and turn it into an income generating situation?

I decided no, I’m like, I wanna save that for the times when I need that love of mine to kind of get me through some rough times and to sort of feed my soul, so to speak.

Jake Ashey (16:53)
Mm, mm, yes.

Rob Anderson (16:54)
But I had an opportunity when I was in college to become an RA. I was a resident assistant for two years and had been given an idea of, you know, why don’t you look at doing something in higher ed at the entry level and maybe going on to grad school and doing, you know, something else in music, like musicology, music history, stuff like that. And I didn’t end up going down that path, but a couple years,

Jake Ashey (17:00)

Rob Anderson (17:24)
after graduating I got an offer to come and work at the Turbo. Within a semester I knew that I had found my thing so to speak and decided to pursue my master’s degree in higher education administration focusing on college student development. And so in that field.

You know, you’re being trained in a lot of different student services areas, including counseling. And I learned a ton during my time in the program about…

being a good active listener and really focusing on the person that I am interacting with and trying to better understand who they are, what they’re trying to say, and what their situation is. And so when I am meeting with my clients,

Jake Ashey (18:02)

Rob Anderson (18:21)
It’s not just a business transaction for me. It is really, you know, like a mini counseling session, trying to like pick their brain and figure out, you know, what is it about this process of planning a wedding that has them so anxious and frustrated? And what can I do to step in and help alleviate those feelings of anxiety and frustration and try to, you know, work towards a more stress free sort of

Jake Ashey (18:28)

I love them.

Rob Anderson (18:51)
experience. So those skills that I learned in higher ed as well as event planning skills because ultimately later on in my career I started working in positions where there was a an expectation to plan events on the campus level at

Jake Ashey (18:53)
Yeah, that is beautiful.


Rob Anderson (19:14)
you know, community events through my philanthropic engagement, as well as like state and regional and national events. And.

Jake Ashey (19:14)

Rob Anderson (19:26)
That was something, like it reignited a spark in me that I was doing something that had a creative element to it. And I also happen to be someone who likes to plan things out and have some details like down on paper. So it just sort of like felt like a really, really good fit for me when I was looking to get out of the…

Jake Ashey (19:37)


Rob Anderson (19:56)
the business world and try to find a way for me to start my own business and work for myself. So the idea of coming into wedding planning was kind of a crap shoot. I just was like, what can I do? And just threw some ideas down on paper and it was a really, really quick decision that I had to make because there were deadlines in place. And so also in love really came to light, came to

Jake Ashey (19:58)

Yeah? Wow.

Rob Anderson (20:25)
to be in like 48 hours. It was like either make it happen or figure out another plan because deadlines were in place and if I wanted to be in certain, be on certain advertising.

Jake Ashey (20:31)
Oh my goodness.


Rob Anderson (20:45)
sites and things like that, I had to make a decision within 48 hours. And I’m so glad that I made the decision that I did to move forward and take a leap of faith.

Because it’s been rewarding for me. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities. And so a message to your listeners, sometimes the impossible can actually be possible if you just really take.

Jake Ashey (20:57)
Brilliant. Last two.


Rob Anderson (21:14)
a leap of faith and have faith in yourself. It may seem like it’s unreachable, but with a little work and perseverance, you can make it happen.

Jake Ashey (21:29)
Beautiful. Hear that listeners. That’s that’s some beautiful philosophy from oh so in love and and that Absolutely comes across. I mean such a fun incredible story. Thank you for sharing So fun to see from higher ed into planning and coordination Not I haven’t met too many people and it makes perfect sense and the way that your brand has come together With this vision of taking people’s Pinterest

Rob Anderson (21:41)

Jake Ashey (21:55)
Items and visions and being able to implement them through all of your deep connections and networking and experience What a beautiful way to apply that and if I can just say it comes across in the brand just exudes this warmth and inclusion and celebration and love total Papa bear vibes So absolutely love love what you put together here. I wanted to tie that in you may have already addressed it a little bit But you mentioned also in some of your promos Empathy is a word that keeps coming back up

Rob Anderson (22:14)

Jake Ashey (22:25)
And I’d love to hear what you think, why you think empathy is a really important core value as a wedding professional, kind of across the board.

Rob Anderson (22:26)

Exactly, yeah, I feel so strongly connected to the concept of empathy and the practice of being empathetic that I even wrote it into my philosophy. When you work with oh so in love, you can expect the feeling to be like that of…

like putting on your favorite big comfy sweater or sweatshirt. It’s like one of those things where it’s safe, it’s comfortable, it makes you feel good. And so I throw around words or descriptors like nurturing, caring.

and empathetic because that’s really, those are the core values and the core philosophies that we have with Oh So In Love. You know, we, both myself and my assistant Jenny, who is trained by me, she knows exactly what.

Jake Ashey (23:28)

Rob Anderson (23:38)
I want the experience for my couple’s guests to be like. She knows how I like to interact and work with the couples as my clients.

We truly are always thinking first and foremost about the couples and how our actions will affect them, whether it be positively or negatively. And we never want to make a decision where…

what we’re choosing to do is gonna have a negative impact on our couples or their special guests. So we’re oftentimes asking the question of ourselves, like, what would it be like if I were in their situation? What would it be like if I was the one that was working with…

Jake Ashey (24:14)

Rob Anderson (24:31)
you know, with Oso in love. How would I want to be treated and what would I want my experience to be like working with a wedding planner? And if you just take a moment and you think about that as well as incorporate some, you know, key elements of…

being an empath, which is actively listening to your clients, not just hearing them, but actually listening to what they’re saying. And as they’re saying it, make good eye contact with them, be attentive and practice body language that’s open and welcoming as opposed to sitting there with your legs crossed and your arms crossed, right? That shows that you’ve put up a wall or a barrier and you’re not really open to feedback or

Jake Ashey (25:15)
Mm -hmm.

Rob Anderson (25:21)
hearing what they have to say. When you actively listen, you also are making sure and clarifying that you understand what the other person is telling you. So if I have a client that says, you know, I…

Jake Ashey (25:24)

Rob Anderson (25:41)
You know, I really don’t like a lot of flowers or I don’t want things to be too gaudy. My response to that would be, so what I hear you saying is that maybe flowers aren’t a priority to you and you’re looking for something that’s maybe a little bit more minimalistic. If I ask them that, then I’m gonna get clarity instead of me assuming.

like making an assumption of my own based on what the other person has told me. And so we want that experience for our couples and clients to be a positive one from start to finish. And when we’re working the day of the event coordinating everything,

Jake Ashey (26:10)

Rob Anderson (26:27)
There are things that we do that probably some other wedding coordinators wouldn’t or don’t do, but I feel that…

Jake Ashey (26:35)
Mm -hmm.

Rob Anderson (26:38)
It’s important if the couple is entrusting me with the overall success or failure of their day, I want to do everything that I can in my power to assure that their guests are going to have a positive experience, that they’re going to walk away saying, you know, wow, that was a really great night. I had such a good time. So when the day is sort of up and running, we’ve got them down the aisle, they’re married and now it’s

time for the celebration to begin, I sort of switch hats from being a wedding planner or coordinator to being a hospitality ambassador. And what I mean by that is looking for ways that I can enhance or improve the experience of my clients’ guests, whether it be things like…

Jake Ashey (27:19)

Rob Anderson (27:31)
A big pet peeve of mine, Jake, is like if I’m at an event, I absolutely hate having a cluttered table full of dead glasses and cans and bottles. It makes me nervous and it kind of makes you a little stressed out. And so like I will go from table to table, make sure that any glasses that are finished or dead, that they’re being cleared away. It’s a way that I can help improve the experience of my partners working behind

Jake Ashey (27:48)

Love that.

Rob Anderson (28:01)
the bar and providing those drinks because they don’t have time to come out from the bar to bus all those tables. It makes the guests have a more positive experience because they have a more clean and tidy space to sort of plant themselves and it shows that you know we’re a team player as well so it’s ultimately

Jake Ashey (28:07)

Amazing. Yeah, that’s not included on your typical wedding coordinator duties. Anybody listening is the clearing of the tables. That’s the most I want love above and beyond right there.

Rob Anderson (28:32)

And the thing that I love about it is that it gives me an excuse to sort of interject and communicate or interact with the couple’s guests. I wear a branded name tag any day that I am working an event, and it puts them at ease. It shows them that there’s someone out there that’s looking out for them. And also, if they have any sort of question or concern or they need something, they know that I’m the pro -go

to person and can help with that. And it’s just a lot of fun because, you know, at the event later in the evening, someone who was sitting at a table where I might have come up and cleared some empty glasses and bottles away, they see my name tag and then, you know, later in the night they see me at the bar when I’m…

going to get myself a Diet Coke, which is what gets me through these long wedding days. Like that is my go -go juice, so to speak. And they’ll be like, hey, Rob, how’s it going? And I’m like, wait, how do you know my name? And then I’m like, oh, I’ve got my name tag on here. So making those connections with people and personal.

Jake Ashey (29:32)
We all, yeah. Gotta have fuel, yep.

Yeah, yeah, one of the cream.

Rob Anderson (29:46)
personal connections is really important. And so I think that’s one of the things that really sets Oh So In Love apart. And I do everything in my power to assure that that is the norm and not just the exception in every event that we’re working.

Jake Ashey (29:50)

Beautiful Beautiful. Oh, thank you so much for sharing if I can reiterate for our listeners for those vendors and professionals who are listening Starting with that active listening and just putting yourself in the client shoes huge impactful part of also a love mission statement and if you are a Potential brighter grim listening to this podcast if you want your planning process to feel like a comfortable your most favorite sweatshirt Then wearing it the whole time

Also in love has a written into their mission statement. So sweatshirt vibes Rob, thank you so much for taking the time here on the podcast. I got just to one more to close this out We just love to hear if you were talking to somebody who’s listening who’s just starting just now starting Maybe just got engaged starting the journey If you could give him a piece of advice heading into the wedding planning dream, what would you give him?

Rob Anderson (30:39)
Yeah, definitely.


Yeah, absolutely. My piece of advice to a newly engaged couple would be, one, no matter what your budget is, find…

room in the budget for a minimum of a day of coordinator. It will be the best gift you can ever give yourself and give your parents especially. Because so often we see that at the end of the night, who’s doing all the cleanup if you don’t have a day of coordinator? It’s like the mom and dad of the bride and groom. And…

Jake Ashey (31:33)
Mm. Mm. Yeah.

Rob Anderson (31:35)
No one should have to feel like they need to be cleaning up all of that stuff after a long day of socializing and playing host to the wedding guests. The other thing is, I would say that even if your budget is tight, if you contact Oso and Love and seek out services, I


100 % sure that I can probably find ways in your budget for cost savings that will cover at least a majority if not all of the fees that you would pay for our services, so You know we offer a variety of types of packages from just day of coordination which is going to be your You know your entry level package all the way up to design and branding and full -scale planning

Jake Ashey (32:22)
Mm, yeah.

Rob Anderson (32:36)

you know, a day of coordinator at a minimum is really the best money that you can spend on your wedding because it’s going to allow you to really take the focus off of all the logistical details that are going to be required of someone for that day off of your shoulders as a couple and puts it on someone who does this professionally on a weekly basis pretty much.

You know, they have lots and lots of tips and tricks and connections that can help you out in the process and give you a sense of direction. I can’t tell you how many couples have come to me after trying to do it on their own and they get to this point and it feels like, you know, like they’re in over their head. And so I always give kudos to those couples that recognize that,

You know, some things you can’t always do all on your own. And having the forethought to come and ask for assistance and advice is a good thing.

Jake Ashey (33:41)

Absolutely beautiful. Yeah, don’t be one of those couples who comes to Rob You know later in the process after having tried and exhausted themselves be one of those who does it early and gets to do the comfy sweatshirt vibes For the entire journey. Yeah, awesome. Awesome. Hey Rob. Thank you so much for joining us from the podcast I want to appreciate your time. I want to get you back to sunny Puerto Vallarta

Rob Anderson (34:06)

Sure. Thanks so much, Jake. It’s been a pleasure. And to anyone listening out there, make sure you take advantage of the promotional offer for our podcast listeners. That should be included in all the materials. I want to save you some money if possible. So be sure to take advantage of that and check it out.

Jake Ashey (34:31)

Yep, that’s right.

That’s right. Awesome. All right, Rob Anderson with Oh So In Love. Thank you so much, everybody. And this has been Eventful Endeavors. Take care, Rob.

This interview was made possible by Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

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