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Podcast Summary

In a recent podcast interview with Felix and Fingers, Ashley Ulery, the owner and lead planner of A Dream Wedding Maui, shared some interesting insights into wedding planning trends and her approach to creating unique, personalized weddings that reflect her clients’ love stories.

Ulery, who is renowned for her relentless commitment to perfection and has successfully planned hundreds of dream weddings in Maui’s picturesque venues, has noticed a significant shift in the current trends in the wedding and event industry. Speaking with host Jake Carter, she revealed that couples are tending to prioritize the guest experience over the aesthetics. They are devoting more of their budgets to activities and unique experiences, rather than on elaborate decoration.

Interestingly, Ulery also highlighted some emerging wedding fashion trends. Notably greener hues in groomsmen’s attire and a shift towards allowing bridesmaids to pick their own dresses in different colors.

One trend that Ashley is particularly excited about is the rise in experience-based touches. She mentioned introducing lei-making stations at weddings, originally intended for children, which quickly became popular among adults as well.

Ashley also touched on her personalized approach to wedding planning. She believes strongly in making each wedding an authentic reflection of the couple’s story, rather than adhering to a specific aesthetic consistent across all the weddings she plans.

This insightful interview offered a peek in the world of professional wedding planning, especially for those looking at ‘A Dream Wedding Maui’.

This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.

Podcast Transcript

Jake (00:24)
Hello, I’m Jake Carter with Felix and Fingers. I’m here with Ashley Ulery of A Dream Wedding Maui. And she has decades of planning experience with an eye for detail and a reputation for going above and beyond, which makes sense for Maui. Of course you do. I can tell just from talking to you briefly that you just go all the way out on everything. Hundreds of couples have trusted Ashley to make their dream wedding a reality. And as the owner and lead planner behind the business, you can count on her to…

Ashley Ulery (00:42)

Jake (00:52)
Be your head all aspects of the planning process to create an effortless and elevated wedding experience. True love stories that you are creating in Maui. I’d love it. Welcome. Thank you so much for joining me on this podcast. I’m so excited to meet you and have you here. Thank you.

Ashley Ulery (01:07)
Likewise, Jake, thank you for having me.

Jake (01:09)
Yes. So I have some questions that I’m gonna ask you about weddings and events and all the things that you’ve seen, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Are you ready to go? Awesome. Cool.

Ashley Ulery (01:17)
Yeah, I’m ready. I just talk about weddings all day long, so.

Jake (01:24)
I think we all can. So what current trends are you seeing in the wedding and event industry?

Ashley Ulery (01:33)
We were actually just talking about this. I feel like everything is shifting more towards experience, even like above aesthetics. So I’m seeing when couples are managing their budgets, they’re really focusing on guest experience, things to do, activities, way more than the big elaborate florals. I think that Maui is unique in that it is so picturesque and beautiful.

not a whole lot is needed to elevate the aesthetics. It’s not like we’re in ballrooms trying to reimagine them. We’re so lucky that the venues are so beautiful. What else am I seeing? Smaller ceremonies. So I have a lot of couples doing like a private ceremony with just immediate family and then inviting the rest of their guests for the reception. What else?

Jake (02:07)

Ashley Ulery (02:26)
Different colors of bridesmaids dresses is trending right now, which I personally love. I’m a big fan of letting your bridesmaids pick their own dresses so they’ll actually wear them again. For the guys, we’re seeing green suits all of a sudden. Yeah, so they were hand in blue for a long time, but now we’re starting, actually I had a wedding last night and the guys wore green suits, it looked great.

Jake (02:38)


Like, what kind of green? Are we talking like a dark green? Okay. Huh.

Ashley Ulery (02:54)
Yes, yes, dark, like a hunter, almost forest green.

Jake (02:58)
Okay, wow, that’s fun, that’s different. I like that. Really cool. Do you have any favorite things that are popping up recently that you’re just like, this is super cool out of those things?

Ashley Ulery (03:02)

Well, I mean, the experience trend I’m all about. Like, we’ve been doing laymaking stations at weddings, which is so fun. We started doing them just for the kids, but found out, like, the adults just love to get involved. And next thing you know, everybody’s wearing, like, fresh flowers around their head, around their necks. That’s really fun. There’s a company here on Maui called Catered Coconut, and they do, they machete fresh coconuts during cocktail hour.

Jake (03:28)

Awesome. Very fun.

Ashley Ulery (03:40)
I love, and I just, I mean, as far as like aesthetics and design, I love that part, but I’m all about just having the event reflect the personalities of the couple. So I don’t particularly want people to see my portfolio and be like, oh yeah, Ashley has that in common with all of the weddings. I really like to get to know the couples and I really encourage them to, you know, bring out the details of their love story and their personalities in the wedding.

Jake (04:07)
Nice, yeah, that’s super cool. Some of those are fun. I think that like the lei making and the coconut thing, like it’s very much important. Like you said, like you’re like, oh, we do this normally for kids. And then we found out the adults like it. And it’s like, yes, be an adult, but play, have fun, enjoy life. You can have fun too. It’s okay, you know? Damn.

Ashley Ulery (04:23)
Yard games? I mean we’re seeing tons more yard games and yeah, yeah, just embracing that childlike joy.

Jake (04:33)
That’s awesome. That’s great. Okay, so to take this kind of to the opposite end of things, what are some things that you think people should never do? What is the most cringe -worthy moments or like things or stories that you’ve seen at your events? Tell all. You don’t have to say names, but I want to know all of the details.

Ashley Ulery (04:52)
Oh my gosh. Well, hopefully I’ve been guiding them along so we can kind of avoid some of those things. I mean, it’s so cliche, but not drinking or eating the day of the wedding is like such a no. Like, make sure I always have wedding parties. Like, please make sure everybody’s eating and drinking water, staying hydrated. Not wearing sunscreen. So people get to Maui and they go to the beach.

and they don’t wear the sunscreen and then we’ve got, you know, sunburn lines on dresses to be, that’s a big no. Guests wearing white to weddings? Please don’t do that. Yeah, but I’ve seen it recently enough to feel like it bears repeating.

Jake (05:26)
Oh yeah.

Yeah, I think that’s a classic one. I mean…

Bringing up? Wow. They’re just like, well, it’s an island, it makes sense, it’s okay.

Ashley Ulery (05:46)
Yeah, and the other thing, which I’m going to be a little controversial here, so forgive me, but I feel like Hawaii is such a unique space for weddings.

Jake (05:53)
excited. Yes.

Ashley Ulery (06:02)
I’m generalizing here, so not to offend everybody, not a Y .E. vendor, but it’s just, it’s, the vendors here know the lighting, they know the weather patterns, they know the venues, and I, we are kind of seeing this trend of like, oh, I’m gonna bring in a vendor from the mainland. Every once in a while, it’s fantastic, but more times than not, it doesn’t go as well as it could have using someone who knows the island and the venues.

Jake (06:04)
Ha ha ha ha!

Yeah. Yeah, it’s interesting. I was talking to, you said just before we started this that you were at Sugar Beach last night and I was talking to Lee a couple of weeks ago and she was just talking about the exact same thing where she was saying it’s really, it’s hard for them to allow vendors that are not on island to come in and do things because when they say, oh yeah, sure, your photographer that lives in like Oklahoma can come take pictures in Hawaii.

Ashley Ulery (06:36)
What is?

Jake (06:53)
And I’m a photographer as well and I understand that would be a really challenging thing to do in Hawaii because the weather and the sunset and the location and the venue, it’s really hard to just walk in and be like, yeah, this will work, here’s the spot that we need to go. And then when it rains or something changes, what do you do? You’re not familiar with it and it makes it hard. You’re not ready for all those plan B moments that people that live here are like, oh yeah, here we go. You know?

Ashley Ulery (07:07)

And in Hawaii, we don’t really have to follow. So for me, it’s all about the golden hour sunset photos. So it’s like, once that sun goes down, your lighting is gone. And the other thing is so much, it’s a very small wedding community here, and we all work together so well. I have clients who say it’s really important to me that my vendors really work together as a team. We’re so used to work, it’s like a side glance. It’s like, oh, the DJ knows.

Jake (07:20)


Thank you.


Yeah. Yeah.

Ashley Ulery (07:40)
The best being is not ready to give the toast or whatever. You know, we’re just such a nice cohesive team. The flip side of that is kind of what I was saying earlier, is I truly believe in bringing visions to life, whatever it is that the couple wants. So, you know, it’s kind of walking a fine line.

Jake (07:57)
Yeah. So normally I would just move on from this question, but I feel like you have to have one really standout thing because of how you, the look that you made when I asked this, is there one really bad story of something crazy that happened at any wedding? If not, we can move on, but I just, I feel like you have to have one where you’re like, well, this one time, the groom, you know?

Ashley Ulery (08:18)
So I don’t even know if this is podcast appropriate, but I’ll tell you. I had a wedding. It was actually a Catholic church wedding and the reception was at a hotel after. And I’m there, you know, the planning team shows up early. We’re there at eight o ‘clock or eight or nine in the morning for set up. So I had kind of been with the bride all day. She was, I’d say, untraditional.

Jake (08:23)

Ashley Ulery (08:43)
I went and so I everything was ready like the church was ready. I went to her room to tell her okay It’s time to get married now. Let’s go. She looks at me with these saucer eyes and she goes I forgot undergarments and She was wearing a short dress Okay, well, you know, what do you need and

Jake (09:00)
Oh, uh oh. Yikes.

Ashley Ulery (09:12)
I was wearing a dress that day and I always wear like shorts under my dresses because I’m working. So I literally took my shorts off and gave them to the bride so she could wear those to get married in.

Jake (09:17)
Mm -hmm.


Oh my gosh, talk about elevated experience. You’re like, I will literally give you my underwear, it’s fine.

Ashley Ulery (09:29)
Yeah, um, yeah my wedding gift to you I don’t want them back

Jake (09:34)
Wow. Wow, that is, I mean, I think you need to add that to the bio. Oh my gosh. Not shirt off our bag.

Oh my gosh, that is crazy. I knew that there was a story. I knew there had to be a story. There always is one. That’s great. Wow. Okay, so next question. What is one of the coolest things that you’ve seen? I know you mentioned like the coconuts and the lei making and things like that, but what is like the most crazy out there thing that a couple has ever done?

Ashley Ulery (09:53)
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Jake (10:18)
Just like something really cool. Things that people have brought up in the past when I’ve asked is like, I know there’s one person on a different island that does like helicopter weddings and they had like the couple jump out of the helicopter and then someone else has brought up like the flower drops out of helicopters and yeah.

Ashley Ulery (10:32)
Yeah, yeah, we’ve done helicopter weddings. I have actually, this one is also at Sugar Beach this summer and she’s arriving by canoe. So the bride is being paddled in by canoe. That’s very cool. The groom is actually from Maui. So he has Hawaiian roots. So we’re doing, it’s been really fun because there’s been so much reverence for the Hawaiian culture for this one. So, you know, we’re doing the chanting as they arrive and the blessings and the hula.

Jake (10:44)

Ashley Ulery (11:01)
That’s pretty. Yeah.

Jake (11:02)
Wow. That’s awesome. Yeah, that is really cool. I haven’t heard anything about that yet. That’s awesome and that Sugar Beach is perfect for that. We’re gonna have to tell Lee that we’re just promoting her the whole time.

Ashley Ulery (11:08)
And it’s so perfect, right? And I love it when a couple’s willing to at least get their ankles in the ocean for photos. I think that’s, yeah. Jumping in the ocean, however, I’m going to go back to my list of don’ts. Don’t do that.

Jake (11:26)
Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh really? Really? Like, why?

Ashley Ulery (11:36)
Well, if you’re going to, make sure the reception’s over. Because some people forget like towels and a change of clothes. Yeah.

Jake (11:40)
Yeah, that’s fair.

Mm -hmm. And a shower and, you know, more makeup and hair and yeah, the really fancy wedding ring that is gonna get lost in the ocean and… Okay.

Ashley Ulery (11:54)
That’s another really common one actually, you know, because people get in the ocean and their fingers get a little bit smaller.

Jake (12:03)
Yeah, yeah. Okay, so what is some advice that you have for someone that is just starting their planning journey?

Ashley Ulery (12:14)
Um, you know, I mean, I kind of always go back to being authentic to yourself. I see so many couples kind of in the throes of trying to please everybody, you know, so I think it’s really important to just be intentional about what the two of you want. Um, you know, as far as, as far as Maui specific, you know, just find, find a planner. I mean, find someone that you really trust.

and that feels like a friend because the relationship that we carry, you know, it’s usually a year of planning, becomes a lot more intimate than just, you know, a business interaction.

Jake (12:52)
Yeah. So with that being said, there’s two questions that follow up from that and is what is the like, you said a year of planning, when should people start booking with you like to get availability? Like how far out do you have to book to get, to get your time?

Ashley Ulery (13:09)
So, I mean, a year is a pretty good standard, 12 to 18 months. But how I personally, I love a last minute wedding, like four months. It’s so much fun for me to plan. But I mean, a year is a good, some hotel venues on Maui won’t book out for longer than a year. So that’s something to consider. But there are venues that are in high demand, like Oluwalu Plantation House, like Sugar Beach, and those are booking out. So.

Jake (13:18)

Ashley Ulery (13:38)
For me the biggest decisions are going to be the first the venue, then your planner, then the date. And then it’s like everybody kind of like has this big sigh of relief. And then we kind of do like a four phase planning process and then we can just kind of start rolling.

Jake (13:57)
So you think that they should book the venue before they book the planner?

Ashley Ulery (14:00)
Not necessarily, no. Yeah. I guess I did say venue first. Sometimes people come to me because we’ve already booked the venue, but I’d highly suggest booking the planner first because we have so much insight about that.

Jake (14:02)
Oh, okay. I was just checking. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s why I was surprised because I was like, it seems like you’d want to talk to the person planning. Yeah.

Ashley Ulery (14:17)
Yeah, and things like, you know, we do a lot of weddings at the Pineapple Chapel. I know you were just there last week. And that venue allows food trucks, which is super cool. This is a no that I see all the time. Well, food trucks are cool. That’s a great experience. The food’s really fun. It’s a great way to feature local cuisine. However, there’s so much back end service stuff that does not come with a food truck. Right. So, you know, things like we can kind of chat because people are like, you know,

Jake (14:24)
Thank you.

Hmm, yeah.

Ashley Ulery (14:46)
more budget minded, a food truck makes a lot of sense, to really talk to someone and be like, well, actually, by the time you play for dish rentals and service staff and bussers and everything, you’re kind of right back up at catering.

Jake (15:00)
And food trucks in Maui are not that cheap. It’s the weirdest thing. You’d think that they would be, and then you see them and they’re like the same price or more than the restaurant next door. It confuses me every time. I don’t understand, but… Yeah. It’s not like everywhere else where you’re like, oh, go get cheap tacos at the taco truck. No. The tacos are gonna be like $8 a taco. Like… It’s like, what? Blows my mind.

Ashley Ulery (15:04)
and for pulling.

Yes, I am. Yeah.

Yeah, I know.

Well, not very many things are affordable here in Maui.

Jake (15:31)
Yeah, well, but the food truck thing just, we’re so getting off of weddings, but it just is so confusing to me. So what about your specific like planning service makes you unique?

Ashley Ulery (15:36)

Well, I offer lots of different tiers of planning services. So we do have something for everybody. But I really feel like it’s just my, everything is about the relationships for me. So it’s just really full service planning. I don’t take more than four a month because I want to personally be there for them every step of the way. It’s just 20 plus years of experience of planning weddings here.

So I do know all the vendors, venues, the ins and outs, all the details. But for me, it’s really about the relationships. I kind of hate to bring this up because it’s so rare that it does rain on Maui, but we had a very iffy weather day yesterday at our wedding. And it’s like, no, we, I mean, just to look at that bride’s eye in her eyes and know how important an outdoor ceremony is, it’s like.

Jake (16:13)

Ashley Ulery (16:38)
I don’t care if we’re moving those chairs in and out 50 times today. We’re gonna do all that we can to make sure your day goes off just exactly as you want.

Jake (16:47)
Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, because you’re not saying it for yourself, I’ll say it for you. What makes your service unique is you. It’s you. You’re like, well, I mean, it’s a lot of things and I don’t really know. It’s kind of the real, I’m like, it’s just, just go for it. Be like, it’s me. I am the unique part. I’m amazing. Thank you.

Ashley Ulery (16:55)

Thank you.

Jake (17:09)
Yeah, I didn’t tell talking to you. I’m like, yeah, you’re fun to talk to. This is just own it.

Ashley Ulery (17:13)
Yeah, I mean, I just feel so grateful to do something that I love every day. Thank you.

Jake (17:22)
I think everyone here agrees with that. Most people agree. We live on Maui. It’s a good thing. Compared to other planners, what is your pricing? Are you average? Are you more pricey? Are you less pricey?

Ashley Ulery (17:26)

You know, planner pricing on Maui is all over the place. So I would say that I’m mid to upper range. I do offer month of planning and I do offer partial planning, which is kind of more on the lower end for people who are working with a different budget. Or, you know, some clients just really want to plan their own wedding. That brings them a lot of joy. So I’m happy to support them through that journey as well.

Jake (18:07)

Ashley Ulery (18:09)
Some planners charge a percentage base. Some planners are, I’m gonna get a little controversial again, but some planners do get kickbacks or discounts from vendors. So whoever you book as your planner, I would just caution you to ask those questions to the planners because I just believe in total transparency. You’re gonna know exactly what your wedding is costing you.

Jake (18:34)
Yeah, that is interesting. I knew about that, but I didn’t think about how that would play into picking a planner and how they deal with vendors. So that is really interesting.

Ashley Ulery (18:47)
Right. Well, it’s kind of the norm, you know, 15 to 20 years ago, but, you know, clients are so savvy now and I just feel like my biggest job is to advocate for the client. So I’m going to steer you towards the vendors and the florals and the menu that I think is the very best fit for you, not the one that might be paying me a little bit extra at the end of the day. So.

Jake (18:59)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, yeah. So speaking of vendors and catering and all those things, do you have a like preferred vendor list that you work with?

Ashley Ulery (19:19)
Yeah, so when clients book with me, the first thing that they get is a preferred vendor list. It’s kind of interspersed with a really fun quiz, you know, because I want to know their love story, their engagement story, their favorite restaurants, where they like to vacation, you know, all those things kind of come together in planning this, you know, celebration of their love story. So yes, to answer your question, yes, I do have a preferred vendor list.

Jake (19:32)

Do you require that your couple to use that list?

Ashley Ulery (19:51)
Funny you should ask Jake. I was I was I act I just got a call this morning from a videographer like how can we work on this so No, I don’t However, if they want to veer from that list, it’s it just seems to be a conversation, you know Sometimes it’s like a photographer that I haven’t personally worked with but they’ve got a great reputation They’re vetted by other planners. I feel really confident about it. I

And it’s a great opportunity for me to work with someone new. But sometimes it’s like kind of what we were talking about before.

Jake (20:21)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, it makes sense. It’s just interesting stuff to know. So I know you were talking about weather. How does that play into what you’re doing when an event goes on? Because I know that you were talking about, and I know I’ve talked to Lee, so I understand how Sugar Beach does their thing where they’ll move in and out and in and out. How does that play out for you as the planner?

Ashley Ulery (20:55)
I mean, 90 % of the time it’s such a non -issue because, you know, generally speaking, it’s sunny and beautiful here in Maui, but everybody will ask the question. You know, clients want to know that there is a Plan B in place, so they feel really good about that. So, but also, you know, if you’re coming from the mainland and you’re pulling up Hawaii weather.

Jake (21:00)
Mm -hmm.

Ashley Ulery (21:20)
It’s like, as you know, the the intricacies of the island, like it’s always raining somewhere. So I always tell the lands like 10 days, maybe seven days out, we’ll really start looking at the weather. But before then, it’s just really not reliable. And we’ll know.

Jake (21:35)
It’s not even reliable day of. Like you look at it and it’s like, oh, it says it’s this, but you can like go stand outside and be like, yeah, this is what it really is. Like, yeah.

Ashley Ulery (21:44)
Yesterday, and I will tell you what that Sugar Beach chef Lee told me yesterday in the last 10 years, they’ve only had three ceremonies move inside. But yesterday it looked like we had a huge front. You know, I’m like on the radar. The radar to me is the most reliable. And it looked like we had a front that was supposed to hit at 11. So I had already come up with, you know, we had a plan B for the floor plan. We had a plan B for the ceremony. I had called the florist and said, hey,

let’s rework these florals so they can be moved inside or out, which again, working with a great team who’s willing to do that for you in the morning of is amazing. And then, but it was still just like, wait, wait, wait, you know, I can’t, I feel like it’s such a lazy way to be, to be like, oh, we’ve got to make the call by 9 a .m. You know, there are logistics for weddings, but no, we’re going to do whatever we can to make it happen. So, and that’s what we did yesterday.

Jake (22:21)

Ashley Ulery (22:43)
We literally, the wedding parties texted everyone. The ceremony start time was at five and if it was gonna rain, it was gonna rain at five. So we had everyone come early, like, hey, can you just get here as soon as you can? So we were able to start 15 minutes and as soon as the ceremony was over, the rain came. Yeah. Yeah.

Jake (22:52)
Mm -hmm.

Oh wow, that’s cool. That worked out really well. That’s amazing. I had a show at the Four Seasons maybe two months ago that it was like just one of those days where it’s like, maybe it’s gonna rain, maybe it’s not, you know, who knows? Either it’s gonna pour or we’re gonna get a beautiful sunset. I don’t know. And the client,

Ashley Ulery (23:18)
Mm -hmm.

Mm -hmm.

Jake (23:29)
the client that I was working with, not the client -client. But my point of contact was like, we’re moving inside. Just kidding, we’re moving out. I got like seven texts throughout the day. It’s gonna be outside, it’s gonna be inside, it’s gonna be outside, it’s gonna be inside. And I was like, okay, well, when I show up this afternoon, then we can, you know, whatever. But it was just funny, because it was like, just kidding, just kidding, we’re going back, we’re going in, we’re going out, you know. And it’s just one of those things that’s really hard to tell, you know?

Ashley Ulery (23:45)

Yeah, that’s how you…

It’s really hard. And it’s like, take the cushions off the chairs, put them back on, move them in, move them out. I was even, yesterday I was working with, I don’t know if you know Caleb from Nō Ka OI Video. That’s a great video production company. Caleb was a boat captain prior, so I feel like he’s such a reliable weatherman. So I’m texting him, Caleb, what do you know? It’s like.

Jake (23:59)
Yeah. Mm -hmm.


Hmm. Yeah.

Yeah. So for these day of things going on and decisions, how early do you normally get to the venue or onsite? And also, are you the day of planner coordinator person as well? Or do you have someone come out and do that? And who is the main point of contact throughout that day?

Ashley Ulery (24:40)
So it’s, well, for sure for full service coordination, it’s always me. I do have staff that helps me. And occasionally they’ll jump in and do like a month of, I think most wedding planners are control freaks. So I have a really hard time not being there. And also I’ve developed such relationships with these couples. I mean, it’s just so rewarding for me, you know, to share in the day with them.

Typically, load -in for rental starts at like eight o ‘clock or nine o ‘clock in the morning. So we’re there from that really until the door’s locked at night. So I’m typically there all day and all night. Yeah.

Jake (25:17)

Wow, awesome. So you’re the main point of contact. You do do the day of stuff. And it starts, it’s an all day from morning to night.

Ashley Ulery (25:29)
It’s an yeah, I mean if you want to do it, you know, you want to do it well, I just think that’s the way to do it. So yeah, and the idea is that the couples can really relax and enjoy the day because they know we’re taking care of everything. So.

Jake (25:36)
Awesome. Well.

Yeah. So my last question is you do a really cool thing called Wedding Tip Wednesday. Do you want to tell me about that?

Ashley Ulery (25:51)
So Wedding Tip Wednesdays, you can find that on our Instagram. And it just started like, and I guess it still is just really organic. I just pop on every Wednesday and, you know, offer some great ideas or tips, kind of some things that we talked about, new trends that I’m seeing, things that, even things as a planner that I’ve kind of taken for granted that I assume are, you know, common knowledge that aren’t. And it’s just…

It’s been such a fun way to kind of engage with couples.

Jake (26:24)
Yeah, it’s funny because I found you on Instagram and that was one of the things I’m like, wow, this person really is on it. You do a lot of, you’re very active and do a lot of really good stuff and it looks really good too. So kudos to you, you’re doing an amazing job. The Wedding Tip Wednesdays are very fun, really cool. And I’m like, wow, she’s always out there doing a thing. It always looks great. So nice. Ha, once through and you’re like, that’s good.

Ashley Ulery (26:37)
Thank you.

Thank you.

My secret is I never watch them.

Exactly, because they might start off and change that, change that, and they’ll never produce anything.

Jake (26:54)
Straight to post.

That’s funny. Well, I think that was it. Otherwise, I know that your special offer is a secret that you have to call or talk about if you hear the podcast. So feel free to email, call, or schedule a consultation and get the secret special podcast offer. But thank you so much for joining me. Is there anything else that you want to talk about?

Ashley Ulery (27:12)
I’m sorry.

I don’t think so. This was so much fun. Thank you. Absolutely.

Jake (27:27)
Thank you for joining me with the podcast. I appreciate it.

This interview was made possible by Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

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