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Aloha Growers, a unique boutique powerhouse management and marketing agency, was the recent focus of an interview by Jake Carter of Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos. He spoke with founders Scott Johnson and Jill Mayo about the company’s origin, their approach to managing artists and businesses, and their incredible live shows.

Originally founded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Aloha Growers is the brainchild of award-winning designer Scott Johnson and marketing professional Jill Mayo. Their combined expertise in design and marketing have produced an agency that offers quality event planning, music promotions, corporate branding, and talent buying services since January of 2021.

The interview, held at Aloha Growers, delved into the firm’s out-of-the-box strategy to help artists and businesses achieve growth. In a memorable anecdote, Scott and Jill shared the story of an impromptu Paul Simon show they managed, underlining their ability to handle unexpected situations and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Comparing online marketing to gardening, Jill explained how the effort, patience, and attention to detail required in both mirrored each other. They discussed the challenges in the marketing field, provocatively likening website back-end updates to dealing with garden mold – a necessary yet often problematic part of the process.

The interview provided an engaging and insightful look into Aloha Growers, allowing a behind-the-scenes view of a business born out of the pandemic’s adversity. Scott and Jill’s passionate approach to their work, creativity, and understanding of both the artistic and corporate market, position Aloha Growers as a force to be reckoned with in the management and marketing sphere. Their story serves as an inspiration to all business ventures emerging in the post-pandemic landscape.

Remember to stay tuned for exciting events and developments from Aloha Growers in the future!

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This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos

Podcast Transcript

Jake (00:25)

I’m Jake Carter with Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos and I am here with Jill and Scott with Aloha Growers. You guys are event planners, musical promoters, business -based branding, marketing, and artist management and talent buying agency founded in January of 2021. So that was a post -COVID thing by award -winning designer Scott Johnson and Dogtone Design along with his marketing partner, Jill Mayo. Combining their years of experience in their respective fields, they’ve created a boutique powerhouse management and marketing agency that provides bookings,

and media services to help artists and businesses grow. And I’ve come and seen your shows, that’s why we know each other, because you guys put on awesome shows. So amazing, thank you so much for joining.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (01:05)
You made it to a pretty special show, actually.

Jake (01:07)
Yeah, I’ve been to oh, yeah, that is true. Yeah, I’ve been to a handful of them But yeah, I did I got to see you guys had a Paul Simon show. That was amazing. I didn’t think it was real honestly I get that was such a crazy night. I got that text and they were like hey Paul Simon is playing at a bar like a quarter of a mile away from where you’re sitting right now and I was like I was like no, he’s not like you’re a liar, you know

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (01:08)
whole summit.

I didn’t think it was real either.

Thanks to you.

Jake (01:34)
And then I was sent the screenshot with someone that had texted you personally and it was like no Paul Simon is playing and I was like, okay closed out my tab and I drove up the hill to that location Absolutely awesome. That was super cool. I was actually the the My my story of that is I was in Paul Simon’s way when he was trying to get to the stage and he was like Hey, can you I was like, oh Yeah, sure So

That was amazing. Super cool. Do you guys want to say anything about your history and bio before we get into some of the questions here?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (02:14)
Really? Yeah. I mean, you know, we kind of started our, we started Aloha Growers in 2020. Um, but we, it was like official in early 2021. So I mean, you could tell them why it started. It started to help farmers. Well, no, it started because I was growing.

A garden. COVID. In COVID. And I realized that growing a garden is a lot like online marketing. It requires a lot of tending. And there are certain elements that I was like, oh my God, I don’t, I don’t particularly care for this part, but I know what it does to the garden. And so, um, I was like, oh, this is like sending out an e -mail blast, right?

Jake (02:46)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (03:12)
or like there were just things I could correlate it to to my everyday job. And that’s, I was like, oh, aloha. Soil to watering to sunlight, to insects, to mold to.

Jake (03:17)
Interesting, yeah.

So what exactly is the mold in the part here? I’m curious.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (03:32)
Love! In the online marketing evening? Or in the garden? Just dealing with it. Love.

Jake (03:39)
I was thinking of event planning, but I mean, whatever way you want to take that question. I was curious who the mold is.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (03:45)
Oh, well, for me, for me, the mold would probably be when you go into the backend of your website and you see there’s like 10 updates you have to do. And each one is could be kind of scary because it like, you never know really, it could mess a little things up. So an update could take a little bit longer than you expect it would take. So for me, that’s kind of like my moldy situation.

Jake (04:07)
Yeah, that was a great answer for that question. Yeah, for sure. And it just keeps growing in the dark in the back of the website and causing problems for that’s a, yeah. Wow.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (04:15)

An opening band that may not want to get off the stage to let the headlining band have their full set. Very mold -like.

Jake (04:26)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, very mold -like. Don’t be mold, okay? That’s what we’re learning here.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (04:32)
We gotta remove it somehow.

Jake (04:37)
Awesome. So what are some things that you guys are seeing that are popping up with shows and events? What are some current trends that you’re seeing that are new or different?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (04:48)
I don’t know how to answer that. I mean, I know like what we do, we’re trying to be trendsetters. So ideally for us, a great show might be something that’s not happening all the time, you know, or a performance that’s put together special that doesn’t happen all the time.

Jake (05:15)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (05:16)
I think that’s something that sells better. The supply and demand in a sense. Out here, like we live on Maui and you know, the economy is a little rough right now. We’re also dealing with, you know, we’re dealing with the fires that happened here and what’s happening with that. So I mean, like trend wise, it’s hard to put a finger on what’s happening out here.

Jake (05:20)
Mm -hmm.


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (05:45)
But I can say like what we’re trying to do is to try to create some different stuff, try to utilize all genres of music, you know, and create entertainment that anybody can enjoy. I’ve really seen a lot of artists step up and put together something specific like a show. And that’s really cool to have.

Jake (05:50)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (06:13)
them put together or something that maybe they’ll just do three times or something, you know, here and there, whatever, but it’s something unique and different that you’re maybe not gonna get again, you know, so you just, it could be one of those things where it’s like 10 years later, you’re like, remember that show, you know, so and so and so and so got together and we’ve never seen them again together and things like that, you know, it’s just.

Jake (06:19)



Yeah. So I mean, you were, you’re like, I’m not ready to answer that question, but I feel like you answered it perfectly. The trend that we’re seeing is, is with the fire and things going on, people are, people are teaming up and pairing together and you guys are definitely promoting that with Paul Simon, Lily Miola, and the whole group of people that were up there. That was such a cool show. And I don’t think that that’s something that happens regularly. So yeah.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (06:43)


Right. Right.

Right, right. That’s absolutely one of those. Maui is one of those places. I won’t just say Mulligan, but we’ve had a lot of guests that have popped into Mulligan’s, which we’re very fortunate to have had happen. But Maui, you know, there’s a lot of people here that are famous, lots of musicians here and everybody’s kind of chill with them, which is, which is always a good thing. It’s not uncommon for Steve and Tyler to pop in through a kitchen or a window or something. And there he is.

Jake (07:24)
Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. And it is, people are, people are cool with it. And it’s kind of, I, when I was talking about that, I was not sure if we wanted to say the exact location because I was like, I don’t know if we want to, we want to tell everyone about where this happened, but there was a bar that I went to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you guys have great programming. Yeah.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (07:46)
Oh yeah. Yeah, it’s the Mulligan’s music box. Yeah. Yeah, Mulligan’s music box. Thank you. I think we came to Mulligan’s and we’re making slow change to really create a legit venue, which is exciting. Which, you know, it has history there, so there’s a lot of history there. Since you’ve been there, we have a full stage now. We have more lights.

Jake (08:06)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (08:15)
We have pipe and drape behind the stage now. Like it’s actually, we’ve evolved in the last four or five months, which is great.

Jake (08:19)

Is there always pipe and drape or is it only for some shows?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (08:28)
There was nothing, it was the green wall with a lot of things hanging and a TV. Well, we did have pipe and drape. The Lamonts came in and did a really cool production. And they did the pipe and drape.

Jake (08:39)
Yeah, because I was just there the other day and I don’t remember. I remember seeing the wall with all the things and so is it only is it for every show or is it just sometimes?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (08:45)
Yeah. We just, we put installed it now, so it’ll be there. Two days ago or was that yesterday? I’m trying to think. Was that yesterday? Yeah. It was yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, but we’ve had. Pipe and drape there in that area before when the Lamonts did, were you at the Lamonts by any chance? That was a great one. Yeah.

Jake (08:51)
Oh. Oh, OK.

So this is very recent. Great.

wasn’t at that show no no this is gonna make the pictures look so much better though I don’t have to try to fix all the poster things behind the people so great interesting that is an interesting thing we are seeing shows like that what are some cringe -worthy things or like

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (09:12)

Jake (09:30)
things that you don’t like seeing, such as the mold example, what are some things that happen at your shows that you’re like, no, don’t do that, please don’t do this thing?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (09:41)
Um, well on Maui, we have LC laws. So it’s kind of like, there’s a lot of cringe things where you have to keep into control. So, um, please do not take your alcohol down the stairs or, well, just on, you can’t dance with a drink in your hand at all anywhere on the dance anywhere. And you could be slightly dancing. And so that’s, it’s just, that’s kind of a thing. So.

People, we have a lot of visitors from other states that are, it’s not, they don’t have the same rules and regulations like that, that are very strict. And so it’s not, it’s totally kind of a foreign thing to have to explain to them. And it’s almost like you’re the bat, you know, it’s frustrating to have to deal with that. So. If I can turn that around, you know, we, we toured for a couple of years and we went to a lot of really cool venues and we were.

Jake (10:13)



Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (10:39)
treated, you know, everyone’s different depending on how they treat you, even with hospitality to green rooms, to how the sound person treats you to the everything, the whole big picture. And we went to a lot of amazing, amazing places. And like we came back with the intention of actually making good things happen, you know, to try to utilize some of those, to make sure artists get paid well, to make sure that…

Jake (11:00)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (11:05)
the marketing’s done by the venue, because that’s always a conflict of musician, venue, kind of like, oh, you’re not doing enough to sell my show. And it’s like everybody’s kind of got to do their job. And ideally, help even to develop talent where bringing maybe a $5 show in or a free show in, but get somebody like, wow, okay, I can build an audience. And then audience starts building and next week we can take it a show.

and they’re making more money. So like, we really wanted to kind of take some of the stuff that we learned and the way we were treated by some people and like bring it back to Maui and try to find a venue we could work with, which happened at Mulligan. So not too much bad stuff, you know, it’s not difficult to make a situation really positive.

Jake (11:34)

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, and I know.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, I can think of all kinds of things that are cringe -worthy moments of performers. Like, one is dropping microphones. You know, that’s always a cringe for me. That’s the first when you think of just like shows. It’s like, do not drop the wireless, please. It’s not that hard, you know? But also like you just mentioned…

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (12:08)

Jake (12:21)
The liquor laws, I know, I feel like you guys probably deal with explaining that to your performers quite a bit, because I know I deal with that a little bit too, where I have to explain to people, I’m like, please do not encourage them to dance with alcohol. Like, you cannot do that. We also cannot drink. You know, there’s, like you mentioned, there’s some weird things and people are always looking at me and they’re like, what? Why? Isn’t that the whole point? And I’m like, well, not in Maui.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (12:26)


Right. Archaic.

Jake (12:47)
Yeah, yeah, it is. It’s very different. So I totally understand that. So like you said, to flip it around, what is like one of the coolest things that you’ve seen it shows? Something that someone’s done that was surprising or really unique or fun. And you’re just like, that was that was a great moment.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (13:06)
I got a few things that were fun. I think in the power outage that was fun. That was fun. We, we, we, the McKenna grid, which is where Mulligan’s is on that, that power grid went out one night, right at the start of a second set of a band. And it was troll from the Maui pranksters bringing a bunch of San Francisco.

players out, dead players. We had Phil Lesch’s keyboard player, Scott Gooberman, and a couple other players, and it was an amazing band, and the power went out. And that was a moment of like, okay, this could be really bad, or this could be really cool. And it turned out to be a great thing. These guys just went in and started playing the drums, all of them, the whole band. Just started playing percussion and drums, and the phones came out, the lights on the phones came out.

everybody just started dancing. It turned into like this amazing like drum circle dance party. Which, and it went on for a while, the power did not come back on for like a day. So like everybody left that night pretty happy. It was pretty fun. Yeah, that was a cool moment.

Jake (14:11)


Yeah, so if you can just force the power to go out on one of your shows, also have musicians that are ready to adapt really fast, that’s a great…

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (14:27)

I have to say that the biggest positive that comes out of a lot of this stuff though too is because Jill and I pretty much, we work these shows and we meet people and we meet people from all over the world that are tourists and we meet locals that are all like when we get that positive feedback after a show, like, wow, that was great. You know, they’re amazing. Especially it might be some young talent like Kenny Blue, who’s a young guitar prodigy or just something different that they never thought they would have. Maybe they just stumbled on a show.

Rowdy Love. We get so much feedback. They’re a rockabilly kind of Americana band and we’ve got like all ages from, you know, people from Alaska, from Canada, just like, oh my God, when are they playing again? You know, I’m only here for a couple weeks. It was like pretty cool to hear all that good feedback. That’s the pop thing. That’s the good stuff.

Jake (15:00)

Yeah. Yeah. That is, that is good stuff. I fully agree. That’s awesome. It is always fun to find those people and have those moments. And I feel like Maui is really a good place for a lot of that. Um, so.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (15:21)
Yeah. Yeah.


Jake (15:30)
With the idea and like topic, I know that you mentioned that you have 18 Nahoku Hanohano nominations and won two for graphic design. With that kind of idea, and I’m hoping that I said most of that correctly, I should have ran through that ahead of time.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (15:44)

That’s it. That’s it. My people. Yeah. Yeah.

Jake (15:51)
Yeah. Um, with that idea, that’s definitely something that makes you guys unique as someone that is doing planning and like promotion. What let’s talk about that and what, what makes you guys such a unique powerhouse? Because I know the shows that you put on are really solid.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (16:06)
You want me to start? Yeah, yeah. I mean, we’re definitely a unique company. As far as getting into the artist management, artist booking, event production, having not only the graphic design skills, but the marketing skills. So that’s Jill’s wheelhouse is on my marketing. Mine would be graphic design. And having that, it’s a huge asset to any business really. Whether I’m selling,

mugs, coffee mugs, but have that skill to be able to develop beautiful mugs and market those mugs and get it out there, build websites, all that kind of stuff, videos, you name it. It’s a huge, huge asset and I think it actually tips us over a little bit because we’re able to, whatever we’re doing, again, from events to management to booking, it enables us to take it a little bit, 10 steps further.

not just one step further, but 10 steps further.

Jake (17:04)

For sure. And so with your history in marketing, do you want to tell me more about how that helps and makes it unique and just kind of what your history and background is on that, Jill?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (17:08)

Um, well, pretty much, um,

You have a great graphic designer who can build you whatever it is you need. Bricks. So I’ll be like, I need this. I need this. And I can get it on the fly. So if I need a Facebook event cover, if I need posters printed, if I need flyers, anything I may need from traditional marketing.

Jake (17:40)
Mm -hmm.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (17:49)
from not just online, but from traditional to online marketing, having a graphic designer for a marketers like a must. Otherwise, I don’t know, it would be really hard to get. It’s one less person we have to hire to really in that aspect. So like we’re able to do a lot of stuff without doing that because, and going back to trends, yeah, you want to, a trend right now would be that a lot of bands are going out.

Jake (18:06)
That’s what I was going to say, yeah.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (18:16)
and they’re basically, they have a video crew and a photo crew and whether that’s part of their label, their management or whatnot, but they’re out on the road with them shooting constantly because that’s their world now is how they’re perceived in social media. There you go, that’s the trend. So fortunately for us, we’re able to kind of be able to do all that stuff a little bit differently because I think we’re a little bit closer to the brands and the bands and the musicians that we work with.

Jake (18:29)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (18:42)
We understand it a lot better than another graphic designer that’s talented or what or a marketer that’s talented that doesn’t completely understand how to sell that properly. So that’s.

Jake (18:42)

Yeah, so yeah, I mean that’s both the trend and what makes you guys so unique is your relationship with the people that you work with. So that’s great, awesome.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (19:01)
Got it.

We got to meet a guy named Herb Trewick. He’s a kind of a legendary music manager. And we met him at NAMM. And it was after a performance. And Jill and I got to actually just kind of talk manager talk with him. Like, you know, ask him a few questions. And he was really, really like supportive of what we did. And the minute he found out that we did marketing and design, he’s like, you guys, that’s where it’s at. That is exactly where it’s at.

Jake (19:21)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (19:34)
And it was really great to hear it from a legend like her, which was really cool.

Jake (19:40)
So with the idea of branding and marketing and all of that, and thinking of an event side, let’s talk events. Like if someone wanted to come to you and put an event on, how do they go about doing that? What do you recommend that they come, you know, prepared with, or like some, some ideas of how to be ready to come to you to put on an event.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (20:02)
Probably the best thing to do is to email and to have a unique concept. Preferably something you want to showcase. Or it doesn’t have to be necessarily unique, but something that maybe is not playing the Friday before, the Friday after, it’s not saturated.

And so that way it will generate more of a reason for people to come to the event, that it’s unique and special. And so I would say coming with a good idea of your show and what you wanna do. And it doesn’t have to be anything, you know, fancy. It could be a cover night.

Jake (20:39)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (20:54)
you know, a Ramones cover night or something, you know, an ukulele Ramones cover night. I’m just throwing ideas out, but to get creative, to, you know, to be a creative musician. There is a difference though between like a show and an event, like if somebody’s coming like, oh, I want to put on a little three band event and this is my idea or something like that. It’s way different than somebody just coming, hey, this is my music, I want to put on a show. Right. And to put on, I mean, putting on events isn’t easy.

Jake (20:55)
Mm -hmm.





Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (21:24)
You know, at all. I mean, there’s, there’s a lot of just, especially going straight to the venue. If you don’t have a venue that you can work with that, you know, could make things a lot more difficult, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. And it does take time. You got to be ahead of it.

Jake (21:25)

So do you guys also, yeah, for sure. And with, with all this in mind, just so that people listening are totally clear on what it is that you guys do, do you only work with artists and people that are doing that kind of level of thing? Or if a consumer kind of person came with you and said, Hey, you know, I have this group that’s going to be doing something and we want to, you know, they, they have a lot more questions as consumer that wants to put on event. What do you recommend those people do? Are you, do you work?

with those kind of people and how does that work?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (22:11)
Um, so you mean like if a, just a business came to us and wanted to put on an event at their business? Yeah, absolutely. They can email us and tell us what it is they’re looking for. Um, and we have relations, Scott’s got wonderful relationships and with artists all over the island. And, um, you know, so we can, you know,

Jake (22:17)
Yeah, or someone someone was having a party or yeah, yeah

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (22:39)
hear what it is you’re looking for and try and plug that in for you.

Jake (22:41)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (22:45)
pretty much.

Jake (22:47)
And I know naturally you have lots of relationships with also venues and just a lot of people within the industry. So yeah.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (22:55)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Especially in Hawaii. Yeah. You know, we started actually doing this because we were managing a band and, you know, it’s really hard, I feel like here as a musician to be a musician full time and to get paid like a living wage for your career. So we were trying to try and change that paradigm a little bit.

Jake (22:58)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (23:25)
And so we were doing events up at Gilligan’s originally up until the fire happened. And, and then after that, we, they, they went to full luau and we went up to Mulligan’s. So, so originally it was really just trying to fulfill a need to be able to pay artists more of the money because.

Jake (23:43)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (23:55)
I feel like artists get brought into these restaurants or venues to pack the restaurant so the restaurant gets money. But then there’s this small little flat rate that the artist gets for bringing in all these people. And so we wanted to make it like a win -win situation for everybody involved. So when the restaurant wins,

Jake (24:09)
Yeah. Yeah.


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (24:22)
because it’s packed, the artists wins because they sold tickets at the door that they’re getting a percentage of that’s higher than what a flat rate fee would be for a band. And so really that’s how this began was we were just trying to generate revenue for artists. And that’s where also merchandise came into play as well is another revenue generator. So.

Jake (24:32)

Yeah, I saw.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (24:51)
So we designed a lot of merchandise, stickers, shirts, hats, things like that. So that’s always great. And that comes into the branding. That’s also brings in the branding. And on this note too, like Jill was actually involved in getting a grant written that is going to be a grant that actually pays musicians directly to play at certain venues. And Jill was very influential in actually getting that grant.

Jake (25:16)
Mm -hmm.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (25:21)
written and accomplished here on Maui. And it came through, so it’s like it’s being active. And it has nothing to do with us. Like we don’t, we have no gains on it. We were just there to help actually facilitate it because it’s good for the artists, which is another cool thing. You know, that’s another, again, it’s in our, I don’t know, it’s in our soul to like wanna like make everybody win, including the venue.

Jake (25:47)
Yeah, very much like community oriented and event oriented. You guys care a lot about the artists and how things go and it’s very evident in how your shows run and how they’re put on. And I think that speaks to why they are so fun and so high quality. So it’s really, really cool.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (26:03)
Appreciate that. Yeah. Thank you.

Jake (26:05)
So when an event is going on, I know that you guys are, from what I’ve seen, always around. So what is your role in managing that event throughout the day?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (26:17)
turn your phone off. Because everybody wants free tickets. Band, turn your phone off. No, I mean, we’re handling everything. We handle all the ticket sales. We organize the sound checks and help assist with the sound, either tech or if they bring in their own sound. Just depends on what they want to do. The band wants to do. We run sound every now and then. So we help.

Jake (26:22)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (26:47)
facilitate that and then, you know, really we love Mulligan’s. Scott has a long history there of doing shows and events there. And so basically we’ll help out in any capacity there on a show night that’s needed. If I, you might sometimes see me running drinks, you know, sometimes to the tables. Cause I used to do that long time ago. You know, you might see me busing tables.

Jake (27:03)
Mm -hmm.


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (27:17)
It just helps with the overall vibe, which is great. You know, we’re there to help and we’re there as a team. We’re not employed by Mulligan’s, but we’re there as a team to work with Mulligan’s. And have a good experience. Have everybody have a good experience and have a good time. Right. You know, enjoy the art, you know, that’s there at night. Right. We have a new series that we may be talking about here, but our Aloha Music Series.

Jake (27:17)



Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (27:45)
which are on Wednesdays, which we are very even more involved with that because we’re selling tables now. So it’s getting all the tables set up, making sure the place looks amazing. We’re trying to bring this, the dinner show back that Mulligan’s once was like famous for not only with Willie K, but before that, but with Eric Gilliam and Barry Flanagan with Wilea Nights. So we’re bringing that vibe back to Wilea, which is exciting.

Jake (28:12)
Yeah, that was actually going to be my next question. So tell me more about that and what, what that’s going to look like and what’s going on.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (28:16)
But that is starting, the first series is starting at Mulligan’s. It is not venue specific, but it’s basically just a platform to give artists the ability to share their stories through their music.

Jake (28:23)
Mm -hmm.


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (28:43)
And so what we’re looking at right now is artists who have Hawaiian cultural influences, but who are pushing the envelope of that. So it might not be your traditional Hawaiian music. But it may be. But it might be. But so we have a few artists that we are working with, developing the series with, and each one of them will have their own night.

And their own show. Well, yeah, their own Wednesday. And basically, it’s their night to be creative and we’ll work with them to develop it. And so if they want to have a special guest or anything like that, they can. So we have… We’re definitely creating a show that’s more marketable and sellable and tourable even. So that’s another thing that’s great about it as well. So we’re working with the artist to help develop a show.

Jake (29:17)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (29:43)
which is kind of like the next stage after, okay, we developed a ticketing system, now let’s develop a real show. So yeah. Which is exciting. We have Taimani coming out for Wednesday, May 15th, and that will be the part of the Aloha Music Series. That’ll be the first one in the Aloha Music Series. And so that website will be launching next week. Tavana. Tavana will be playing every month, once a month.

Jake (29:44)


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (30:14)
on one of the Wednesdays. And he’s part of that as well. And then we have Jay and Andrew Molina. Who are amazing. Yeah. And Andrew Molina is a ukulele virtuoso. He’s awesome. Yeah. And his dad on the bass. They’re storytellers. They’re a father and son. They’ve toured the world together. And Andrew is just, he’s next level ukulele player.

Jake (30:19)

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (30:43)
He’s one of our greats out here. And yeah, so we’re real excited about that. That’s starting, I believe, in July, we’ll have the first show with them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Jake (30:46)


Very cool. Is there anything that we didn’t quite get to? That last question just naturally flowed into the Aloha Music Series. So is there anything that you guys wanted to talk about and touch on before we end this and call it wrap it up?

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (31:11)
Julie? Um, I don’t think so. Yeah? Yeah. It’s been nice to catch up with you.

Jake (31:18)
Yeah, great catching up with you guys.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (31:21)
Gooling pianist, we gonna do this sometime? Yeah. I heard the show was great. I heard it was great. Yeah. Yeah.

Jake (31:24)
I mean, yeah, well, that’s good. That’s good. Let’s, let’s make it happen. Um, I think that our, our Aloha story would be a little bit different if we’re, you know, trying to tell stories about songs and be like, so there’s this song called piano, man. We’ve, we’ve, uh, basically written it ourselves because we played it 8 billion times. Um, so yeah, there’s, there’s a rewritten word for every single word that was originally in the song. So, you know, we, we did something, you know,

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (31:37)

The rewritten. The great.

I will say, you know, there is one show coming up, or one event coming up that I’m really excited for. And I was not, I didn’t think I would be this excited for it, but it’s the Beatbox Championship. The Hawaii Beatbox Championship. Will be on July 20th. And Pono is dropping.

Jake (31:54)
But yeah, yeah, we should.


Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (32:21)
his videos and stuff of the… He’s a world champion. He’s a world champ and it’s just amazing and I can’t wait for this show because… All ages. Yeah and there’s gonna be judges, they’re surprise judges and so it’s… These guys are so good and Pono is like one of the greats. He’s obviously, he’s a world champion. He’s like one of the great beatboxers.

And it’s just amazing what these guys are doing. Yeah. And it’s a lot of young kids getting into it. For me, it’s full circle. Like the minute I started hearing these guys do this, I’m going, oh God, the fat boys. You know, like thinking back, like when I was in junior high school, like they’re way more advanced. Yeah. It’s unbelievable what he’s doing. Yeah. Mind blowing. Even two guys, like, you know, doing it together in a sense in rhythm with different things going on. Just mind blowing. It is. Yeah. Yeah.

Jake (32:47)
That’s amazing.

That’s really cool.

Wow. And that one’s going to be at Mulligan’s as well.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (33:15)
Yeah Mulligan’s July 20th. Tonight we have Tempa and Naor at Pro Arts. Another great venue.

Jake (33:20)
Nice, nice.

Great. Yes. Yeah, and.

Yeah, if you’re listening to this podcast, we do also have a podcast with Pro Arts. So go check that one out. I’ll just plug that right now with Lynn. That was another great podcast talking about their venue. Um, but yeah, thank you guys so much. I, I, you know, I come to the shows. I look forward to the shows. They’re super fun. Um, and then, you know, for people listening to kind of sum this up, you guys manage artists, um, and help put on that side of events, which is a really cool thing. So if you’re an artist trying to put on a event, these are the people.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (33:38)

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Jake (34:01)
people to reach out to. Or you’re looking for a show to go to.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (34:02)
Yep. And we’re booking artists now too, so we’ve got a booking division as well. So, yeah.

Jake (34:07)
Great, great. Or if you’re looking for a show to go to, you know, this is also the place to find it. So sometimes you might just get to go see Paul Simon. Yeah, or, yeah. I know, that was super cool.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (34:16)
You never know. You never know. Lucky you, right? Came to see Lily Mulan. You know, I didn’t know Gretchen Rhodes was gonna have Marty Dredd hop up and play hits from the bong, you know? I mean, that was like, that was awesome. And I didn’t know that was gonna happen. Right on. Appreciate it, brother. Thanks.

Jake (34:38)
Yeah, yeah. Well, thank you guys so much for joining. I appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time for this. Aloha.

Aloha Growers Scott + Jill (34:45)
Aloha. Talk soon.

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