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In a recent episode of the Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos, Stacy Krick, the catering director for White Manor Country Club, shares insights about the event industry and her role at the iconic venue. For over a decade and a half, Stacy has been pivotal in bringing to life the event dreams of countless clients by leveraging her experience-forward approach.

Krick nudged the audience’s attention towards shifting trends in the sector, emphasizing that the leaning has moved from barn and rustic to simple elegance. Unique touches that brighten up the ambiance at White Manor Country Club include rose blushes and candlelight—a trend Krick acknowledges has ramped up over the years. Creativity, she opines, remains the backbone of memorable events, encouraging hosts to customize their celebrations.

She took the listeners on a riveting journey of the past, sharing about an out-of-the-box wedding she handled in North Carolina. The event featured stilt walkers, fireworks, dance performances and an eight-tier cake, emphasizing her exposure to a unique blend of events.

Discussing White Manor Country Club, Krick highlighted the attractive flow of various event spaces in the property, from the ceremony and cocktail hour to the ballroom. A notable aspect that sets White Manor apart is its recent renovation. The lobby redesign and the addition of a groom’s room with a simulator and upgraded bridal suites enhance the experience for clients and guests.

Emphasizing that White Manor Country Club’s ethos is a blend of modernity and country chic, Stacy Krick’s interview was an engaging delve into the dynamics of wedding and event planning.

This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.

Podcast Transcript

Nate (00:24)
Hey everybody, this is Nate with Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos. I’m here with the lovely Stacy Krick. She’s a catering director for White Manor Country Club. She’s been in her current role for about 15 years and has extensive experience helping folks realize their wedding and event dreams. She credits her success to her client and experience forward approach and it’s actually looking forward to it. It’s going to be an absolute pleasure to spend a few minutes with her here today. Hello, Stacy.

Stacy Krick (00:52)
Thank you, Nate. I appreciate it. Great to be here.

Nate (00:55)
I’m so excited about this. So first I’ll ask, how are you doing today? How’s your Monday going?

Stacy Krick (01:02)
Fabulous. It’s soaking wet outside, but I kind of joke that once we have rain on a tour date or you know this in advance, knock on wood, we won’t have that on your wedding day.

Nate (01:06)

Absolutely. So what I want to do is I want to just talk a little bit about the industry, talk a little bit about White Manor, and honestly learn a little bit more about you. Let’s start with the industry. So I always love asking this question because I feel like I get great answers. But tell me about, are there any really cool trends that you’ve been seeing in the wedding or event industry? Anything that you’ve seen recently brought into White Manor that’s sort of unique but really fun?

Stacy Krick (01:39)
Absolutely, trends have changed year to year when it comes to like decor ideas and things like that. It’s a little less barn and rustic and more just simple elegance, lots of rose blushes, lots of candlelight, which we do allow, just really makes the ambiance wonderful. And there’s, you know, kind of see it all when you do this for 15 years.

Nate (02:00)
Oh, yeah, and I’ve actually noticed that too. This seems like there’s a lot more romance being brought back in there was a There’s kind of an ebb and flow to these things and that’s just really really cool. Um What’s that? Oh, yeah

Stacy Krick (02:12)
Yeah, make it your own. To make it your own. It’s your day. There’s no set thing that you have to do. Get creative.

Nate (02:22)
Awesome. So you mentioned that you’ve been doing this for a number of years. I’m going to ask sort of an adjacent question. What is the most unique thing that you’ve seen at a wedding or event? Is there something that’s just way out there crazy? I’d love to hear about it.

Stacy Krick (02:38)
Absolutely. This was actually in North Carolina. We had stilt walkers, fireworks, a dance performance, you know, on a ring, you know, eight -tier cake. It was just probably the most extensive wedding we ever did and had so much fun doing it. Stilt walkers. Dragging the candy bar.

Nate (02:50)
Wait, this was.

That is absolutely wild. Wow, that’s so cool. I mean, the thing that caught me was like the fire dancers and stilt walkers. I would never think about that for a wedding, but that’s such a cool idea.

Stacy Krick (03:06)
Mm -hmm. Yeah, it’s entertain your guests.

Nate (03:10)
So let’s move into a little bit like the more individual stuff with white manner. I guess, tell me a little bit about white manner itself. Like what is sort of the special, unique thing that you find attracts people to the space or that you find attractive about white manner?

Stacy Krick (03:28)
I think the best thing that I hear a lot is that we have wonderful spaces to go from ceremony to cocktail hour to ballroom, all separate spaces, but yet still keeps all your guests together. It’s a really great flow. But the most exciting part recently is a huge renovation to our lobby, a new groom’s room that has a simulator space and some upgraded bridal dressing suites available as an option. So that’s probably the most exciting part.

Nate (03:46)

Stacy Krick (03:57)
right now is the renovation that we’re going under. It’s bright, beautiful, modern, country chic, country club.

Nate (04:04)
That’s awesome. And so if the groom is a golf fan like yours truly are a little bit sporty, the sim, that’s so cool. That’s such a neat idea.

Stacy Krick (04:12)
Yes. The groom lounge or the fireplace, obviously some service to bring food and drinks throughout the day and pre -simulator base, yes.

Nate (04:21)
That’s so neat. Okay. And so tell me a little bit about what folks should know if they’re gonna book White Matter. Like tell me, is there a specific amount of time out? Is there anything they should know about whether it be sort of limitations or maybe something that you guys offer that a lot of others don’t that they definitely should know going in?

Stacy Krick (04:44)
Sure, I guess the timeline would be if it’s a Saturday in season, I would definitely start looking and booking now. But I’ve booked a 300 person wedding in 30 days. So yes, but definitely if it’s a Saturday, let’s start talking now and come meet with me. The deposit’s easy. It’s just $1 ,500 to lock in the date. We only have minimums on Saturdays in season. And then.

Nate (04:53)
Mm -hmm.


Stacy Krick (05:12)
You have till 10 days before and give me that final count. But we have all kinds of planning meetings, tastings in between, and we literally walk you through every step of the way.

Nate (05:15)

And so for those who may not know, you know, what the season is in the area, when you say like, if you’re wanting for this season, say like, I’m 20, 24, what does that season look like? What is the busy time, so to speak?

Stacy Krick (05:36)
April, May, June, September, October, November.

Nate (05:39)
Okay, so spring and fall. So if you’re looking for fall this year, get on it.

Stacy Krick (05:42)

Yes, come see me. Absolutely. In October with those pictures out on the golf course. Spectacular.

Nate (05:52)
Awesome, so when we were, we actually talked a little bit before this and you were telling me about something kind of special that’s coming up at White Manor on April 14th. You have something special for folks planning their wedding. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Stacy Krick (06:03)

We sure do. Wedding or any event, it would be, it’s our Wedding and Events Expo, April 14th from 12 to four. And don’t worry, the Masters will be streaming in the bar. It’s Masters Sunday. And we have 14 vendors from photographers, bakers, videographers, planners, decorators, florists.

Nate (06:16)
Ha ha ha ha! Fair, fair, okay.


Stacy Krick (06:26)
So lots to learn and see. You can meet with me, tour the venue, and then also like one -stop shop, meet all the vendors that we work with that you’re not required to use. We have recommended vendors, but we just like to take off that big cloud of, oh gosh, where do I begin? And recommend the ones that we have vetted and love to work with.

Nate (06:41)

Yeah, we have the pleasure of working with a lot of couples that go through this process. And I will say from a…

outside perspective, when I get to when I introduce myself to folks who have been through something like this, like what you’re doing at White Manor, I can already tell they’re a little less stressed because they’ve got a lot of really great ideas and concepts of what kind of what they’re going to go with. It helps really helps with planning, even if they only book one or two vendors or are their venue from that kind of event.

Stacy Krick (07:10)

Yeah, I hear that a lot after the after the end of the meeting. It’s like, oh, I feel so much better now.

Nate (07:20)
Awesome, awesome. And so, you know, I wanna shift gears and talk a little bit about maybe some advice for folks planning weddings. I always am at risk of sounding a little too negative here, but I love this question because I feel like I get a lot of funny answers. So tell me about…

Stacy Krick (07:35)
Woof woof woof!

Nate (07:39)
like something that a client or couple should maybe never do. Cringe -worthy things, things that are like, oh, maybe we shouldn’t have done that kind of thing. What have you seen that you’re like, maybe I should instruct folks to avoid this?

Stacy Krick (07:51)
Yes, thank you. It’s a very good question. They’re like, what should I do or should I do this? Should I not do that? It’s always, you know, making their dreams come true. It’s whatever they want is what’s going to make it special. But what I cringe about is if I see that they’re wasting money.

Nate (08:08)
Mm -hmm.

Stacy Krick (08:08)
You know, don’t spend a ton on monogrammed favors that people aren’t going to use. They’re not going to stick around. People are more opting to do like a late night snack or an after party, things like that. Or even a customized dessert to go. Because that won’t go to waste.

Nate (08:11)
Thank you.

Oh, wow. OK. No, no. And as someone who is often performing for the reception at a lot of dinner, those after party snacks are awesome. So you mentioned like there’s like monogrammed towels and a couple of things like napkins and things like that that you find that are sort of, I don’t want to say less important.

Stacy Krick (08:35)
Mm -hmm, let’s soak it up.

Nate (08:50)
but are let’s say less memorable to the guests and things like that, which is part of why you and I connected talking about that experience. We’re wanting to create something that folks talk about years down the road. If you were to say there were like a couple, two, three things that you would say definitely we want to get perfectly right that are like those things that really truly matter more than some of the other minor elements, what would those things be?

Stacy Krick (09:14)
You want that wow factor. So we keep a close eye on timeline. Some like it like to the minute and some are like, no, let’s just go with the flow. So we just have that understanding. But the room, the look of the room, when people go from cocktail hour into the ballroom, the food, the music and the drink is what people’s going to remember. People on that dance floor, you know, making it a fun event, but also beautiful.

Nate (09:20)
Mm -hmm.

Yeah, the food and drink always important. The food with the drink. And I gotta say, you’re pointing to food.

Stacy Krick (09:48)
Mm -hmm.


dance floor I get so close to the families they’re like come on get over here!

Nate (09:58)
Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I’m looking forward at our next event to seeing you out there. I got to say, you know, your second point there with the music, I couldn’t agree more. I’m totally biased, but absolutely. So as far as like Journey on and we talked a little bit about some of the cringier stuff, but what is the…

Stacy Krick (10:04)
Mm -hmm.

Nate (10:24)
What would you say is like a crucial piece of advice for somebody just getting started planning, whether it be a fundraiser, a corporate event, a wedding, something like that? What would be that very first piece of advice that you would give to somebody?

Stacy Krick (10:36)
Take a deep breath. It’s okay. We got this. One step at a time. Work your plan, plan your work. Or plan your work, work your plan. Yep. Don’t let it be this big cloud. Oh my God, I have to plan all this stuff. So many things to do. It’s like, let’s just take it step by step. Here’s a guideline.

Nate (10:46)
Plan your work, work your plan. I love that, I love that. I…

Amazing. So I want to circle back just one last time and talk a little bit about white manor. So we talked about time frame for booking. Are there any other vital clues that you want to give to our viewers about booking with you all? Is there a special space? Is there a unique element or an option that a lot of folks don’t consider, but you’re like, ah, you’re missing out? Anything like that.

Stacy Krick (11:25)
Keep in mind, when people say, can you just send me your packages and pricing? I’m like, I always like, I wanna be able to sit down and plan and know that people can customize anything with us. It’s your day, we’re gonna change, modify, add, take out anything that they need to make it their own.

Nate (11:37)

Yeah, and Stacy, full disclosure, that’s part of why I wanted to bring you on here. We totally see eye to eye on that with that like personalization and getting to know folks. I mean, yes, a wedding or a corporate event often is just a one day thing, but the process getting there takes time and getting to know the people you’re working with and that are helping you put together the madness.

Stacy Krick (12:05)

And we know, you know, it might take months, weeks, however long to plan an event, but literally we have one day to get it right to your point. That could be one evening or just a few hours of an event, but it’s memories to last a lifetime. We get one day to get it right and we do.

Nate (12:28)
Awesome, and so Stacy, I’m gonna ask, what is, white manor aside, what is something that folks who are maybe interested in white manor should know about you? What is something that you’d like someone coming in to learn about Stacy ahead of time?

Stacy Krick (12:45)
Well on my email signature it’s catering sales director, but boring I literally have a title that I’ve had for 15 years. Somebody told me you’re always happy. You’re always smiling so I have an assigned title of director of happiness and It sounds kind of corny, but it’s so true that I take it very seriously that I am directing everybody’s happiness and make sure things go right and stress free and

Nate (12:50)
Mm -hmm.

I love that.

Stacy Krick (13:15)
Like I said, I take it very seriously.

Nate (13:17)
I love that. So your serious smiles. Serious about the smiles. I won’t trademark that, you can have that. Awesome. Well, Stacy, it’s always a pleasure getting to know you. I’m super excited to get this stuff out there and share all about White Manor, share all about Stacy Krick.

Stacy Krick (13:21)

Love it.

Nate (13:43)
Before we hop off here, is there anything else you want to share at all? Is there anything else you want to bring up and talk about?

Stacy Krick (13:52)
Well, I have to say it’s not just about Stacy Krick. It’s about the entire team that is behind everything going on to make sure the execution is perfect. And I have such a fabulous team from our general manager, clubhouse manager, our coordinator, all the way down to the entire service staff. So I can’t take all the credit.

Nate (14:13)
to me. I mean, you could, but yeah, that’s probably best that, you know, share the love a little bit. Well, for those of you out there watching, definitely talk to Stacy if you’re planning your event. They are in a lovely area just outside of Philly and we are excited about our next event with them and I hope that we will maybe get to share an event for you guys. So,

Stacy Krick (14:22)

Yes, please. Look forward to it.

Nate (14:42)
Thank you so much, Stacy. It’s been an absolute joy and we’ll talk soon.

Stacy Krick (14:48)
Thanks, Nate. Take care. Bye, everybody.

This interview was made possible by Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

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