McHenry Country Club is no stranger to Felix and Fingers.  We’ve performed at this river front venue on a couple occasions for corporate events and country club events.  Our first wedding at the McHenry Country Club in McHenry IL  however,  just happened!

McHenry Country Club Wedding Dueling Pianos

Mike Potts and Greg Percifield

McHenry Wedding Venues

Honestly, if someone asked me to name off 3 wedding venues in McHenry, I’d have a difficult time.  Ask me to name a wedding venue in McHenry IL that offers a ceremony location, reception hall, great views, and a classy establishment, there might be only one. That’s McHenry Country Club.  The venue is perfectly set up for weddings and it was a joy working with the staff!

Country Club Ceremony

Dueling Pianos at McHenry Country Club

Greg Percifield at the Piano

The ceremony was held in a lovely room with river views just off the bar.  Decorations included somewhere around 50 candles floating in large glass tubes (probably more!).  The rows of white chairs were quickly filled by wedding guests and the ceremony began.  Everything was smooth sailing – even the 4 year old flower girl and ring bearer made it down the aisle without a problem!

Cocktails and Dinner at the McHenry Country Club

Following the ceremony, Greg and I quickly moved the ceremony set up back into our main set up in the reception hall where we had already begun DJing music.  After the mandatory meet and greet, we lined up the wedding party for introductions and the night was officially under way!

Dinner was superb.  Greg and I sat with Bri, the photographer, from Bri Short Photography.  The pictures in this blog are hers – be sure to check out her website:

Dinner concluded as scheduled and F&F made the transition into first dances.

McHenry Country Club Wedding Entertainment

Cool Light Effect!

McHenry Dance Party!

Let’s just say: This Group Danced!  Our goal at F&F is always to get people on the dance floor, especially for weddings, but it’s always nice when the guests make it easy for you.  It was so much fun getting the different age groups involved in the show, and out letter game and cowbell competitions were huge hits.  I was actually a bit sad to see the party end, but we got a great group picture!

Hopefully we’ll be back to McHenry Country Club soon – we love our local bookings!  There’s still plenty of time left in 2015, so if you’d like a quote for your wedding, just contact us here!

Wedding Pic at McHenry Country Club

Group Picture following the wedding