Every dueling pianos show is different.  It’s different from hiring a DJ because we have a wider range of music with a fun and interactive delivery.  It’s even different from every other dueling pianos show, because with a request based show, even we don’t know what we’re going to play until the requests start coming in.  At most weddings, the goal is just to get people on the dance floor and keep them there, so we can filter through the requests based on our bride’s and groom’s tastes and fill in with songs we KNOW will keep the party going.  So what do you do when your bride and groom are looking for some more unique wedding music, but want the same result?  That’s exactly what Mike S and I had to figure out at a wedding we recently did together.

8 Weddings

dance floor hawks view bride

The couple we performed for that night had been to 8 weddings so far this year.  Considering that performing at weddings is basically our job, it’s easy to forget how attending 8 weddings in a year as a guest is truly a lot for one year.  They mentioned that they’d heard the “standard wedding songs” enough to where they could do without them on their own special day.  For those of you wondering (because it even took me a second to assess what these might be,) here are some examples:


  • Shout
  • YMCA
  • Jump Around
  • Cupid Shuffle
  • Electric Slide
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Don’t Stop Believin’

… and plenty more came up throughout the night which when asked, were added to the “do not play” list.  Normally when a bride and groom are looking for more unique wedding music, they’re also planning on having a more laid back evening which is more like a relaxed bar show with only friends and family there, so it works out nicely.  This particular night, they were looking for the famed Felix and Fingers dance scale to reach the elusive 10/10, which is especially tricky when eliminating several guaranteed-to-get-people-dancing numbers.  So how do you make unique wedding music danceable?

Unique Wedding Music

You get to know your clientele, of course! Felix and Fingers is extremely thorough with each of our clients to make sure we basically know you (and vice versa) before we even show up.  The purpose, of course, is to make every event feel as special and different as it really is.  This couple, for example, was super into 90’s hip hop.  If we did have to “fill in” here and there, it was with Blackstreet, Notorious BIG, and some Spice Girls probably made their way in there.  The couple even warned us ahead of time there may be some guest performers (ALWAYS recommended with guest performers) and we had a surprise recorder performance of the Jurassic Park theme song.

Wedding Dancing in Wisconsin

Would that all work for every wedding?  Probably not.  What kept everyone on the dance floor is that it was their taste in music, and their friends getting up onstage with us.  Truly, that was probably the only place on Earth where people were getting down HARD to a recorder and a melodica performing Jurassic Park.  But that will be a memory that couple cherishes forever as theirs.

The Solution?

To finally answer the question, how do you pick unique wedding music?  Make it unique to YOU!  We are constantly expanding our library of new music because we are constantly meeting new people and learning what they like.  From EDM to piano bar classics to 90’s hip hop to alternative rock, anything is possible at an F&F show.  So hit us up and let us spice up your wedding!  When it comes to unique wedding music, we wrote the… blog… on it. 😉

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